List of TOP 14 good Halloween films 2019

Halloween is one of the most colorful autumn holidays, which in fact goes back to the traditions of the Irish and Scottish Celts, is almost the main symbol of autumn in the United States and European countries. Bright orange pumpkins, candles, and vintage lanterns adorn the streets and restaurants of cities. The secret of the popularity of the holiday is in its special mystical and magical atmosphere, which is played out against the backdrop of magnificent autumn landscapes.

Today we are going to show you TOP 14 best english Halloween movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 14 good Halloween films 2019

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14. The Isle

The action of the movie is unfolding in 1946. After the crash of the merchant ship, the whole crew dies in the depths of the sea, only three sailors manage to escape. The hungry and exhausted sailors, a few days being in a boat in unfamiliar waters, covered in mysterious fog. Soon an island appeared on the horizon and the heroes managed to reach it. Once on the island, the sailors meet not very friendly local residents. After spending some time on a piece of land surrounded by water, seafarers begin to notice that the locals are hiding a terrible secret. Soon, they will be faced with a terrible creature inhabiting this place…

13. Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle is on the list of good english Halloween movies.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are a young married couple living in a small American town in an old house built on the outskirts. Husband and wife earn their living by researching paranormal phenomena. They unravel mysterious cases and collect a collection of cursed objects in their basement. Everything was fine until a demonic doll called Annabel appeared in their house. Ed Warren did not know then what misfortune he would bring to his home.

12. The Prodigy

The boy possessed by a devil is on the list of best modern Halloween movies.

A young woman loves her eight-year-old son who is a prodigy. Every day he pleases her with his successes at school but soon she becomes disturbed by his behavior. A woman realizes that something very bad is happening to him and she is beginning to be afraid of him. The boy’s mother is concerned if her child has become obsessed with the devil from the other world. The boy threatens the family and friends with his strange behavior and soon begins to transform himself into some kind of terrible evil. The mother must do everything possible to save her child.

11. Escape Room

Kill Game is on the list of best english Halloween movies to watch.

Six completely different people have never seen each other. Each of them lived his own life: someone was studying, someone was working, and someone was looking to make a fast buck. However, they all ended up in the same room after they received an invitation to take part in the game. No one knows who sent the invitations but it was extremely difficult to refuse it. The winner gets one million dollars. After a while, the heroes realize that they are in very real danger. They also begin to realize that they were not chosen just by chance. Who started this game?

10. The Curse of La Llorona

Anna Tate-Garcia is a single mother raising two small children. She works in the social service of Los Angeles and is confronted daily with cruel reality. At the beginning of the movie, a woman notices suspicious similarities in several cases. Anna conducts an independent investigation, thanks to which she confirms her predictions. The social worker is convinced that some of the last cases are somehow connected with terrible supernatural phenomena that have been haunting her family for years. A series of unexplained events the main character connects with La Llorona – a female ghost who hunts for children, trying to replace the loss after a personal tragedy. According to legend, La Llorona had two children. She killed them. Realizing what she had done, the woman jumped into the abyss. Since then, the mother, who has not found a place in either Hell or Paradise, has been wandering around the Earth in the form of an eerie ghost with the sole purpose of killing children. After some time, Anna will have to make sure that not all legends are fiction.

9. It: Chapter Two

Pennywise is on the list of best modern Halloweeny films

The events described in the action-thriller unfold 27 years after the dangerous adventures of the main characters. As a child, they had to survive a tragedy and face insidious clown Pennywise. They managed to survive and cope with the clown. They tried not to remember what had happened and sincerely hoped that they would never again have to meet with the mysterious monster. Suddenly, Pennywise reappears in their lives. The main characters have to join forces and come together to fight the clown.

8. Gosti

According to the plot of the film, Katya meets a company of young guys who came to the Black Sea resort in the offseason. During this period, there are almost no tourists on the city streets and most of the houses are empty. That is what Katya’s new friends need. The fact is that they are used to having fun, having parties in the abandoned houses. Katya knows such a place. It is an abandoned mansion. Once she loved his owner but he left her. However, in the middle of a party, the owner of the house appeared. It turns out that he is possessed by an evil spirit.

7. Gretel and Hansel

Gretel and Hansel vs. Evil Sorcerer are on the list of TOP 14 best Halloween movies of 2019 to watch.

The movie centers on Hansel and Gretel. They are still children but already quite brave because they are not afraid to walk in the woods located near their home. They spend all their time together. They have a father who loves them but it is difficult for him to provide them with food and clothes. Since he does not have money, the man makes toys for the kids. One day, when the father had to leave home, brother and sister were left alone. They played in the woods and got lost. They came across some kind of hut. As it turned out later, it is the house of an evil sorcerer. And sorcerer does not intend to let children go home. The cute and fluffy toys that the young heroes took with them suddenly turned into bloodthirsty monsters. The children were trapped in the forest but they obviously did not intend to surrender. They will have to show courage to save their lives…

6. Play or Die

The film tells about an exciting game. It has two rules: first – there is nothing real; second – some of the participants will surely die. For this reason, it was able to lure thousands of players from around the world into the game. Chloe and Lucas are one of the few who managed to complete the initial levels and get almost to the end. The final must be held in an old abandoned mental hospital built a hundred years ago right in the middle of a dense forest. A few more couples arrived at the place. All that remained is to survive the final confrontation.

5. Pet Sematary

Louis Creed and his family are on the list of really good Halloween films.

Louis Creed moves with his family to a new home surrounded by forest. None of them even suspects that they will live near the place where the pet cemetery is located. Upon their arrival, the cat was hit by a car. The son of Dr. Louis is going through a very hard time because of the death of a cat, so the man goes to the pet cemetery to bury his pet there. The main hero heard about the cemetery from a local resident. According to legend, it has a mysterious resurrection power. Louis could not have imagined that the burying of their pet would be the beginning of monstrous events that would prove to the Creed family that the dead should remain dead…

4. The Golden Glove

The movie tells about the event that occurred in the seventies of the last century. The movie centers on ordinary loser named Fritz Honka. He is experiencing a midlife crisis and doesn’t know how to cope with it. The problem is that Fritz could not achieve success in life.

The main character prefers to spend time in one of the local bars, where he is looking for new victims. He is the serial killer who likes to torment his victims and then kill them.

3. The Hole in the Ground

The third place of the TOP ten good Halloween movies in theaters.

The film tells the story of a lonely mother named Sarah, who, together with her son, decided to move to a small town located near a dense forest. She believes that the new place will benefit the boy and here they will be truly happy. In the new house, a young woman begins to notice strange things: floorboard creaks, the strange noise at night, and so on. One morning, she does not find her son and runs into the woods to find him. The child was found near the hole, which was formed after the fall of the meteorite. From now on, the son’s behavior changes rapidly. He does not seem like himself.

The woman learns from her neighbors that a similar incident happened to their child and the hole in the ground is the reason for this. Children seemed to be replaced but no one is telling the truth. The doctor cannot figure out the cause, suggesting some kind of mental disorder. What will she do now?

2. BrightBurn

Is it possible that the story of the famous Superman had a different scenario? For example, the boy that fell from heaven becomes not a hero for all humankind but turns into something terrible…

The film tells the story of a couple that can’t have children. They expect a little trip and do not even realize that their lives will soon change once and for all.

During the trip, the heroes see a glow in the sky. What is it? Meteorite or military tests? Heroes decide to check it out. They go to the place where the unknown object fell. At the scene, the couple discovers something like an alien ship. Inside it, they find a small child. It seems that fate itself sent them this baby. They do not want to leave him and therefore take him with them. Soon after, the characters adopt a child.

1. Child`s Play

The leader of the TOP 14 best new Halloween movies 2019.

The authors of the horror film offer their viewers a new version of one of the most terrifying horror movies of the eighties of the last century. The action begins when a new toy arrives on the market, which immediately gains popularity among children. It is becoming so popular that many parents begin to buy it for their children in large quantities.

The movie centers on a young and single mother named Karen. She takes care of her son Andy and decides to buy a new toy for her child. Andy is happy to receive a gift. However, strange and inexplicable phenomena begin to occur in the house. After some time, Karen with horror realizes that her child received not just a toy but also something terrifying.

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Thank you for watching TOP 14 good Halloween films 2019!

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