List of best Crime movies 2018

Intricate crimes, incredible scams and mystical secrets – real detectives unravel anything and for this, they do not need to wear a police uniform. We advise you to see TOP 10 best Crime movies of 2018 to watch.

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List of best Crime movies 2018

  1. The Commuter

Michael Woolrich is a wealthy businessman who works in the insurance industry. One day, when he returns home from work late in the evening, he encounters a mysterious stranger who asks him to provide data to one of the clients of his firm – a person going on a train trip. Michael, worried about his life, has nothing left but to give the stranger all the documents interesting him, although the businessman does not understand why the stranger was interested in this particular passenger of the train.

After this strange meeting, Woolrich goes home, but after a while, he realizes that now he has put himself and his colleagues and his family under attack. He was only a small player in a dangerous criminal conspiracy, the meaning of which he does not yet understand. So now he must unravel this conspiracy, save himself and that same passenger, whom he unwittingly framed. But it is not so easy to fight against the insidious plans of a criminal organization. Will a man alone be able to cope with such a difficult task?

  1. The Irishman

The film will show the world of big money, dirt and constant fights against the backdrop of the development of the history of Frank Sheeran. There will be a lot of blood, there will be a lot of violence.

Frank is a veteran of World War II. He fought enough and the only thing he really can do is to kill. This work offered him the Italian Mafiosi, who later accepted Sheeran in the family. This is the first time a foreigner entered a closed criminal community of immigrants from Italy.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in The Irishman

  1. The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington is in the TOP 10 best modern Crime films 2018.

Robert McCall wants to complete his professional activities. The man has reached mature years, and the execution of state orders has become very tiring. Most of all, this decision was made due to the psychological condition of the retired Special Forces officer. His desire to cooperate with the FBI simply disappeared. After completing his former career, a former intelligence officer decides to engage in trade. A small business grows over time and begins to generate a stable income.

Once a man becomes an accidental witness to an unpleasant incident. A few rude people shamelessly hit on a defenseless girl. The person is engaged in prostitution, however, representatives of this profession should not be subjected to physical humiliation by intruders.

  1. White Boy Rick

The plot of the film will tell about a guy called Richard Versche. At one time, he resolutely turned from the legal path and became a real criminal authority. It can be said that this was a fateful choice for him. From the very childhood, he thought about the gangsters. But, one day, he was found guilty ona fabricated case. All those who were supposed to be behind bars were free. The movie will show an interesting story that carries with it a lot of intrigues.

  1. Soldado

According to the plot, the main heroCIA agent Matt Grayer will meet again with the hero Alejandro. Together they will try to put an end to the activities of a criminal organization carrying contraband through underground tunnels from Mexico to the United States. On their way, they will meet with the members of the drug cartel and with the terrorists operating in this field.


  1. Old Man and the Gun

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Crime movies.

This is a true story of the incorrigible thief Forrest Tucker, who spent most of his life robbing banks and escaping from prisons. At the end of his troubled “career,” 78-year-old Tucker again takes up his favorite business, despite the persecution of a young detective and commitments to his devoted wife.

  1. A Simple Favor

The plot of the film unfolds in the province. The main character Stephanie is a single mother. Her life changes in a moment when her best friend Emily disappears. What is really hidden behind the disappearance of Emily? Accident or murder? Stephanie begins to look for information about the missing girlfriend and finds. She builds a picture of actions and intentions.

  1. Den of Thieves

The central character of the American militant is well-known throughout the criminal world thief. He has incredible experience and can surprise every person. The man begins to plan another serious robbery and understands that the task is very risky. The self-esteem of the guy is overestimated and he wants to increase his credibility in the near future among the bandits. It is these qualities that pushed the man to some adventure. The man wanted to steal some of the funds that were stored in one of the banks of Los Angeles. It is clear that such an institution is provided with serious protection. The thief had a lot of experience, he knows what and how to do and therefore he is not going to stop.

  1. The Happytime Murders

In a world where people co-exist with living dolls, a series of murders of former participants of the popular television show of the 1980s occurs. The investigation is taken by the disgraced puppet detective Phil Phillips and his female colleague Connie. Phil has to find a common language with her, prevent new victims and divert the attention from himself.

1.Bad Boys for Life

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Crime movies 2018.

Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry are experienced police detectives in Miami and serve in the Anti-Narcotics Department. They are really tough guys, but it does not stop them quite often getting into a variety of comical and funny situations, as well as arguing with each other. Marcus is a more mature man, he is married and has three children, therefore, while doing such risky work, he thinks not only about himself but also about the safety of his family. Mike, on the contrary, is a bachelor and comes from a rich family, which allows him to easily spend money and not think about the future. Once the detectives get intoa serious trouble…

TOP is coming to an end.

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