List of TOP 10 recently released Action movies of 2017

Ever since the rise of Hollywood, the big honchos in the film-making industry have been putting their hearts and minds into creating the most exciting, entertaining and – naturally – money-making action movies, and, thanks to their efforts, the genre has turned into a big crowd-pleaser. Our compilation of TOP 10 Action latest movies 2017 includes the most worthy ones that you can enjoy this year with your friends at the theater.

  1. Geostorm

Welcome to a world where man-made satellites are specifically designed to take weather under control. At first, it seems like it’s all a part of the technological process, but we could never guess what kind of a danger we put ourselves in. Pretty soon, the system goes a-wall and starts attacking its creators on every step of the way. The apocalypse is coming, and it’s up to a unique team to race against time itself and save the world and the human population. Who’s behind this program, and what’s causing the crisis? The clock is ticking, and the heroes will have to deliver their A-game if they want to live to see another day.

  1. iBoy

Tom grew up in a rough-tough, gang-ruled hood in London and has been dreaming of law and order in his hometown. One day, when he confronted a bunch of thugs trying to hurt Lucy, his friend, his life changed forever. Pieces of his phone became a part of his brain, and, after he came to from a coma, he discovered amazing abilities within his reach. From now on, he can control every single computer, phone and everything else techy with his mind. Tom sees this as a gift and as a sign that he is destined to clean out the messy streets. Will he be able to become the hero this city so desperately needs? Put iBoy on the list of TOP 10 Action movies recent if you’re a big fan of action and science-fiction.

  1. Get the Girl

A stupid young fella, someone who was born with a silver spoon, desperately tries to get a girl he likes to notice him and decides to do the unthinkable: stage a kidnapping by paying a bunch of trained folks and become her savior. He’s really hoping that this stunt will make her fall in love with him and they’ll find their happily ever after. But the plan goes south when one of the fake thugs dies. So now the boy will have to rescue the girl for real and try to keep his perverted plan a secret. What will happen when she learns the truth behind this abduction? Get the Girl is a great mix of comedy, thriller, crime, and, of course, action.

  1. Hunter Killer

If you’re a big fan of movies where valiant and courageous American soldiers save the day by defeating the villains and protecting every single human being on planet Earth, Hunter Killer will most definitely be right up your alley. The story follows the captain of an untested US submarine who joins forces with an elite team of SEALS to try and save the legitimate president of the Russian Federation who is held hostage by a rebellious Russian general. It won’t be easy to oppose the madman, but that’s what these men have been training for their entire lives. Hunter Killer is, without a doubt, one of the greatest and most anticipated new Action movies releases 2017.

Hunter Killer

  1. Patient Zero

The Zombie Apocalypse is here, and it’s taken over the whole world. A couple of genius scientists, including one that can understand and communicate with the walking dead, have put their lives at risk to uncover a government conspiracy and find the source of the virus. There’s no cure out there, and people are dying at an exponential rate. The fight for survival takes more lives than any of the scientists could think, but they can’t stop now. Folks around them turn into violent zombies, forcing them to kill their own colleagues and friends. Will they manage to get to the bottom of this, find a solution to the Apocalypse and stay alive?

Patient Zero

  1. Kickboxer: Retaliation

Kurt has made himself a promise to never go back to Thailand. But, fate puts him back into the harsh reality of a Thai prison, one that nobody has ever escaped. The people that put him there want Kurt to face a beast-of-a-man and battle him one-on-one. Two million US dollars and freedom are on the line, which means the hero will have to put everything he’s got into this fight. He declines the offer at first, but they put a bounty on his head, leaving him no choice but to fight the monster. Obviously, this is going to be the hardest test for Kurt, so, he drops everything and starts training to become faster, stronger and smarter. Of the latest Action movies in English, the new Kickboxer is a keeper!

Kickboxer: Retaliation

  1. Logan

Laura is a very special girl: she was made from the Wolverine’s DNA, which makes her something of a daughter for the exhausted man. A corrupt organization is chasing after her, and it’s up to Logan to protect her. Essex, the man behind a master plan to conquer the world, is the mutant’s strongest enemy to date, but, with the help of Xavier, he might just beat the villain at his own game. At the same time, Logan’s extraordinary healing is gone, and the Professor’s abilities are getting weaker with each passing day. This is the last fight for both of them, and they’re ready to do whatever it takes to save the girl. Logan is the #1 film on the list of TOP 10 recently released Action movies of 2017.

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight

Only a select few know that the Transformers first arrived on planet Earth long before the 21st century, and now Yeager, a professor, and an elderly English lord are tasked with a mission: to prevent an all-out invasion of the robots and stop the evil machines from destroying our world. Optimus Prime is not a friend anymore: the Creators said that he was the one responsible for his home planet’s destruction. There’s an artifact hidden somewhere on planet Earth that is believed to be capable of restoring Cybertron, and the two species will fight to claim it.

  1. John Wick: Chapter 2

The critics are calling Chapter 2 one of the greatest action movies of our time, and all the praise is well due. If you loved the original John Wick, you’ll most definitely appreciate the sequel. The hero is trying to leave the turbulent past behind and enjoy what’s left of his messy life. However, some friends of his ask the man to fly to Rome and take care of a new villain that threatens to kill them all. Wick is sick and tired of it all and doesn’t want to put his life on the line, but he can’t let his buddies hanging. Of the newly released Action movies 2017, this one is a must-see.

  1. The Fate of the Furious

The latest installment in the Fast/Furious series has received generally positive reviews from the critics, while the fans are super-excited about it. With Brian gone and Dominic on the wrong side of things, the team is broken and confused. Why would Toretto betray his own people – his family? Was he forced to do that? Or is there something else going on in his head? Cipher, the greatest hacker in the world, has a hold over him, and Hobbs has no other choice but to free a dangerous criminal to help take the rogue racer down. Alright, that’s it for today!

That was our TOP 10 modern Action movies of the year. Stay tuned for more!

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