Barbie (2020)

Year: 2020
Сountry: USA
Language: English

The new American film titled “Barbie” will delight almost all women from young to old. If you want to know when does Barbie come out, then look through the topic below.

Barbie doll is a modern standard of beauty that has its own world, in which magic reigns. This world-famous beauty, few people know about her, has a personal life filled with a wide variety of colors, she is always cheerful and carefree looking at the world around her with wide-open eyes.


The rights to make a picture of Barbie’s adventures passed to Warner Brothers Production, and they proposed to play the role of the famous doll to actress Margot Robbie. Sony, which had previously planned a film adaptation of the film, saw Anne Hathaway in the role of Barbie. However, WB has long been cooperating with Margo, and her appearance, in their opinion, is more consistent with the recognized beauty.

The famous and already titled Margot Robbie only recently celebrated her 29th birthday. Moviegoers know her by the “Suicide Squad.” The woman often starred in the films of the company Warner Brothers Production. However, she gained worldwide fame by playing Donna Freedman in one of the longest series in the world “Neighbors,” since then the girl has become famous.

Girls all over the world have been playing with Barbie for almost 60 years. All rights to the release of dolls belong to Mattel Inc and the brand value is estimated at more than $ 3 billion. The popularity of dolls has not faded away for many decades, so the film adaptation is needed, and everyone is sure that the film expects an indispensable success.

When is Barbie 2020 coming to theaters?

The exact release date for the new Barbie movie is presented at the bottom of the page.


Barbie in her fairy-tale world always goes forward towards her goal, not paying attention to the obstacles and difficulties encountered in her path. She simply does not notice some. And some of them, with the fearlessness of an experienced warrior, she skillfully overcomes. Barbie doll is open to everything new and interesting because she has the best friends who support and help her. Nevertheless, the fabulous world of Barbie is full of fun and joy.

Together with her friends, Barbie will go on a journey full of danger, but this will not force her to step back and go back. The beauty is not averse to testing her strength to prove to everyone that she is not some kind of sissy there, but a bold and brave doll that can handle everything. Of course, the attackers will try their best to harm her, her friends, and the fabulous world. Will Barbie have the strength and courage to overcome all the difficulties prepared for her by the villainous fate?


The movie Barbie trailer is not available now. It will be released a little later.


Margot Robbie as Barbie

Release date

Barbie 2020 movie release date is scheduled for May 8, 2020, in the United States.

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