List of TOP 10 good Army movies 2017

The military folks deserve the utmost respect from us – the civilians – as they’re risking their lives out there every single day, making sure that harm doesn’t come our way. Every year, Hollywood (along with the rest of the world) shoots countless movies about war and armies, and our TOP 10 new good Army movies 2017 release list is comprised of the best films that we’ll get to enjoy this year. Mark your calendars, save up some money and let’s go to the theater!

  1. Mine

When a lonely soldier finds himself completely lost in the middle of an unforgiving desert, he understands that he’s not gonna make it to civilization unless he pushes himself really hard. The harsh weather – the burning sun and the heavy sand – is making it harder and harder to move, and the horrors of war keep popping up in his mind. But he’s a Marine, and he’s used to handling this kind of pressure. He’s spent his entire life training for something like this, and now it’s up to him to make a stand. The man is all alone and help isn’t coming. The only person that he can rely on is himself. Will he break down and fall?

  1. Sand Castle

Welcome to Iraq: a group of American soldiers is to protect a small village at all costs. While on patrol, they become friends with the locals and promise them to do everything possible to keep the village safe. And when the enemy approaches, threatening to kill every single person in the vicinity, including women and children, these US soldiers put their own lives at risk and fight to the last breath to protect the folks that they came to know and respect. Of the TOP 10 good English Army movies 2017, Sand Castle is the most thought-provoking one. It’s about people coming together and caring for each other regardless of their color, nationality and/or creed.

  1. Megan Leavey

The US army is known for deploying female soldiers to all the hot spots around the world. Leavey is a marine corporal and she’s got a temper that gets her into all kinds of trouble. Once, she is tasked with cleaning out the K9 unit, and that’s when she finds and befriends an energetic and joyful dog. Its name is Rex, and together these two go through all the horrors of war and survive against all odds. Out there on the field, they save the lives of countless fellow soldiers and bring them to safety.  Overall, they carry out 100+ missions together and always manage to go back to base safe and sound. Until one day the corporal drives over a hidden bomb…

  1. Dunkirk

WW2 is raging, and the Allies are being suppressed by the Nazis. They’re hiding out in France (Dunkirk, to be exact), and there’s no surviving the heat unless they evacuate. The Germans are much stronger and better equipped than the Allies, but the strength, resilience and beauty of their spirits help them do the unthinkable: escape the wrath of the enemy and stay alive long enough to come up with an evacuation plan. The soldiers join forces and become as one, and, with a little bit of luck, these daredevils defy death itself. If you want to watch TOP 10 good Army films 2017, start with Dunkirk!

  1. Darkest Hour

In the beginning of World War Two, Churchill, one of the greatest political minds to ever walk the Earth, was facing the Nazi army head-to-head, and it’s safe to say that this crucial moment defined the man as a human being and as a mastermind behind the Allies operations. At first, the generals of the UK army tried to defy the Prime-Minister, as they thought the man knew nothing about war and the nature of the German forces. But Churchill proved to the army folks and the whole nation that he was indeed a genius man and a visionary. Make sure to check this movie out if you’re a fan of the man!

Darkest Hour

  1. The Ottoman Lieutenant

Lillie, a loving, kind and caring young woman, believes in the greater good and in the fact that we all need to work together to turn the world into a better place. She’s a nurse in the United States, and she decides to travel all the way to Turkey (The Ottoman Empire, that is) and lend a hand with the mission hospital ran by a charismatic doctor. World War 1 hasn’t started yet, but the Turks are already slaughtering the neighboring Armenians. What can one young woman do against the wrath, brutality, inhumanity and wickedness of war? Our list of TOP 10 good Army movies 2017 wouldn’t be full without this poignant story.

  1. Railroad Tigers

It’s 1941, and while the rest of the world is fighting the Nazi Germans with everything they’ve got, the Chinese are suffering from the brutality of the          Japanese. The Chinese Army is unable to defeat the oppressors, which leaves the regular folks as the defenders of their land. An ordinary railroad worker gets together a group of guerillas – freedom fighters – and leads them into a lethal fight against the scumbags from the other side. If they fail, the locals will starve to death. At the same time, the Japanese are well-armed and organized; so, the vigilantes will have to act smoothly and quietly…

  1. Ghost Army

What if a team of youngsters from ad agencies, musical/art schools and other peaceful professions was to carry out a dangerous mission: to fool the Germans that the United States army is actually not just a bunch of inexperienced soldiers but a mighty force? Will the Nazis believe it? Watch Ghost Army and you’ll find out! This is one of those patriotic movies that show us what it truly meant to be a hero during WW2 and how every single person contributed to the glorious victory. Ghost Army definitely makes it into the list of TOP 10 really good Army movies.

Ghost Army

  1. Redeployment

This is a collection of short stories about the United States army and the soldiers struggling both as warriors on the field and civilians in their hometowns. The movie is heavily based on a best-selling and award-winning book of the same name and is all about showing us – the audience – what if feels like to be shot at, to kill somebody on the other side of the frontier and to cope with it all at home.


  1. HHhH

It’s 1942: The Nazis are taking Europe by storm, and it seems like there’s no stopping the German army machine. The Czech folks in London come up with the most daring operation of the war. A couple of young men are tasked with an ambitious mission: to travel all the way to Prague and to kill one of the most brutal and sinister leaders of The Third Reich, the leader of the SS. How on Earth would two inexperienced lads pull this task off? Of the TOP ten good Army movies 2017 in theaters, this is the most dramatic and thrilling one.

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