List of Hollywood Horror movies 2018

Every fan of horror movies at least once in his life heard that such passion is unhealthy. Cruelty in the movies can damage the psyche of impressionable natures, and for someone can become a guide to action.

Such warnings are usually treated with an indulgent smile. But sometimes life itself gives us reasons to talk about the sinister power of horror. The cult film-villains have followers, and in the column of the criminal chronicle, there are such stories that will make you think: somewhere I have already seen it…

Today, we are glad to show TOP 10 best Hollywood Horror movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Hollywood Horror movies in 2018

10.The Predator

McKenna is a former marine. McKennarepeatedly had to deal with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and save the planet from their invasion. His last case was connected with the investigation of strange events occurring on a mysterious island. The situation was resolved only thanks to the detachment of an experienced Marine. But this remains in the past. Now McKennalives an ordinary life: working and alone brings up an autistic son. While the father is at work, the boy studies in an ordinary school, where, due to his illness, often becomes the object of ridicule of classmates.

McKennatries to make the life of his child easier, although it can be difficult. The efforts of doctors do not give positive results. And only the care of his father helps the boy to endure constant bullying by peers. Butimmersed in caring his son McKenna cannot remain indifferent to the events unfolding around him. The Marine detects an alien race that prepares an attack on the ground. But no one believes him. And the only hope he has is his own son, who thanks to his abilities is able to quickly learn any language, including the language of the aliens.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This time the events of the film will not be limited to just one island of Nublar, where there is a huge amusement park, the actions around which occurred in the previous parts of the popular franchise. History will go beyond the usual framework. The source code for the creation of ancient dinosaurs will become known around the world, several companies will be able to deal with thedangerous development of creatures.

  1. Meg

Jason Statham is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Horror movies 2018.

Jonas Taylor is a former captain who managed a submarine and explored the seabed. Now he is a professor studying paleontology. All his life he devoted to the study of the water depths and the survey of the bottom of the oceans and seas, and now he has only memories. However, there is still a mystery that settled in his soul many years ago. During the last expedition, he became an involuntary witness of the movement of a huge sea monster. Once on land, Taylor began to look for information and found out that someone had already encountered such a mysterious inhabitant. Now the professor wants to prove that the monster is real.

  1. The Wolf Man

It is a remake of 1941 movie of the same name.It is a story of Larry Talbot and his darkest secret.

The Wolf Man reboot

  1. The Nun

A group of teenagers, wasting awayfrom boredom, decided to hold a session dedicated to spiritualism because all the mysterious and extraordinary thingsare so tempting. What initially seemed like a joke and an amusing game was embodied in an ominous essence in real life. Frightened by experiment, schoolchildren vowed never to do it again. Parents did not understand this matter, they considered that the whole story was a story of children. Soon the fear passed, the story was forgotten. The nun no longer came to the people. The horror returned when a young girl came to stay with a relative. Many years ago she left her hometown because she was the main initiator of a long, mystical session. Everyone thought that the event of that terrible day would never happen again and the evil spirit left this city. But the vengeful spirit did not go away, but only waited for the teenagers to come together.

  1. Summer of the Piranha

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Horror films 2018.

In the next installment, piranhas will attack Japan.

Summer of the Piranha promo

  1. Venom

The history of Venom stretches back to the last century, for the first time the character appears in the comic books of the 1990s called “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

The extraterrestrial anomaly in the form of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) gets to the Earth, the substance is capable of changing all life on the planet, having settled into the human body, makes it extremely cruel.

Initially, Venom should have moved into a girl, but soon this idea was shotdown, arguing it by the fact that the lady cannot play the villain, then the DNA moved into Eddie Brock and soon into a spider-man.

Venom’s DNA, hitting the body of an external organism, it destroys it and fully conquers it.

  1. Halloween

Halloween returns in the TOP 10 new holly Horror movies.

The eleventh film of the famous horror franchise “Halloween”by the director Marcus Dunstan. The return of the murderer Michael Myers who is insane and invincible just like Evil itself.

2.Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

In the center of the plot will be a young man who discovers a beat-up doll in the closet of a sick brother. The hero wants to sell the doll at the auction in Oregon, where they celebrate the 30th anniversary of the famous murders of Toulon. But during the auction, an unknown force revives all dolls for sale, which immediately organize a bloodbath.

Puppet Master poster

  1. Slender Man

Slenderman is a lean figure in a funeral costume, without a face, without colors, and without clear intentions. It becomes a nightmare for many children and adolescents who are trying to escape from its persecution until one day they disappear without a trace.

Slenderman Teaser Poster

A list of Hollywood Horror movies 2018 comes to its conclusion.

Thanks for watching!

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