List of best new Pirates movies to watch

In the TOP 10 best Pirates movies to watch, we have collected famous pictures telling about the captains whose glory spread fasterthan the wind filling the sails of their ships. Probably, there are no such boys who have never been attracted to pirate romance and stories, filled with incredible travel, courageous battles, and many exciting adventures. Everyone in his childhood dreamed of becoming a scourge of the seas, rob merchant ships or sail the seas and oceans in pursuit of treasures that are hidden somewhere on uninhabited islands. Well today, the movies about pirates allow the viewer to revive their childhood fantasies.

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Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

List of best new Pirates movies to watch

  1. Cutthroat Island (1995)

The plot of the film tells about the adventures of the brave girl Morgan Adams, who goes in search of treasure. The film begins in 1668 in Jamaica. As the daughter of a famous pirate, Morgan does not know the life of an ordinary lady: she chose the same dangerous life filled with adventure. The only thing that Morgan got from the deceased father is part of the map, which indicates the location of the treasure hidden on the Cutthroat Island. It is there that Morgan goes, having previously assembled a team of faithful people, consisting of his father’s comrades.

By a lucky chance, the charming rascal William Shaw has the second part of the map, who sets off together with Morgan. But the last part of the mapis in the hands of dangerous pirate Douglas Brown, nicknamed the Dawg, who is Morgan’s uncle, who mercilessly killed his brother.

  1. Hook (1991)

So Peter Pan grew up, now he’s no longer Peter Pan, he’s forty years old and his name is different now. He got a family and work. Now he has nothing in common with the child who once knew how to fly. But the old enemies did not forget this boy. The captain with a steel hook instead of his hand again challenges his old opponent, he takes the first step and kidnaps his children. But in order to go to save his children, the main hero will need to get to a magical land, where there are many fairies where mermaids and one-armed pirates live. Therefore, he needs to learn how to fly again…

  1. Fanfan (2003)

The Great Fanfan la Tulipe is in the TOP 10 best modern new Pirates films.

In the beautiful country of France in the 18th century, life was pretty good, men were engaged in their favorite business, namely war. These entertainments for kings, in which ordinary people could participate. To avoid marriage, the young adventurer Fanfan goes to the army to Louis XV. On his way, he meets a young girl who predicts to the young man that he can love the daughter of the king. On the way to the part of the Aquitaine Regiment, Fanfan came into conflict with the gang attacking the carriage. Only later it turned out that Madame de Pompadour and the princess were traveling in the carriage. The young man understands that the words of the fortuneteller are already beginning to come true…

  1. The Mask of Zorro (1998)

Zorro is a noble robber wearing a black mask. He is the only hope for the people. No one has ever seen the face of this savior and no one has heard his real name. But Zorro has the worst enemy treacherous Don, nicknamed Montero Raphael. It was Raphael who managed to lock Zorro ina cell. Twenty years later, Zorro managed to go free. In the wild, he finds himself a suitable successor and hands him the significant knowledge, along with a mask and a cloak. Now the new Zorro will fight against those who commit crimes…

  1. DragonHeart (1996)

The fantasy film takes the viewer into a fantasy world in which there live great and noble beings, exterminated by stupid people. Ancient dragons are endowed with great strength, fiery breath, sharptails, as well as the ability to turn into a stone mountain, but they honor the old law on the protection of mankind.

However, humanity is so stupid that it sees theonlydanger in dragons. King Einon grew up surrounded by a dragon, but becoming an adult man his heart turned to stone. The black soul of the king sows only tyranny and evil. Einon’s teacher, Knight Bowen, decides to exterminate all dragons.

  1. Muppet Treasure Island (1996)

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 best Pirates movies for families.

The film was released largely thanks to the popular in the US “Muppet Show.”Ragdolls have won the hearts and attention of not only children but also many adults. The movie tells about the adventures of your favorite characters led by the frog Kermit. The audience will witness a fierce struggle against pirates, solve the secrets of the Treasure Island together with the main characters and immerse themselves in the romantic relationship of Miss Piggy and Kermit.

  1. Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

In the fairy-tale country of Izmer, the population is divided into two castes: powerful magicians and powerless people who do not possess a magical gift. The young Empress Savina wants only good for the entire population of her country, but the chief sorcerer Profion intends to remove her from the throne and seize power. But for this, he needs to have the Empress’s Golden scepter, which empowers its owner with the power to control the golden dragons. Savina appeals for help to a wise librarian who told her about the great secret: there is a Rod of Savrille allowing to control the red dragons. But this secret becomes known to Profion, who sends his faithful servant Damodar in search of the Rod of Savrille.

  1. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

Phantasmagoric adventures of the most famous fantasist of all times and peoples. Having realized that his true story is not represented in the same way as it was in reality, Baron Munchausen himself comes to the stage of the city theater and, ignoring the noise of the Turkish invasion, tells the residents, why the army of the sultan storms the city walls.

  1. Captain Blood (1935)

England at the end of the XVII century, internecine wars arein full swing. Dr. Peter Blood is mistakenly convictedas rebels and sent into slavery on the plantations of Jamaica. There he quickly acquires a deadly enemy in the face of the governor of Jamaica, Colonel Bishop, but conquers the heart of his beautiful niece Arabella.

Peter and his friends manage to escape from the island, capturing the Spanish ship, and soon he becomes the most famous and successful pirate of the Caribbean.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

It is the number one of the TOP 10 best new Pirates movies for all time.

The adventure film takes us to the world of sea adventures with pirates. Captain Jack Sparrow once served in the naval guard of the king, but then, by coincidence, he became a pirate and sailed the sea on his ship called the Black Pearl.

But as usual, all cool guys have sworn enemies – Sparrow’s one is Barbossa.

TOP comes to its conclusion.

Hope it gave an answer to the main question – what is the best Pirates movies?

Thanks for watching!

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