List of TOP 10 recently released Horror movies of 2017

Most often, horror is a genre, that is, a specific category of works with a common internal structure, general plot formulas, types of characters, etc. However, what is now called horror can sometimes not be a genre. If we talk about such a movie, it is very often films that are considered arthouse or rather difficult to perceive, but in which “elements of the genre” are allowed. Today, horror movies can be shown on prestigious, rather than narrow-profile festivals, which actually abolish horror as we have known it for several decades. Today, in an era that we can call postmodern, the scope of the genre has shifted. And while it is not very clear how far.

Now, we are glad to present you a compilation of new Horror movies releases in 2017.

The genre of horror is often mentioned along with such genres as Sci-Fi and fantasy. Sci-fi can be easily distinguished from fantasy and horror. As some researchers define this genre, Sci-Fi is a concept of possible improbabilities, while fantasy is a concept of possible probabilities. That is, a movie about what might be, but what we have not yet seen. Horror – this is also the idea of impossible probabilities (zombies, vampires, and others). There are related films, for example, “Stranger”. Of course, there is a horror, in which the narrative is extremely realistic, but such a film is difficult to confuse with fantasy. Rather, it will be close to other genres – a thriller, a criminal film.

Let’s begin to watch list of TOP 10 recently released Horror movies of 2017.


  1. The Mummy

In the film, Nick Morton, an experienced and repeatedly participating in the operations soldiers of the elite naval command, was assigned the task of finding a bunker in the desert terrain of Iraq with the terrorists seated in it. At the site of the bunker, a Special Forces Detachment detects a thousand-year-old tomb with an Egyptian mummy in a sarcophagus under tons of sand.

The sarcophagus travels by plane to a military base, where it is decided what to do with it further, but the plane crashes due to the attack of a flock of black birds. Everyone on board is killed, except Nick, who woke up in the morgue. Worried about the invasion of her world by strangers, the mummy of Pharaoh’s daughter Princess Amaneth of Egypt revived, and now she is a danger to all mankind. Nick does not give up and makes heroic efforts to prevent the catastrophe and return the princess to her eternal resting place. Friends are already hurrying to help him.

  1. Rings

Julia and Holt were a happy, carefree couple until the young man found on the Internet a strange tape. After viewing it, each viewer dies after a certain amount of time. Holt, as if possessed, is trying to unravel the terrible secret of the videotape. Julia sees warnings of danger: the monitor screen bleeds, and the phone’s handset melts, betraying the presence of unknown forces. But the boyfriend is adamant.

The girl, wishing to take away from him a trouble, decides to look through the contents alone. Instantly, after that, a voice from the handset announces the number of days of her stay in this world is seven. A week begins, full of terrible phenomena and trials. Holt rushes to the blind seer and asks for help. Can the psychic cope with the sinister power generated by the dark side of human nature?

  1. The Belko Experiment

The deadly experiment is in the compilation of newly released Horror movies 2017.

In the film, “Belko” is a mysterious corporation, located in the Colombian metropolis of Bogota. Every day the employees of the huge office come to work at the appointed time, in the dress code. Everything is like everywhere: routine work, tasks, execution plans, bonuses, reprimands.

But suddenly the normal lifestyle is interrupted. Employees close in the office and report that they are experimental individuals in a strange experiment. Tasks are quite peculiar. To begin with, everyone must choose three victims and kill them. Failure will entail the death of six. In the service rooms, a real slaughter is unfolding. The struggle to save their own lives turns gray pencil pushers into quirky, ruthless monsters. Who is enjoying this bloody spectacle?

  1. Grave

Passion for raw meat is in the TOP 10 modern Horror movies of 2017.

Girl first tastes raw meat and now understands that she can’t live without it.

  1. Life

A group of the best scientists for a flight to Mars is organized so that they can directly see with their own eyes and study the “living” on this planet. They are real professionals and are burning with a sincere desire to prove to all mankind the existence of extraterrestrial life.

  1. Resident Evil 6

It is the middle of the list of TOP 10 Horror movies recently released in 2017.

The film “Resident Evil 6” starts with the end of the previous part, when the main character Alice suffered the betrayal of Wesker. She has traveled a long way, fighting with the army of the living dead and a huge number of terrifying mutants, but still, a potential threat emanates from the all-powerful corporation Umbrella. Moreover, in the near future, a powerful attack is planned, which will be aimed at those who somehow managed to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

  1. Get Out

The film tells about a black young guy. One day he met a nice, pretty white girl. She invites him to a country house. Young people have a great time together. The guy gets acquainted with the girl’s parents. They turn out to be very nice and well-mannered interlocutors. People are going to spend time together with them in nature and in communication with each other. But here begins all the fun. It turns out that the guy was not just invited to a country house. It seems that they wanted to play with him in a dangerous game for his life. Horrible things begin to happen to him.

  1. Split

The rare psychological disorder is in the compilation of latest Horror movies in english 2017.

The action-horror film will tell an incredible story about Kevin – a unique man, in which there are at least twenty-three personalities. According to Dr. Karen Fletcher, a highly qualified psychologist who, despite her wealth of professional experience, faces this phenomenon for the first time, Kevin, like other people suffering from this disorder, is able to change his physiology depending on which personality this time prevails in his mind.

  1. The Bye Bye Man

College students are faced with a powerful, dashing spirit with the nickname The Bye Bye Man. They need to meet the method to get rid of a secret killer.

  1. Alien: Covenant

Arriving on one of the planets of the Universe, people believe that it is here that all the secrets of human creation are hidden, on this planet the Creators live. The assumption turned out to be correct, but the Creators had big problems when they invented weapons to destroy their “child”, namely humanity.

Only one of them survived, powerful and incomprehensible for space researchers, a creature that did not abandon its intentions to destroy people. In the fight against him, almost the entire expedition was killed, the survivor of Dr. Shaw and the android David are trying to save the Earth and all the people who are on it from the apocalypse.

TOP 10 Horror latest movies 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for having spared us the time!

List of TOP 10 english Horror movies 2017
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