When does come out Jurassic Park 5 – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie 2018

The popularity of well-known movie franchise about dinosaurs that have been created and cloned by the group of scientists never comes down. Later on, the whole project turned into the famous Jurassic Park. This film is already the most expected movie that has even passed Marvel’s “The Avengers” so it is not something unusual at all that there are other franchises planned for the future. However, we managed to catch some details, including, when does Jurassic Park 5 – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom come out.

Our very first look at the upcoming franchise appeared due to the different social networks including Instagram where people have already seen some behind-the-scenes photos. In fact, the official conversations about the movie started in 2015 when the fourth part of the franchise was successfully released all around the world.

Jurassic Park 5 - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie 2018

Afterward, they tried to involve another director into the project to be able to insert something fresh and new into the movie series. In 2015 they have also announced the official date of when the movie is planned to be shown in American theaters, as well as movie Jurassic Park 5 – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer. Collection all the pieces and official comments together, the fifth part of the well-known film series is planned to officially come out at the end of June in 2018.

Principal photography

It is not a surprise but we might get to see some really beautiful views and sights in the upcoming project due to the multiple spots of filming the director has previously chosen. The official principal photography started at the end of February in 2017. The production of the movie took places in such insane locations as:

  • Hawaii;
  • Louisiana;
  • Wales;
  • Hampshire, England;
  • Berkshire – county located in the southeast United Kingdom.

However, the majority of the whole process of filming took place in one spot also set up in Great Britain which is known as Pinewood Studios. It is approximately located more than 30 kilometers west of the capital of the country. Moreover, during the principal photography in Hawaii, it was necessary to close half of the local harbor – such situation made the creators of the movie use special smoke machines.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie 2018

Alongside the Jurassic Park 5 – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie release date in 2018 it was also officially confirmed that the film is planned to come out at the beginning of June in 2018 in all United Kingdom theaters and cinemas which is a little bit earlier compared to the American premiere.

Storyline and actors that are going to appear in the movie

The filming took place in some very interesting spots and at this point, we may get the conclusion it will be somehow connected to the global issue according to the end of the previous part of the franchise released in 2015. Again, we will be able to see the famous Jurassic Park but this time the military is likely to be involved in the storyline.

When it comes to the cast of the upcoming project, all we know is that old actors we saw in the previous part are returning to play their main characters again. When it comes to the group of movie producers and other staff of the film, there are some rumors about Spielberg, being the very first director and creator of the enter installment, heading brand new project as the producer.

Even more interesting, the main tagline to the brand new project appears to be the quote that was said by one of the main characters in the very first film from the franchise released in 1993.

After getting the confirmed information about when is Jurassic Park 5 – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom coming to theaters in 2018 the experts already predict the huge success of the fifth installment.

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