List of best Horror movies 2018

Every once in a while, we all want to feel the thrill, the suspense and the tension that only a great horror film can deliver. We don’t really need that in our lives, but the big-screen experience always gives us the necessary “charge” for our daily routine. In this article, we’ll check out the TOP 10 best new Horror movies 2018.

The genre had been going through some tough times in the recent years, but now it’s finally back on track, ready to amaze and frighten us once again. The next 12 months have enough heat to satisfy even the most demanding fans of the genre.

  1. The Predator

The legendary alien villain from our childhood days is finally back to conquer the modern-day audience. They say that this is a proper “restart” of the iconic franchise, which means we’re in for quite a treat. Now, some of you might claimit’s going to be a pure sci-fi/action/blockbuster, and there’s some truth to it.

But if you remember the very first Predator movie, then you know that it was quite suspenseful and full of tension. The cast is great, the money is right, and 2018 will pretty much be the perfect year for a comeback. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best. Even if it turns out to be a brainless CGI banger like The Transformers, we’ll still take it.

  1. Meg

An underwater vessel with a crew aboard was on an observation mission in the Pacific when it was attacked by a gigantic being. Humanity thought that it was extinct, but the broken submersible at the bottom of the ocean says otherwise.

Time is of the essence, and so a wealthy Chinese man hires a top-notch diver, Taylor, to get down there and save the trapped crew. But what is he going to do against this otherworldly creature – the titanic shark? As it soon turns out, this won’t be Taylor’s first face-to-face with the monster. Put Meg on the list of best Horror movies 2018 – you won’t regret it!


  1. The Nun

The Conjuring franchise is slowly but steadily becoming a leading force in the genre. The Nun is a spin-off that takes roots from the second chapter of the original movie. If you remember the devilish nun from there, then you know what to expect this time around. The people who run this series know exactly how to appeal to their audience and how to make every new installment better than the previous one. With that said, we believe this is going to be a commercial hit, appreciated both by the fans and the critics.

  1. The Strangers 2

The story follows a lovely young couple who decide to spend their honeymoon in a picturesque house in the middle of nowhere. A strong knock on the door in the middle of the night wakes them up to a nightmare. A group of thugs breaks into the house covered in masks. This is a game of survival, and the lovers will only make it through if they join forces and act as one.

Help isn’t coming – they’re pretty much the only living souls in the area. The attackers are violent and don’t understand simple words. In order to even the chances, the couple will have to turn into monsters, even if for one short night. Of the TOP 10 best Horror movies of 2018 to watch, The Strangers 2 is probably the most suspenseful one.

  1. Halloween Returns

It’s been 40 years since Laurieescaped the nightmare created by Michael Myers. And now it’s time for them to meet again. This will be the final battle, the clash of the decade. The man behind the mask killed numerous innocent people during a Halloween celebration, and he’s been poisoning her life ever since that day. This has to end. Either Laurie will put an end to the maniac and finally find peace, or he’ll finish what he started all those years ago. One thing is certain: only one of them will stay alive…

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Yes, we do know that this is now the 2nd official remake of the classic horror story, but what can we say – Hollywood really loves Freddy Krueger. Unfortunately, there’s very little information about the director, the screenwriters, and the cast. The plot is also unknown; at the same time, you can almost predict what the film is going to be about.

With reboots dominating the industry these days, it’s time for a really good one to prove that they are, indeed, worth our while. As far as the list of the TOP 10 best modern Horror films 2018 goes, we’re really hoping that the new Krueger installation will be a standout cut.

  1. The Purge 4

This series that started as just another horror film has turned into a mighty franchise over the years. People love it for that crazy plot, the solid acting, and the unique atmosphere. Chapter #4 will be a prequel and take us back to the very beginning. What made the government come up with the idea of the purge? Who was responsible for it? And what events led to this insane tradition? You’ll get all the answers next year. So, make yourself a nice cup of whatever and start counting the days on the calendar. The movie is set to arrive in the States on July 4, 2018.

The Purge 4

  1. IT

Mr. King has more than a few bestselling novels behind his back. And, some of the big-screen adaptions of his masterpieces turn into modern-day classics. IT is one of the man’s finest works. It follows a gruesome clone that’s been hunting innocent little kids for centuries. This time around, it’s terrorizing a small town in Maine.

The grown-ups don’t believe the children and they are forced to fight this scary entity on their own. You can’t strike a deal with Pennywise – only face your deepest fears and confront the monster. Will these brave kids find out a way to kill the clown? IT definitely makes it into the list of the TOP 10 best recent Horror movies.

  1. Slenderman

Even if you’re not a fan of Internet memes, you must’veheard about this phenomenon. The Slenderman originated back in 2009 and is today one of the most popular villains in modern-day culture. As for this film, it’s the first big Hollywood production based on the fearsome character. Without a doubt, the genre could use a breath of fresh air, and it seems like Slenderman could turn into the new iconic bad guy. Only time will tell, though. If you’re a fan of horrors, you simply have to check it out. If not, well, wait for the first reviews 🙂


  1. Insidious: The Last Key

This is the 4th chapter in the crowd-pleasing franchise. The Last Key is a prequel and will be focused on the young Elise and her first encounter with the Further. There’s a terrifying evil spirit in her house, and it wants to take over her soul. That’s pretty much all we know about the fourth installment at this moment; it’s still the most anticipated release for us. Alright, now you know what is the best Horror movies in 2018. Stay tuned, stay frosty, and make sure to check out every single film from our list!

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