List of TOP 10 english Horror movies 2017

The horror film is one of those genres that attract the viewer’s attention to the screen. Watching horror movies is a great way to test your nerves for strength. The creators of horror films, as a rule, are one of the few film experts who can really surprise the viewer.

We glad to show you TOP 10 best english Horror movies 2017 to watch.

If comedies and action movies are always built on the same principle, horror films are nonlinear. Here work as professional make-up artists, special effects creators, and composers who have the gift to create a mesmerizing soundtrack. The realism, suspense and real emotions of the heroes cannot be forgotten for a single minute. The main goal of any picture of this genre is to frighten the viewer, using special dramatic and psychological techniques. That’s why horror films are always so diverse in terms of staging, script, and plot.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Horror films 2017.


  1. The Belko Experiment

The organization “Belko” is located in South America and helps companies from the USA. It employs about 80 employees, who are a united team. Their office is in a large modern building, located far from the city. Office staff and could not imagine that soon they would all become unwitting participants in a horrible experiment. At the height of the working day, an unknown voice announces by hands-free calling that a deadly game begins, and only those who follow the rules will have a chance to survive.

In the first stage of the game, the voice announces that the heroes must kill three colleagues, otherwise, six people will be killed. For employees, this all seems like someone’s foolish rally, but soon people start to explode, and the faults are all the sensors that were implanted in all employees when hiring. The building becomes an impregnable fortress, and the voice announces the next stage of the experiment. Heroes can do nothing but start killing each other because otherwise, many more people will die. Outside, the most terrible thing that exists in every person breaks out, and the real “blood bath” begins. Who made this terrible test of survival?

  1. Grave

Justine grows up in a family of veterinarians and vegetarians. She is sixteen years old, she is very smart and attends a veterinary school, where she daily has to plunge into a decadent, ruthless and dangerously seductive world. Justine desperately wants to fit into the society and for this, she deviates from strict family principles and for the first time in her life tastes the raw meat. Soon the true essence of the girl will start to break out, causing her to come face to face with horrendously unexpected consequences.

  1. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Milla Jovovich last time as Alice on the list of TOP 10 english Horror movies 2017.

Fantastic horror is the sixth and final film in the series “Resident Evil”. The plot of the film continues to tell about the events that occurred in the fifth part. Humanity stands on the verge of its destruction. Soon the real end of the world will come, as the T-virus developed by a scientist from the Umbrella corporation, continues to kill people who do not have much left. The only hope for salvation is the brave warrior girl Alice, who is not afraid of either trained special forces, or monsters, or anyone else.

Within forty-eight hours, Alice needs to get to Raccoon City to find an antivirus that can heal infected people. But the city has long been destroyed as a result of the explosion of a nuclear bomb, and to find antivirus on its ruins will not be an easy task. Help in this matter the brave girl will be true friends and like-minded people who are not indifferent to the fate of mankind. In this last chapter, Alice will face not only new difficulties but also with a shocking truth about her existence.

  1. The Mummy

Nick Morton was a good soldier because he once found the tomb of Amanet – the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh. When the man went along with the find home on a small military aircraft, something completely unexplained happened. A huge flock of bats crashed into the aircraft, which caused the death of almost all crew members and archaeologists returning from the expedition. The main character is also found dead among the smoldering wreckage of the aircraft.

But time passes, and he comes to life in the cold walls of the morgue. The former daughter of the ruler of the world has every chance to destroy the new civilization in order to revive the old and more familiar. It is difficult to stop even the whole army since the rebellious from the dead mummy commands elements and is very familiar with magical rituals. Fortunately, there is a man who is able to compete with the angry daughter of Pharaoh. True, he does not yet suspect his purpose.

  1. Rings

The young man fervently studies the gloomy subculture connected with the mysterious videocassette, 7 days after viewing which everyone who saw the record perishes. But, his girlfriend is convinced that the boyfriend is in danger, and in order to save him, she decides to take a blow at herself. She is waiting for a lot of horrific discoveries.

  1. Life

The middle of the TOP 10 popular english Horror movies in 2017, list of which includes the best horror of 2017.

Six astronauts begin to conduct research on creature that was found on Red planet, their methods lead to unforeseen consequences.

  1. Get Out

Black guy Chris goes to the family estate of his girlfriend to get acquainted with her parents. Worried about the race issue, he feels uncomfortable with the white family but does not even represent the true extent of the threat.

  1. It

The famous story of S. King is in the TOP 10 new english Horror movies 2017.

Seven children from the Maine meet with problem – a monster that takes the form of a clown.

  1. The Bye Bye Man

The story is centered on three students of the Wisconsin State College, who rebelled against the sinister.

  1. Amityville: The Awakening

In the family of Belle, there is a misfortune – her younger brother falls into a coma. Due to lack of funds for treatment, her single mother Joanne decides to move to a new house, which is much cheaper. If at first such a step seems justified, then subsequent events make Belle doubt the correctness of the decision.

Unexpected recovery of her brother under strange circumstances was only the beginning of a series of terrible surprises that accompanied this “housewarming”. Belle begins to suspect that the mother told them about this house is not everything, and soon realizes that they moved not somewhere, but to the very Amityville.

TOP 10 latest english Horror movies 2017 release dates, you can know on the Internet.

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