TOP 10 best Hollywood Heist movies of 2020 to watch

If you are going to see some interesting movie with an interesting plot and don’t know what to choose, then we recommend you to see TOP 10 best Hollywood Heist movies of 2020 to watch. This popular genre is one of the oldest in cinema. It is full of plot twists, tense and dynamic scenes, inventive solutions, and even funny comedies.

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List of best Hollywood Heist movies in 2020

10. Knives Out

Events unfold after the death of Mr. Thrombey – a popular writer, author of numerous criminal bestsellers. The dead body of the writer is found in his estate on the night after his birthday. One of the best detectives, Benoit Blanc, is taken up the investigation.

He intends to use his talent to reveal the features of this story. Benoit is convinced that the criminal is still in the house. This means that under suspicion is not only the attendants but also numerous relatives gathered here.  

9. The Gentlemen

After graduating from Oxford, the protagonist of the crime picture directs all his efforts to improve his financial situation. However, a young man, guided by the sophistication of his intelligence, decides to leave penniless the already unhappy representatives of the bankrupt aristocracy of Great Britain. Over time, he manages to take possession of several large objects, which include mansions and estates.

However, not having time to get used to the new life, the hero is faced with a new task, a group of billionaires, who will soon arrive in England to meet with the hero. They intend to buy the same property.

8. 21 Bridges

Chadwick Boseman is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Heist movies 2020.

Andre Davis went to serve in the police for a reason. When he was only 8 years old, a gang of robbers shot and killed his father. Wanting to honor his memory, the hero grew up and became a police officer. At the beginning of the film, Davis is called in the middle of the night for another crime. Arriving at the place, the man discovers that a bank has been robbed in the very center of Manhattan. However, the worst thing is not the missing money but the consequences of the robbery – the criminals killed eight cops.

7. The Irishman

The main character is Frank Sheeran, a more familiar gangster nicknamed the Irishman. We meet him in the walls of a nursing home, where Frank decides to tell his difficult story, starting with the events of the front-line service.

We have to find out exactly how Mr. Sheeran turned out to be a member of the mafia and managed to become a confidant of one of the most influential criminal bosses – Jimmy Hoffa. Will this story reveal all the secrets associated with the two dozen murders?

6. The Many Saints of Newark

The movie transfers the audience to the 1960th. In the largest city of America, Newark, located in the northeast of the country, riots begin. The reason for this is the large migration flow of African Americans who came here in search of a better life. People from poor countries, to somehow feed themselves, leave their homeland in search of the notorious American dream, hoping to change their lives for the better. However, no one is waiting for them in a new place, and migrants are working for pennies, trying with all their might to stay in their jobs.

Their number is increasing every year, which is very disliked by local authorities, accustomed to keeping everything under control in the metropolis.

5. Spenser Confidential

Mark Wahlberg is in the TOP 10 new holly Heist movies.

Boston police detective Spenser is fighting drug cartels, corrupt cops, and politicians but one day Spenser is framed and he is imprisoned on false charges. Having been released, the former cop finds out that his beloved girl left him, there is no work, and nothing else keeps him in the city, so Spencer decides to leave this place. However, an old friend and mentor Henry puts a roof over his head, and in return asks him to help with his ward, Hawk.  

4. The Last Thing He Wanted

The movie develops around Elena McMahon – an American journalist who covers armed conflicts in Central America. Returning from another business trip, she receives the task of writing articles about the 1984 presidential race but refuses for family reasons.

However, when she finds out about her father’s arms deals in Nicaragua, where the Civil War is going on, the journalist gets a chance to uncover a government conspiracy aimed at maintaining instability in the region…

3. Heroic Losers

The economic crisis is on the list of Hollywood Heist movies 2020.

A group of residents of a small town near Buenos Aires invests all their savings in a bank to open an agricultural cooperative in the future. However, the economic crisis that happened in Argentina unexpectedly ruins their plans and leaves them penniless. Led by a local football legend, the main characters decide to take the law into their own hands and return the lost money.

2. Code 8

The film takes place in the future in which children with supernatural abilities began to appear. Their number is not so great, but the government has created special rules for them that allow the use of power only in emergency cases. Since humanity has always been afraid of the unknown, such people have become real outcasts.

They try not to communicate with them, and they live below the poverty line. Young boy Connor Reed lives in a poor quarter and takes care of a seriously ill mother. He is very concerned about the fact that he cannot pay for her treatment, so the hero decides to join the ranks of the criminal group…

1. Honest Thief

A middle-aged bank robber with great experience, Tom falls in love with receptionist Annie, who works in a vault where Tom hides stolen millions. He decides to leave the criminal path but runs into a more greedy and dangerous FBI agent.

TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Heist films end now.

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