List of best Hollywood Army movies in 2017

Army films are very popular among spectators and often stand out as a separate category of historical cinema. They are interesting in that they realistically reconstruct the battles that took place in different periods of time. It is also noteworthy that many tapes about the Great Patriotic War do not contain battle scenes at all and at the same time cause equally strong impression.

We are glad to show you our TOP 10 best Hollywood Army movies of 2017 to watch. Its themes are very different: from ancient and medieval battles to events of modern times or fantastic battles. They impress the imagination with complex special effects, an abundance of weapons and equipment, decorations, the scale of battle scenes and costumes.

Interesting War movies are always popular and in demand! So we have created the list of best Hollywood Army movies in 2017, especially for you.

Sand Castle

The history of the existence of mankind is inextricably linked to wars. The war was everywhere! Sometimes it creates the impression that this is one of the most important tasks in the lives of humanity since they have dedicated to it a huge period of time in the history of their transitory existence.

List of Hollywood Army movies 2017

Our TOP will include not only army movie but also war elements.

  1. Mine

Two brave American soldiers are sent to carry out an uneasy task in the vastness of Afghanistan. Mike is a talented sniper, and his partner Tommy is a signalman and a gunner. The careless movement of Mike attracts the attention of the enemy, which is why men fail the task. Going in an unknown direction, the mates are on a minefield.

  1. War Machine

General Stanley McChrystal is an odious figure in the history of US antiterrorist operations. Rapid takeoff and early resignation due to the scandalous article Rolling Stones in 2010 have become one of the most discussed in the political arena of events, triggering a lot of rumors and assumptions.

  1. Railroad Tigers

The employee of the railway Ma Yuan organizes a team of freedom fighters. Using his deep knowledge of rail networks, he and his people set ambushes the Japanese soldiers and steal their supplies to feed starving compatriots.

  1. The Wall

The American sniper is trapped behind a small wall and at the sight of his opponent. The hero catches enemy radio frequency and communicates with the Iraqi sniper. Alive from the battlefield will go only one of them. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Army films 2017 because it was already released.

  1. The Yellow Birds

Brandon Bartle and Daniel Murphy met while studying at the military academy and together went on their first tour to Iraq. Brandon promises Mrs. Murphy that she will take care of her son and will not allow trouble to happen to him. But trouble happened and Brandon returned home alone, and Private Daniel Murphy was on the list of missing persons.

What exactly happened to him is not reported, so the inconsolable woman tries to get the truth from her son’s best friend, and he cannot come to himself after the trip to the war, suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, permanent depression, all the while plunging into a bottle and gloomy memories.

The Yellow Birds

  1. Leavey

After the death of a close friend Megan Leavey is going to the Marine Corps and sent to Iraq. There the young corporal gets the task to demine the field in pair with the obstinate German shepherd named Rex. Long hours of training give the dog and his mistress an amazing connection, together they render harmless hundreds of bombs, thereby saving a lot of lives.

But after the injury that both get from the blast in the line of fire, the fate of Megan and Rex diverge – the girl is sent home, Rex they was taken away for further service. Since then, Leavey has been fighting desperately for the right to see her best friend again, thanks to which she is still alive.

  1. Check Point

A tramp finds a terrorist cell in a small town.

  1. Bitter Harvest

It is the story of love, hope, and survival against the backdrop of political turmoil in Ukraine in the 1930s. Yuri, a hereditary Cossack, achieves the love of the beautiful Natalka. But his life, like that of many of his fellow villagers, abruptly changes after the invasion of the Red Army.

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

It is the real story of the brave deed of the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Jan, and Antonina Zabinski, who sheltered and saved more than 300 Jews during World War II. The daily risk and danger are complicated for Zabinski by the relationship with the former friend of the family, and now the high-ranking Nazi official Lutz Heck, in love with Antonina. It is also included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Army movies 2017 because it was released on April 7, 2017.

  1. Sand Castle

The USA and Iraq are in a confrontation for a long time, these states are stuck in perpetual conflict. It happens that America sends not only military force to the country of the East, but also peacekeeping missions, rescue companies, and sometimes dislocates soldiers to restore the destruction.

Just now the team was selected, which should help repair the broken water pipe. They arrived in the village with good goals, without intending to cause damage. Only brave guys did not even realize that the locals are so determined to aggression towards their homeland. They suspected that some people would oppose their support, but could not imagine what hateful views and speeches would accompany them. Here live people who are ready to kill for the wrong word, they will not show pity and solidarity. See in what conditions had to work army employees.

The order to leave the territory was not received until the work is completed, there will not be any opportunity to return. It is necessary to carry out the task and for this first of all, it is necessary to prove to the residents that the newcomers work for humanitarian benefits, although they have a military rank. Guys will not harm the village life.

TOP 10 new holly Army movies is coming to an end.

We are glad to help you to find good movies for having a good time.

List of best Hollywood War movies in 2017
List of best Hollywood Historical movies in 2017

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