List of Hollywood Action movies 2018

These are brand new action installments, as well as many other reboots of the well-known franchises – nevertheless, they all have captivating narratives to represent to the viewer.

We are representing TOP 10 latest Hollywood Action movies 2018 where the reader can find the film related to the things it expects to discover in the action projects.

10. A Wrinkle in Time

This movie is another brand new interpretation of the novel of the same name that officially came out in 1962. The film itself will be released at the beginning of March 2018 – the short premise of the project represents the story of woman Meg. Her father is astrophysicist is held on completely another planet being so far from Earth. Moreover, it is in the very center of all universe evil. In order to save the father, Meg makes a decision to cooperate with her younger brother very sharp and clever, as well as her classmate and three astral travelers.

9. The Meg

The project with Jason Statham is also in the TOP 10 new holly Action movies – he returns as former sea diver trying to save his team after leaving them on the bottom of the ocean many years ago.

8. Venom

The title of this upcoming film is actually related the fictional character that often appears in several American comics being created by Marvel. The very first appearance of this character was in 1988 in one of the franchises following the adventures of Spider-Man – therefore, Venom is usually associated with him nowadays.

It is known that in brand new 2018 film Tom Hardy is going to portray Eddie Brock that is considered to be the incarnation of the mentioned character. The plot of the movie is still unknown, the only info already available today is official release date – it is the beginning of October 2018. However, the project is already known for its complicated production history. It was supposed to be the spin-off to the third installment about Spider-Man that came out in 2007. Nevertheless, Marvel Comics in collaboration with Marvel made a decision to reboot the film series about Spider-Man putting off the production of Venom. However, after both companies started seriously considering filming Venom.

7. The Equalizer 2

The list of Hollywood Action movies 2018 represents the direct sequel to the first Equalizer being released in 2014. The plot of the film is based on the TV series of the same name.

6. The Predator

Sequel to the 1987 film. A group of a few men goes to jungle but has to struggle running and trying to survive from the mysterious beast. Day by day, they find dead bodies as their group of people keeps losing its members. The rest of the team finds dead bodies in the trees but they have never seen the creature killing them. In the end, they meet the man who one day managed to survive and run away – he tells them everything about the mysterious creature. Afterward, the team of the people, who haven’t become the victim of the beast yet, realize the measure of the trouble they have gotten in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to return as Dutch but, afterward, it was confirmed he is not returning for the sequel. Moreover, it will be the sixth time Predator appearing in official theatrical release since the very first installment.

5. Mission Impossible 6

One of the most expected films of TOP 10 best Hollywood Actions movies of 2018 to watch follows the story of Ethan and his new adventures. It is also said that Jeremy Renner is not returning to portray his character.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

4. Solo: A Star Wars Story

This movie is a standalone installment focusing on the adventures and life of Han Solo before he joined Rebellion. The film is created in Space Western thematic, the story is slightly related to the events shown in 1977 version of Star Wars where Han meets Kenobi and Skywalker. This project is focused on the adventures of a young Han, his early life and the fact that he was actually raised by space gypsies. In fact, the main character didn’t even know who his true family was.

As the part of interesting facts related to the production of the upcoming project, it is known that British actress Emilia Clarke is the tenth actress from Game of Thrones to participate in the Star Wars film series.

3. Black Panther

Another project on the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Action films 2018 is a story about a superhero created by Marvel. It follows the events represented in the film Captain America: Civil War. After returning to the kingdom known as Wakanda, Black Panther notices two biggest enemies trying to destroy the kingdom. Therefore, he makes a decision to team up with CIA and the special forces of the kingdom in order to prevent the biggest war in the history.

2. Pacific Rim: Uprising

It is a brand new sequel to the installment being officially released in 2013. In the new version, the plot is focused on the events ten years after the ones shown in the first movie. The oceans are quite still but it also looks like they are restless. The program known as the Jaeger has become one of the most powerful forces in the history of humankind. Where there is a new threat to the humans, the secret organizations call up brand new heroes including former pilot called Jake. He unites with other professional and fearless pilots of Jaeger and gets the unique chance to destroy the enemy and prevent possible humankind extinction.

1. Tomb Raider

The top position on the list of best Hollywood Action movies in 2018 belongs to another movie following new adventures of Lara Croft this time portrayed by Alicia Vikander. Lara is an independent and fearless daughter of an adventurer that mysteriously disappeared when she was just a little girl. Nowadays she works as bike courier barely being able to live as a normal person due to the lack of money. But her idea is to create her own business, at the same time she does not agree with the idea her father is really gone. She decides to find him and heads on to her father’s final destination: a tomb on a mysterious island somewhere in Japan. If she manages to survive the adventure full of danger she will be able to save the world.

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