When does come out Rambo 5: Last Blood (2019) movie 2019


In 2019, “Rambo 5” is prepared to be released. During this time, there should be a premiere of the continuation of the history of the life of the hero of the Vietnam War, John Rambo. If you want to know the answer to the question when does Rambo 5: Last Blood come out, the look through the article below.


Adrian Grunberg is the director of the movie.

The film franchise was once opened in the title role of an action adventure movie with Sylvester Stallone, which was released in 1982. At that time, Sly was already famous for “Rocky.”

Subsequently, three sequels of the “First Blood” were released, narrating the life of a Vietnam war veteran among people.

And if the first three parts were released in the 1980s, the fourth chapter, which Stallone himself directed, was released relatively recently: its premiere took place in 2007. The fifth film being prepared now in the series should be released during 2019. According to rumors, it puts a definite stop to the current history. Although the same thing was told to us before. However, we witnessed at once three sequels of the original adventure action movie.

More recently, it became known that the movie will be released in 2019.

When is Rambo 5: Last Blood 2019 coming to theaters?

You will know it soon.


The movie Rambo 5: Last Blood trailer is released. You can watch it on the Net.


The hero of Sylvester Stallone is the real master in matters related directly to weapons, knives, and fights. In general, he will be able to stand up for himself if the situation demands. John Rambo takes all his decisions without delay. This is a genuine war machine in human form.

Time has shown that there will not be enough of four films for all of us to cover with the help of them the entire history of the life of a real warrior named John Rambo. Therefore, soon it is planned to make another one. According to rumors, it may be similar to the Oscar-winning neo-western “No Country for Old Men” by Coen brothers. If we recall all the events from it and combine them with the history of the Vietnam war veteran John Rambo, the message of the movie becomes clear, and this is not a form of speech here, but quite a perfect fact.

If someone has not watched the previous movies, then they are about John Rambo, a professional soldier from an elite unit. After returning home from a war zone and traveling around the country, he is engaged in a physical fight against the arbitrariness and lawlessness of the police (in the first part). He participates in a secret government operation to rescue prisoners from the Vietcong camp (in the second). He helps the Mujahideen in the fight against the Soviet troops (in the third). Finally saves the missionaries captured by the Burmese (in the fourth).

The plot of the fifth part of “Rambo” is not disclosed yet. As we have said earlier, there is information that it will be similar to the neo-western movie by Coen brothers, which means that we are waiting for a rather frightening realism of what is happening.


In the new film, Stallone plans to reincarnate as John again.

The rest of the cast is not yet announced, it is also not known whether any of the heroes from the previous parts will return to the project.

Release date

Rambo 5: Last Blood 2019 movie release date is scheduled for September 20, 2019, in the United States.

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