When does come out The Wolf Man movie 2018

Universal Studios continues to prepare a new version of the classic beasts, in which it is planned to release a number of films about Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein and other icons of the genre, all of which will be interconnected in some way. Universal took as the basis a model that helped the comic giant Marvel to achieve tremendous success with their world of superheroes, and in advance plans releases of several pictures at once. We have already heard about the premiere of the new “Mummy,” today the official date of the premiere of the new “The Wolf Man” became known. In the topic below, you will find all known information about the movie and also the answer to the question: “When does The Wolf Man 2018 come out?”

The original film was filmed in the distant 1941 with Lon Cheney, Jr., B. Lugosi and M. Ouspenskaya in the lead roles. In 2010, a remake was released, starring B. Del Toro, E. Blunt, A. Hopkins, G. Chaplin and H. Weaving. The picture was not popular. With a production budget of 150 million dollars, it earned at the box office only 142 million dollars.

When is The Wolf Man coming to theaters in 2018?

The movie will appear on screen on March 2018.


The screenwriter of the newest film is Aaron Guzikowski, and the director of the film is already recognizable man Justin Lin.

Together, the brigade will film an interesting movie about the monster, which probably will amaze the imagination of any skeptic.


The movie The Wolf Man trailer is publicly available. You can watch it now.


The mysterious horror film “The Wolf Man” is a remake of 1941 film. The protagonist named Lawrence Talbot after the loss of his brother returns to his father’s estate. The discord in the family was partly due to Gwen who was the bride of the older Talbot, and Lawrence had a crush on her. However, upon arrival, he is faced with the fact that there are terrible murders in the town. According to rumors, there is a monster resembling a wolf. Lawrence begins to hunt for him, but soon he becomes a werewolf himself.

The police inspector does not believe in this nonsense and places Lawrence in a psychiatric clinic. Lawrence learns the truth about the death of his mother. It turns out that it was his father who killed her and his brother, making Lawrence a wolf-man. The clinic physician provokes the experiment; he leaves Lawrence opposite the window under the full moon because he does not believe in werewolves. As expected, the patient turns into a nightmarish creature and kills the doctor. By morning he finds out that Gwen loves him too. In addition, Lawrence is eager to revenge. Now Gwen is faced with a difficult choice between love and the need to kill Lawrence the Werewolf…


Universal Pictures aims to strengthen the cast of the new version of the “The Wolf Man.” According to Deadline, the proposal to play the main role is directed to Dwayne Johnson.

About the reaction of Johnson himself at the time of this writing was not known. Note that Johnson is one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors of our time, and he has a large number of promising film projects.

In particular, on June 22, 2016, it became known about his participation in the film adaptation of the still unreleased graphic novel “The Son of Shaolin,” which is produced by the studio Sony Pictures. He will also be filmed in the following parts of the franchise “Fast and the Furious,” and possibly in the spin-off devoted to his hero from this series.

Release date

In the USA, The Wolf Man movie release date in 2018 is scheduled for March 30.

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