List of TOP 18 good Action films 2019

Moviegoers who prefer the exciting and unpredictable plots are unlikely to give up the opportunity to watch the action films that will be released in 2019. We are going to share the list of TOP 18 Action movies of 2019.

By the way, TOP 18 new good Action movies 2019 release dates are already available on the Net.

Here we go!

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

The action of the film unfolds after the events of “Untitled Avengers Movie 2019.” The protagonist of the film, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) – the Spiderman — together with his friends goes on a summer vacation to Europe, where he faces a new villain named Mysterio.

Initially, Matt Damon was offered to play the main antagonist in the film, but he refused. Then Jake Gyllenhaal was chosen to play the main villain, who back in 2004 tried to replace Tobey Maguire in the movie “Spider-Man 2.”

According to rumors, the producers plan to make three films about Spider-Man with Tom Holland in the lead role.

  1. Shazam!

The hero of DC comics in the TOP 18 best new Action movies 2019.

Billy Batson is an orphan teenager from Philadelphia. Billy is a radio news reporter. However, Billy has another mission – he is chosen by the good wizard Shazam to become a superhero. Whenever Billy says the name of a wizard, he is struck by magical lightning, which turns him into superhero, endowed with the abilities of six mythological creatures. The only one who knows about Billy’s magical power is his new foster brother Freddy Freeman. The brothers are trying to find the right use of force and prevent the evil power of Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana.

  1. Untitled Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Sequel

A new part of the most dangerous and unpredictable adventures begins. “Jumanji” again sucks players into its own world, where the laws of the wild jungle rule. The only way to return home is to win.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart played the leading roles in the previous part of Jumanji. It grossed about one billion dollars with a budget of 90 million.

The actors will return to their roles in the sequel.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” is a continuation of the 1995 adventure film with Robin Williams. The magic board game from the original picture turned into a video game console.

  1. The Aeronauts

Brave pilots of a thermal aerostat are in the TOP 18 best english Action movies 2019 to watch

Thanks to the desperate brave people who are ready to risk their own lives for the sake of knowledge, we owe the great discoveries and modern progress of human development. Aeronaut James Glaisher and his companion Amelia Wren – pilots of a thermal aerostat – are preparing to make discoveries in a hot air balloon. Aeronauts were considered desperate people, and those who set out on a real journey, traveling hundreds of kilometers – were considered insane!

The Aeronauts promo

  1. The Rogue

Conspiracy trials are at the top of best modern Action films 2019.

The war in Afghanistan is considered by many to be one of the cruelest. The US military personnel who took part in the antiterrorist operation were able to prove their loyalty to the nation and their readiness to fight terrorism. The theme of war and the fight against injustice is driven by many filmmakers and screenwriters to create new films.

The special agent of the elite CIA unit – Mike Cutler – was chosen to conduct a dangerous operation, the purpose of which was to find al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan. In order to complete the mission, the main character needs to figure out what position he supports, as well as pass all the conspiracy trials.

The Rogue promo

  1. The Prey

“Danny” Trejo is in the list of best modern Action movies 2019.

In the Middle East, there are American troops to ensure the safety of oil companies. The local population is becoming poorer because of this policy. For that reason, rebels attack the military base from time to time.

Then one day the mission of protecting the base ended unsuccessfully and American soldiers could not get to the helicopter and evacuate. They had to hide in a cave, where a catastrophe awaited them in the form of a creepy monster … They went straight to his refuge and are now in danger.

The Prey poster

  1. Shaft

The movie centers on several generations. If the original movie featuring Richard Roundtree and the 1970s television series told about the police officer John Shaft, and the picture of 2000 was dedicated to his nephew, the new version will focus on the adventures of the son of a black private detective named John Shaft Jr. – the FBI Security expert, deciding not to follow his father’s footsteps. As a result, John Shaft Jr. agrees to join forces with his father to find the killer of his best friend and put an end to the drug trade and money laundering in New York.

Shaft promo: men in red coats

  1. Dark Phoenix

Sophie Belinda Turner in the list of really good Action films 2019.

Mutant with outstanding telepathic abilities – Jean Grey – joins the team of Charles Xavier, who founded a school for gifted children and teenagers. After the space mission, she gets the destructive and almost limitless Power of the Phoenix, which gets out of its control. Jean fights for her identity but becomes a threat to the X-Men and the whole world.

  1. Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen

Coming from the depths of hell Hellboy again goes on a journey. This time he visits England, where he will have to complete another government assignment. The complete absence of fear has already saved the adventurer more than once, but this time he will have to fight against Blood Queen. The future of all humanity depends on this mysterious hero.

A battle against this witch can turn into an inevitable defeat. The former inhabitant of hell is forced to rely only on his own strength. He had long been accustomed to loneliness, but now the battle is unfolding in an unfamiliar country, where strangers surround him. Hellboy is not sure that his physical abilities are able to confront the strongest witchcraft.

  1. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla and three new monsters are in the list of TOP 18 good Action films.

No sooner had the world started to recover from the recent war with monsters than humanity was again in danger. Despite all the efforts of scientists, they did not manage to learn how to control and hold giant monsters. This time, the human race is threatened: the King Ghidorah, the huge butterfly Mothra, and the Radon. Each of the monsters has a huge size and incredible strength.

Military technology is powerless against these prehistoric creatures. People understand that only Godzilla can save them.

  1. Angel Has Fallen

The action of the plot of the third part will unfold in Washington. This time the main target of the terrorists will be the secret service agent Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler. Because of the actions of the criminals, Banning is being blamed for the assassination attempt on the president, so now he will have to uncover the real source of the threat.

The name of the movie is a code word for the presidential plane. It is assumed that in the third part Aaron Eckhart may also appear who plays US President Benjamin Asher.

  1. Untitled Avengers Movie 2019

Avengers are in the TOP 18 good Action movies in theaters.

A team of former Avengers and new superheroes for the last time will face the powerful villain Thanos, who is the main threat to the entire universe. It is possible to win only by combining efforts. Continuation of a series of fantastic blockbusters based on the Marvel comics from directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

The action of the action movie, which viewers will be able to see in 2019, takes place in the 26th century. New technologies have allowed to create cyborgs so that they serve people as assistants in almost all areas of activity. However, cyborgs did not like that they serve people – a bloody war began.

Three centuries after the war, Dr. Ido accidentally finds a cyborg resembling a teenage girl. She cannot remember her past, but the doctor discovers that his patient has incredible combat capabilities. After recovery, the cyborg named Alita begins an active search for her lost memories…

  1. Ip Man 4

Donnie Yen Ji-dan as Ip Man in the list of best english Action movies to watch 2019.

The action in the film will unfold in America in the mid-70s. In one of the metropolitan areas, Ip Man decides to open a school of martial arts and begins to distribute brochures with a detailed description of the basics of kung-fu. However, there is the owner of the gun shop who does not like such a school near his shop. He is also angry because of the death of his son, who was killed in a street fight.

  1. Captain Marvel

The main character of the film – Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) – first appeared in comics in 1968. After serving as a major in the United States Air Force, Carol began working for Nick Fury. One day, faced with an alien race, Carol gets a superpower. Taking a new name – Captain Marvel – she begins to fight against various galactic villains.

The action of the plot unfolds in the 1990s, so we are waiting for the appearance of a slightly younger Nick Fury, and this time Samuel L. Jackson will appear without a branded eye-patch. The main villain will be Talos.

This picture will be the twenty-first in the legendary Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directors and producers guarantee that this film will be no less exciting than the previous ones.

  1. The New Mutants

The first action horror movie about X-men in the top 18 good english Action movies 2019.

The movie focuses on the five “patients” – the prisoners placed in the hospital of a secret research base disguised as a hospital for gift children. There are Magik – she is a sorceress and colossal sister, Wolfsbane – werewolf girl, Sam – Cannonball, Sunspot – a boy who turns sunlight into energy flows, and Mirage – schoolgirl able to create illusions, bringing the victim to panic attacks and hysteria. In order to deceive the guards, the prisoners will have to join forces to find the keys to escape this place.

According to the director Josh Boone, the movie will be deprived of villains and special superhero costumes.

The main idea of the project is to make a new movie about X-Men in the form of a trilogy when each of the parts refers to the previous one.

  1. The Irishman

The film will be based on the memoirs of Charles Brandt entitled “I heard you paint the houses.” A person who “paints the houses” in the mafia world means a hired killer. In this book, the author described the confession of Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, who killed Jimmy Hoffa. In 1975, Hoffa, American labor union leader who had ties to the mafia, disappeared without a trace, and his body has not yet been found. Such a loud statement on the pages of the Brandt book could not be ignored, so Scorsese immediately began to develop a plot for a future film.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in The Irishman

  1. John Wick 3: Parabellum (also known as John Wick: Chapter 3)

The leader of the list of TOP 18 best Action movies of 2019 to watch.

The plot is built around the assassin John Wick, who broke one of the key rules of his organization – not to commit murder on the hotel grounds. Now he is on the run, his membership has been canceled (Excommunicado), and “employees” are prohibited from providing services and assistance to him. Now he has to do everything possible to escape the city. As in previous chapters, Keanu Reeves will play the main role.

The list ends now.

Thank you for watching TOP 18 good Action films 2019.

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