When does come out Star War movie 2018

We all love and cherish the SW series and don’t want it to ever end. Back when we were little kids, this franchise quite literally blew our minds, and it’s still one of the most popular mass-media products out there. Today we’ll talk about the release dates of all Star Wars movies and tell you a bit about every single installment.

With several films in this universe already confirmed (including spin-offs), we’re happy to say that the Star Wars are back in our hearts and minds. So, without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember every single chapter that ever hit the theaters.

A New Hope (May 25, 1977)

This is the very first SW movie and is considered to be a classic. It came out in 1977, and, even though the effects are simple and the plot is a bit naive, it’s still quite a crowd-pleaser. George Lucas, the now-legendary director, put his heart and mind into this project and delivered a mighty blockbuster.

Back then, sci-fi movies weren’t that popular and the man was risking a lot. Thankfully, with a tiny budget of 11 million, it managed to bring the company as much as 775 million! Not bad for a space opera, right? Hamill, Ford, and Fisher became world-wide starts after this film and true international heroes.

The Empire Strikes Back (May 21, 1980)

Three years after the first chapter hit the theaters, Lucas released the official sequel. The budget was increased (it was between 18 and 33 million), but the box office result was a bit more modest (about 548mil). Still, it was a huge hit and showed the industry that the audience was happy to buy tickets to a sci-fi tale.

Vader, along with the Emperor himself, is pushing the Rebels further into the outskirts of the galaxy, hoping to crush them in a matter of days. But he could never think that Luke would turn into a master Jedi and put his plans in jeopardy. The clock is ticking, and Skywalker will have to decide whether to stick with his training or lend a helping hand to his friends. Alright, let’s keep up with our Star Wars movie release dates in order, shall we?

Return of the Jedi (May 25, 1983)

The third chapter came out in ’83 and turned Star Wars into one of the biggest franchises of its time. The CGI effects in this film still look pretty awesome. The second Death Star has only one mission: to crush the Rebels and prove that there is no match for the Empire. Again, it’s up to Luke and his trusty friends to confront their enemies and inspire regular folks to join their cause. Skywalker will have to try to help his dad – Vader – find his way out of the darkness and into the light. If he fails, everything will be lost. ROTJ grossed about 470-570mil and was another success for the distributor.

The Phantom Menace (May 19, 1999)

If you’re a fan of the series, then you already know that Episode 1 is the first movie in the prequel trilogy. Neeson, McGregor and the rest of the cast did a marvelous job with their roles. The story is set more than 3 decades before the events of the ’77 movie.

Yes, it took Lucasfilm 16 years to create a new Star Wars blockbuster. Obviously, the franchise was doing great and spawned numerous TV series, merchandise, and everything else in between. But, as far as the dates of Star Wars movies go, the gap between Episodes VI and I is more than 1, 5 decades. Oh, one more thing: this film grossed 1 billion (!) US dollars.

Attack of the Clones (May 16, 2002)

The majority of critics and fans call this chapter one of the finest ones to ever hit the theaters (while others call it an abomination). The level of the CGI effects back then was quite fascinating, and, thanks to the rising economyin America and Europe, folks were getting more and more involved with the merch and all that stuff. At the same time, while the budget was the same as 3 years ago – 110+mil – the box office result was not that impressive (“only” 650mil). Set a decade after the events of Episode 1, the second episode finds the universe on the brink of a devastating civil war.

Revenge of the Sith (May 19, 2005)

This crowd-pleasing banger was released 12 years ago. With a theatrical gross of ~850mil, it proved once again that the regular viewer was in love with SW. It’s been 3 years since the Clone Wars. The galaxy is in an even worse shape than ever before, and it’s up to a bunch of heroes to lead the forces of light into the battle and prevail.

The Republic and the Jedi are ready to do whatever it takes to bring peace and order back, but the Separatists aren’t ones to back down. Episode III broke more than one record during the opening week. You could say that the series was at its peak. Ok, let’s continue with our list of Star Wars movies in order of release date.

The Force Awakens (Dec. 18, 2015)

A decade later, Lucasfilm released the 7th chapter and broke yet another record with a box office of 2 billion dollars. The fans had been waiting for a new chapter in their favorite series for quite a while and stormed the theaters the opening week. As the 1st installment in the sequel trilogy, it opened up a lot of possibilities for the screenwriters and the directors. The company officially confirmed that it was in production back in 2012, and a couple of years later, the world finally got to see it for itself. The fine balance between good-old heroes and the new ones was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Rogue One (Dec. 16, 2016)

This is the 1st chapter in the so-called SW Anthologyand got a lot of positive reviews. Rogue one grossed 1 billion US dollars and became one of the most successful movies in the franchise. With almost no familiar characters from the SW universe, it’s still one hell of an epic adventure. The plot follows Erso, the man who was forced to use his exceptional skills to develop the horrifying Death Star (yes, RO is set right before the very first SW saw the light of day). Alright, we’re discussing the release dates of Star Wars movies today, ladies and gents – let’s keep rolling!

The Last Jedi (Dec. 15, 2017)

This film is not actually out yet: it’s set to arrive at the end of 2017, and the anticipation is huge. After Rogue One proved that you can make a thrilling and successful blockbuster that doesn’t follow the fan-favored heroes, it’s safe to say that the 8th episode will be an even bigger international hit.

Luke, Kylo, Leia and the rest of the original crew will get together for one last time to defeat their mortal enemies once and for all. Personally, we’re hyped for The Last Jedi and hope that the team behind it will deliver a truly amazing experience at the theaters. It’s only two months away, so, make sure to get into your Star Wars mood!

Han Solo (May 25, 2018)

Come on, admit it: you’ve always wanted Solo to get his…solo movie, right? We know we have! With the SW franchise doing exceptionally well these days, this is actually a great move by Lucasfilm. Han Solo will take us back to the roots, so to speak, and introduce the audience to a much younger version of the iconic character.

Alden Ehrenreich in Star Wars: Han Solo

Episode IX (Dec. 20, 2019)

Yep, this one doesn’t even have a proper title yet, but the release date is already set. As the final chapter in the Sequel trilogy, we bet it’s going to be all kinds of epic. The plot is kept in secret, and that’s totally normal for a project that’s this early in development. One thing is certain: late 2019 is going to be marvelous. Oki-Doki, that concludes our Star Wars movies in order of release list! True, there’s also Boba Fett, but it doesn’t have a confirmed date (probably 2021). Stay frosty, and let the Force be with you!

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