List of Hollywood Army movies 2018

The Americans have one of the greatest armies in the world, and they’re not shy to show that in their films. In this post, we’ll discuss the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Army movies 2018 has to offer. It looks like next year will be quite rich for this genre.

We’ve got movies that take us back to WW2, stories based on real-world events, and even some futuristic tales. So, sit back, relax, make yourself a nice cup of tea or whatever you like and let’s dive into this highly patriotic list.

  1. Cloverfield 4

Welcome to 1944: The Allied forces are successfully pushing the Nazis back, but the enemy is still very strong. So, a team of elite US soldiers infiltrates an occupied village in order to put a stop to a series of horrifying experiments. Initially, they thought that the Germans were trying to create a superweapon. But soon, they’ll find out that there’s something supernatural going on in the tiny village conquered by the Nazis. And if they fail to stop it now, the whole world will be turned into a graveyard.

Cloverfield 4 promo

  1. The Cartel

Berrera and Keller used to be friends. However, when the first guy became a part of the US DEA and the other one joined the ranks of a lethal cartel, everything changed. Now they’ll on the opposite sides of the barrier and are forced to fight each other. The drug war in America shed a lot of innocent blood.

But, it was necessary for stopping the huge flow of narcotics into the country. The Cartel chronicles the events that took place during the 2004-2014 period when the cops, the Special Forces, and even the military folks declared war on the drug lords. Of the TOP 10 new holly Army movies, this one’s a worthy pick.

  1. The Expendables 4

When the first installment in this mighty franchise came out, the world was enchanted by the charisma and brutality of Mr. Stallone and his colleagues. Next year, we’ll get to see the 4th chapter that promises to be even bigger, better, and more explosive. Unfortunately, the producers, the director, and Sly himself can’t seem to agree on certain things when it comes to the story, and that puts the future of the entire series in jeopardy. Let’s hope they work everything out and deliver yet another jaw-droppingly good film. The industry certainly does need another rough, tough, mean, and creative action-packed blockbuster!

The Expendables Crew

  1. Ruin

World War II is over, and the Allied forces won. This highly unusual story is based on a German captain’s journey across his war-torn homeland. He committed more sins during the conflict than he could ever remember and wants only one thing: to atone for his sins. And the only way to do that is to track down the most brutal Nazi soldiers to ever walk the Earth – the members of his own Death Squad.

The SS didn’t like to mess around and committed numerous unthinkable war crimes against the innocents. They deserve to die; so, the former high-ranking Nazi captain decides to bring them all to justice. Put Ruin on the list of Hollywood Army movies 2018 and let’s proceed.

Gal Gadot in Ruin

  1. The Raid

Back in 2012, the world fell in love with The Raid, the most action-packed, fast-paced, realistic and nail-biting banger of the year. The second chapter was even bigger and had a huge budget, but, at the same time, it lost some of the original charm. The head honchos in Hollywood want to go back to the original and shoot a remake. In fact, production has already started and the movie will be out next year (no exact date is set yet, though). A top-notch SWAT team infiltrates a hostile building with only one goal: to kill every single person in there and bring the mob lord to justice.

The Raid promo

  1. G.I. Joe 3

The first two chapters were amazing – no doubt about that. True, there were kinda stupid, predictable, and excessively-propagandistic for some critics, but they were also all kinds of fun. In the third installment, the war against COBRA will continue. We’ll get to see most of the heroes from the original films, and, of course, several new faces.

More action, more breath-taking computer graphics and meaner villains – that’s what you can expect from G.I. Joe 3. Without a doubt, of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Army movies of 2018 to watch, this one will be right there on top of the list.

G.I. Joe reboot

  1. The 15:17 to Paris

There’s a train heading for Paris, and an unknown terrorist is hiding somewhere inside with enough weapons to take every single person down. When three brave US men learn of a possible attack, they join forces in an attempt to stop the madman and save the innocents. They successfully take down the terrorist and turninto national heroes. This movie is not only based on atrue story but will also feature these courageous gentlemen. That’s right – they will “play” themselves! Mr. Eastwood is certainly doing something special with this release, and we can’t wait to see it.

  1. The Division

The Green Poison was quick to contaminate every single dollar bill in the city, and pretty soon the disease turned New York into a disaster. The Division, a top-secret government organization, has several tasks: to keep the peace, protect the innocents, and help society build itself back up.

The scientists are working day and night, trying to find a cure, and while the brave men and women are trying to keep the city under control, several rogue fractions make an attempt to take over the city. Of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Army films 2018, we bet this one is going to be appreciated by the fans of video-games, as it’s heavily based on the popular Ubisoft game.

The Division promo

  1. 12 Strong

The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers took many lives, and the US government had no other choice but to retaliate. They sent their best team to Afghanistan, the home of the terrorists, with a top-secret mission. The Taliban had practically taken over the entire country, and it was up to the Americans and the local resistance to kill every single one of them. The enemy had bigger numbers and better equipment. The US team had to adapt to this new reality and use the outdated weapons to hit the bad guys where it hurts.

  1. Tough as They Come

Mills, an American soldier, is one of the 5 men to make it through a quadruple amputation. He was wounded in the heat of the battle, but the medics managed to save his life. This movie is telling his true story for the first time. Obviously, it was very hard for the man to adapt to this new life, but thankfully, his father-in-law was there to support him.

This is a touching and thought-provoking drama that’s equally heart-wrenching and heart-warming. And, it most certainly deserves to be on the top of our list of best Hollywood Army movies in 2018.

Sylvester Stallone & Adam Driver Team for Tough as They Come

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