TOP 10 best Hollywood Psychological Thriller movies of 2020 to watch

This genre is one of the most developing in modern cinema. Every year new movies are released that offer viewers a unique concept and storyline. It’s almost impossible to keep track of all the news and updates, but in our TOP 10 best Hollywood Psychological Thriller movies of 2020 to watch, wetried to select the most relevant and interesting for moviegoers.

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List of best Hollywood Psychological Thriller movies in 2020

10. Brahms: The Boy II

An English family has long dreamed of moving to a new home and finally realized its plan. Parents and their children move to the Heelshire Mansion. All members of the family are happy with the changes. While father and mother are engaged in household chores, their youngest son explores the interior of the house – one day he discovers a secret room where he finds an old doll, its name is Brahms.

The young hero befriended the toy. However, everything changes when Brahms turns out to be alive. Moreover, a mystical power is hidden in him.

9. The Invisible Man

Cecilia Cass tired of putting up with the cruelty and constant control of her boyfriend Adrian, a millionaire scientist, and sociopath. She escapes from his luxurious mansion to her friends – police officer James and his daughter Sydney.

A woman tries to start a new life when she finds out that Adrian committed suicide and bequeathed to her $5 million, wanting to make amends for a broken relationship but made a strange condition: Cecilia will lose money if she is recognized as mentally ill.

8. A Quiet Place Part II

Emily Blunt is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Psychological Thriller movies 2020.

The Abbott family continues to fight for life in complete silence. Following the deadly threat they faced at home, they have to face the horrors of the outside world. They are forced to go into the unknown, but quickly discover that creatures are not the only enemies in the outside world…

7. The Woman in the Window

The main character from childhood suffered from agoraphobia. Hatred mental illness was strongly reflected in everyday life and brought many unpleasant moments. The girl was afraid to be in open space and struggling to cope with the disorder, she only drove herself insane.

She had to live her life adjusting to unusual incidents of her mind. Once she becomes the only witness of the murder. However, how to tell about it to police officers?

6. Tenet

None of us knows that there is another world – a hidden one, accessible only to a select few, where espionage reigns. One of the seven secret agents is chosen for a special mission.

The main character is the best secret agent who passes all the cruel tests for reliability, endurance, logical thinking, quick reaction, and many other characteristics. The agent is waiting for the most secret and important mission in the history of humankind. Indeed, the fate of the world is at stake.

5. Fantasy Island

Mr. Roarke’s secret is in the TOP 10 new holly Psychological Thriller movies.

Five lucky people win the competition and go on vacation to the tropical “Fantasy Island” – an amazing place run by the mysterious Mr. Roarke promising to fulfill any desire. Tourists must follow two simple rules – each guest has only one wish, and anyone who has voiced his wish is obliged to watch the result of it to the end. So the heroes gathered at the resort have no idea how dangerous the adventure they have to go through…

4. Promising Young Woman

The protagonist of the British drama movie is a smart and promising student at a prestigious medical university. From childhood, she dreamed of helping people and benefiting society.

However, once Cassandra Thomas suffered rape. After this incident, her concepts of decency and justice turned upside down, and she decided to become a judge and punisher for the “bad boys.”

3. Escape from Pretoria

Daniel Radcliffe is on the list of Hollywood Psychological Thriller movies 2020.

The action takes place in 1979 in the Republic of South Africa, where the policy of racial segregation flourishes. Like-minded people Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee, distributing campaign leaflets that criticize the current government, are caught by the police and. Not wanting to waste the best years, the main characters unite with other political prisoners intending to escape from the most guarded prison on the continent.

2. The Rhythm Section

Three years ago, Stephanie Patrick lost her whole family in a plane crash but was never able to recover from what happened. Now she works as a prostitute in London and regularly uses drugs.

Once in a brothel, Stephanie meets with journalist Keith Proctor, who is conducting an independent investigation into the crash of an airplane that claimed the lives of her loved ones and is convinced that a bomb detonated on board and the government deliberately concealed the attack.

1. The Postcard Killings

The only daughter of Jacob Kanon, a detective from New York, is brutally murdered in London, where she went on her honeymoon. The hero becomes depressed until his wife Valerie forces him to go to Europe to hunt down the serial killer. Jacob flies to another continent and visits Sweden, England, and Spain, trying to find clues but the only clues are postcards from museums that the killer sends to journalists before each new murder…

TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Psychological Thriller films end now.

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