List of TOP 10 recently released Crime movies of 2017

One of the most expected films in 2017 made by famous Hollywood directors and producers are the crime ones. They also unite other film genres so that in most cases these movies can be the action ones which only heat the interest of the viewers from all over the world. So, that is why we created brand new list of the best TOP 10 Crime latest movies 2017. Among them, you will be able to meet the ones created by the best traditions of British cinematography, as well as the ones that are among the best American projects. Here is our best collection of the upcoming movies about crime:


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

“I saw in you what someone once saw in me” – in this British movie the main character Gary has once gotten a chance to become a secret agent of spy organization Kingsman. This time, he and his new friends have to head to America to be able to unite with American secret counterpart of Kingsman. But something unexpected happens so that he has to resist one of the members of “The Golden Circle” by himself.

Baby Driver

What is that like to have a nickname Baby? In this film, that takes second place on our list of TOP 10 Crime movies recent, you will see the young talented driver being one of the best in the dangerous world of crime – he is the one who puts his headphones on and drives as fast as he can following the beat of his favorite soundtrack. One day he falls in love with a waitress and sees a chance to get rid of his criminal past. But after he was forced to do some job for the mysterious king of criminal world he has to listen to his music again as the dangerous heist keeps in dangerous his own life, freedom, and love.


This film, directed by George Clooney, unites the most popular Hollywood actors – the project will represent professional work of George Clooney, Julianne Moore, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. According to the confirmed information, this crime comedy will be released at the beginning in November 2017. Unfortunately, the plot of the future film is still kept in secret but as a part of interesting facts about this project, it is worth saying that it unites two actors previously taking a part in Bourne franchise together – Matt Damon and Oscar Issac.


Free Fire

Another British project included to the new Crime movies releases 2017 has been represented at the International Film Festival in Toronto and gained a good critical response. The movie follows the events from 1978 and two friends Bernie and Stevo that find themselves driving to meet the members of IRA. Meanwhile, Stevo says he has been beaten up recently by the cousin of the woman. According to his words, that happened because he had abused that lady the day before. Afterward, they both enter the dangerous world of crime subconsciously becoming the hostages of it.

Above Suspicion

Upcoming thriller with British actress Emilia Clarke recently taking the participation in the film Terminator Genisys playing Sarah Connor. In this movie, you will see an agent of FBI heading to the small town somewhere in Kentucky but the following events will cause an unpredictable scandal because of the woman. In fact, this film was based on the book written by Joe Sharkey.

Above Suspicion

The Assignment

Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver are joining to our list of TOP 10 recently released Crime movies of 2017. The plot follows Dr. Rachel being a doctor and having a completely different vision of what this world should look like after losing her beloved brother to the contract killer. Afterward, Rachel makes a decision to organize the experiment including sex-change of the killer in order to see whether the physical appearance important in this world or not. The killer has to start over and later she finds out the effects of the operation cannot be fixed – it makes her angry so she cuts the fingers of the doctor off so that she is no longer able to continue her experiments on other people.

The Fate of the Furious

Another name for this upcoming film is Fast and Furious 8 and this time the plot tells the story about Dominic finally living a good life with his beloved wife but suddenly his peace becomes destroyed by the cyber terrorist Cipher (played by Charlize Theron). She forces him to work for her and later tries to turn him against his own team. The situation turns out to be unpleasant for the team so they insist on finding his friend and taking Cipher down.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Hitman John is back again and the film follows the new events just a few days after the ones shown in the first part. He finally finds his own car – 1969 Ford Mustang that has been previously stolen. The car appeared to be at a chop shop that belongs to Abram Tarasov. Abram sends his people to kill Wick but he dispatches them. Afterward, John notices that his Ford has been damaged and makes a decision to go home and give the car to his friend so that it can be quickly repaired from heavy damages. Meanwhile, John meets the Lord of crime coming from Italy for a particular mission in America and to be able to do that he needs the help of Wick being one of the most dangerous characters on our full list of latest Crime movies in English 2017.


This is another British project being an important part of newly released Crime movies 2017 also being a Netflix original film. This is the story about a boy being attacked by unknown people but he managed to survive. Now he has a completely new vision of the world – he can now make a visualization of digital signals and hear the transmission from the phones.

Wind River

And the last film on our TOP 10 modern Crime movies of 2017 unites Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen playing Cory and Jane respectively. Cory accidentally discovers the dead body of an unknown woman. The FBI decides to start the investigation and sends Jane but she seems to be not prepared for the difficulties caused by bad weather and basic isolation in that area. However, even if two main protagonists have their own opinion about what happened to the dead girl thinking she committed suicide, they will change their mind after being entered into the world of violence.

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