When does come out The Flash movie 2018

“The Flash” is a new movie that will come only in 2018. On this occasion, we created an article that gathered all known information on this hero, including the answer to the main question: “When does The Flash come out?”


The director of the movie is not disclosed.

  • Beth Mickle is a production designer.
  • J. Barr, D. Doran, G. Jopling are art directors.
  • R. Roberts is a set decorator.
  • P. Milani is a costume designer.

The Flash movie 2018

When is The Flash 2018 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information on a movie release.

Who is the most powerful hero in Marvel Universe? Flash.

The essence is that the Flash develops a speed of light. Actually, the speed is in 13 trillion times exceeding the speed of light. This means that he cannot only move to any point on the Earth in fractions of a second but anywhere in the universe. But in space, because there is no land, you say? It does not matter because as the moving object, he can go in any direction and be anywhere that has the coordinates.

Picking up the speed of light, the object is also gaining infinite mass. This means that any his impact will be stronger than the strike of a Superman, Hulk, everybody. Moreover, do not forget – this is Flash, and he runs at the speed of light. That is, the deal is not limited by one stroke thing, of course. Millions of infinite mass strikes are caused by a split second.

Moreover, even if you are quick enough to somehow respond to these attacks: you cannot do that. Flash can slow down all processes in your body, each electron: now you cannot even put a reciprocal attack.

But this is not the end: Flash can distort time and move between dimensions (Crisis on Two Earths), so now we can say that Flash not only can move to any place in all realms but also in any period of time. He is so quick that he can be in every second of your life and strikes, strikes of the infinite mass. Simultaneously. In all realities. At all-time intervals.

That’s all. This is the end. Flash is infinitive everything. There is no protection that could save you from such opponent. The first Flash’s Strike – and you will forever is erased from existence. You will not be able to answer. You cannot curse him in a dramatic suicide speech. You cannot even breathe. One second – and, whoever you are, you are dead.

If you ever have to take part in the debate: “Who is the strongest superhero?” Tell The Flash.


The movie The Flash trailer is not available now. But it will come sooner.

Speed of light

The topic of how to measure and what is the speed of light is interested scientists from the antiquity. This is a fascinating topic, which for centuries was the subject of scientific debate. It is believed that this is the final speed, unattainable, constant. However, it is finite. It turns out the interesting physic-mathematical puzzle. There is one solution to this problem. After all, the speed of light was measured measure.

In the middle of last year in the magazines appeared a sensational message. A team of US researchers has discovered that a very short laser impetus travels in a specially chosen environment is hundreds of times faster than in a vacuum. This phenomenon seemed absolutely incredible (the speed of light in a medium is always less than in a vacuum) and even gave rise to doubts about the validity of the special theory of relativity. Meanwhile superluminal physical object – a laser impetus in an amplifying environment – was not first discovered in 2000, 35 years before, in 1965, and the possibility of superluminal motion was widely discussed before the start of the 70s. Today, the debate over this strange phenomenon broke out with renewed vigor.

Although hypothesis too reminiscent of scenes from science fiction, it is unlikely to categorically reject the fundamental possibility of a multi-element model of the material world device. Another thing is that all these other universes are likely to remain purely mathematical constructions of theoretical physicists living in our universe and with the power of their minds trying to find closed worlds…


  • E. Miller as Barry Allen / the Flash
  • B. Crudup as Henry Allen
  • K. Clemons as Iris West
  • R. Fisher as Victor Stone / Cyborg

Release Date

The Flash 2018 movie release date is scheduled on 2018, in the USA. The exact month and the day are not disclosed.

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