TOP 17 new good Horror movies 2020 release

The genre has been developing since the 20s of the last century when black and white tapes about Dracula, Frankenstein, and other monsters were born and immediately gained popularity.

Today we are going to show the TOP 17 best english Horror movies 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 17 best Horror movies of 2020 to watch

17. The Grudge

Based on the eponymous Japanese horror series, the horror film begins its development at the moment when a young woman goes crazy and kills all her family members. This event becomes one of the strangest, most unusual and mysterious.

The investigation cannot understand what really happened and why the young woman, who led a quiet and calm life, suddenly became a cruel murderer. Sometime after this terrible event, a young single mother, investigating mysterious cases, begins to study the materials of the crime.

16. Brahms: The Boy II

The scary doll is in the TOP 17 good Horror movies in theaters.

When the family is in their new home, strange and inexplicable things begin to happen nearby. And the son playing in the forest digs out a strange doll that has a frightening appearance and enormous size. The boy brings the find home and soon begins to spend all his time with it, frightening his parents. The child even communicates with the doll as if it were real. The boy cannot even imagine that this friendship can become sinister and harm not only him but also his parents.

15. Gretel & Hansel

Events begin their development a long time ago when ominous creatures lived on the planet. At the center of the story is an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl who faces many problems. She needs a job to make money to buy food for herself and her brother but no one wants to take her in. She takes her eight-year-old brother with her to travel to the fabulous countryside in search of work and food.

During the journey, the brother and sister find themselves near a dark forest. Having overcome their fear, they decide to visit it. However, Gretel and Hansel do not even suspect that a powerful and terrible evil witch lives in this place. She has already had her eye on the children. At the same time, a young hunter appears by the forest.

14. The New Mutants

X-men is on the list of good english Horror movies.

The plot of the fantastic movie tells its viewers about five teenagers who discover supernatural abilities in themselves. For this reason, they find themselves locked against their will in one of the most secret places. In this place, the main characters are forced to face not only their terrible past but also a difficult reality. They must learn to control their abilities otherwise sooner or later they will lead to incredible destruction.

13. Ghosts of War

It is 1944. The war is slowly coming to its logical conclusion. And even though the fighting is not over yet, and the Nazi troops and their allies are trying to resist, the outcome is already clear. This allows the heroes of the movie to relax and believe in a return to their native land.

In the center of the plot is a small squad consisting of five soldiers, which have extensive experience in conducting complex operations. Their new assignment is to free the old French castle, where the high command of the Nazis is located.

The heroes manage to capture the structure and completely clear it of enemies. Now they need to hold the castle until the management does not develop a plan for a new mission.

12. Candyman

Candyman is on the list of best english Horror movies to watch

Anthony McCoy is a contemporary artist and is constantly on the lookout for new sources of inspiration. Recently, however, the visual artist from the movie is going through a difficult period of his life due to the lack of motivation to create. For this reason, Anthony falls into despair. Despite this, he plunges into new searches.

When the artist thinks that he will not be able to find a source of inspiration, he manages to discover the story of a dangerous Chicago maniac who kills his victims coming to them from mirrors at night. Anthony is so addicted to this story that he becomes obsessed with it.

11. Fantasy Island

A small group of young people arrives on a tropical island at the invitation of the mysterious Mr. Roarke. The island has luxurious conditions for living and pastime for guests. Fantasy Island gives guests everything they desire and even more.

Guests can make any fantasy come true, even take revenge on someone who offended in childhood or resurrect a deceased person. Soon the guys realize that the island distorts the wishes of the guests, and they are in great danger.

10. The Turning

Kate’s story is on the list of best modern Horror films.

Kate is a young nanny who has been hired to care for two orphans, little Flora, and teenager Miles. The girl is very happy with this job because it is not only paid well but also involves living in a luxurious palace. Frankly, upon arrival, it turned out that this palace was in a sad state and looked very gloomy, even ominous. However, there is no goodness from children either.

9. Antlers

The action of the horror movie is set in a small provincial town where usually there is no smell of crime. The main character is a little boy, in whose house strange things happen, sometimes giving goosebumps and numbness.

He is silent about what is happening every day, coming to school as if nothing had happened. Soon, the young man’s strange behavior arouses suspicion among the teacher, who, after a preventive conversation, asks the police officer’s brother to check what is happening in her student’s house.

8. The Hunt

The new game is on the list of TOP 17 good Horror films.

The exciting picture is about 12 random people who have never seen each other in their lives and have not heard of their existence. They wake up in the forest and cannot understand what the matter is and why they were collected. They have not yet realized that they are just prey. And then the hunting season opens and the killings began immediately. And all this was done by the richest people on the planet, who are simply bored, and to have fun, they found themselves such an occupation.

7. Bando

South Korea plunges into chaos due to the outbreak of a deadly virus of unknown origin. The government is losing control of the situation, and people are tragically dying every second. All forces and resources are thrown to contain the spread of the epidemic but a person still loses the war to infection. The country is collapsing before our eyes. Its remnants are blocked to prevent the spread of the virus to the rest of the world.

The movie shows events 4 years after the first case of infection in South Korea. Hordes of zombies are invading the entire country. The remnants of a once advanced civilization are still in an impenetrable blockade.

In the center of the story is a former military man who goes to a closed area to find long-hidden money. Although he is part of a special squad, the hero knows that even the most advanced weapons will not save him from a sudden attack from the undead hordes. The character of the movie has to survive in a terrible world where the main danger lies not in the living dead but in people who arrange bloody games.

6. Dreamkatcher

A dreamcatcher is on the list of really good Horror films.

The events of the action-packed film show the life of Luke, who recently lost his wife – a woman died because of an attack by a neighbor’s boy. A very short time passes, and Luke decides to return to his house with his son Josh and new girlfriend Gail. The girl tries to help Luke’s son, who suffers from nightmares every day but despite the fact that Gail has a psychologist’s education, she is unable to correct the situation. One day she tells Josh about the dreamcatcher, and then the boy, impressed by the stories, decides to acquire this item, after which his nightmares become even more real and scary. How will this strange story end?

5. Keullojet

The main character is an architect who recently lost his wife. After the tragedy, he decided to move with his daughter to a new home, trying to overcome the pain of loss. A man stops communicating with people. Almost immediately after the move, his daughter makes an imaginary friend with whom she constantly communicates. After a while, he begins to notice strange noises coming from his daughter’s room. Soon, his daughter disappears without a trace. The man does not know what to do next and decides to seek help from a psychic. He claims that the closet took the girl away, and now the hero does not have many chances to return her…

4. The Rental

The plot of the movie tells the story of two couples who decide to spend the coming weekend in a secluded place, having previously rented a spacious house there. Upon arrival, the main characters of the picture get acquainted with a neighbor, at first he seemed to them an ordinary villager, but over time, he began to bother them.

However, the further everything went, the stranger the man’s requests became. In the end, the heroes realized that they were faced with a maniac. From that moment on, they will have to try to save their lives. Will young people be able to fight back a man?

3. Behind You

Killing mirrors are on the list of best modern Horror movies.

Events unfold around Olivia and Claire. Two sisters who, after the tragic death of their mother, are forced to go to the estranged Aunt Beth, who lives in a house where all the mirrors are hidden or closed. Not showing special attention to her nieces, Beth sets extremely simple rules: girls should not break the daily routine and not try to sneak into the basement. However, restless sisters, accustomed to defying any rules, accept the restrictions set by their aunt as a call to action. Soon Claire sneaks into the basement, where she finds a strange mirror with the help of which she unknowingly releases an evil demon…

2. Malasaña 32

The film takes place in the seventies of the last century. The family moves to live in a new apartment. They were very lucky as it had all the amenities and even furniture from the previous owners.

This was a new step for them, which was supposed to improve the lives of the heroes. Soon they begin to notice that there is something else in the house. Every day they are more and more convinced of this. Soon, a certain entity even begins to communicate with family members through a paralyzed grandfather.

1. You Should Have Left

A horror film called will show the audience a very scary story in which a famous screenwriter turned out to be along with his beautiful wife and little daughter. One day they decide to spend several weeks in a house at the foot of the Alps, where it is calm and cozy, to finish writing the script for a new movie.

However, he soon begins to regret this idea, when real horror and frightening things begin to happen in the house, and then dark forces appear. Will they be able to escape and remain unharmed? They will have to overcome fear and fight for their lives. 

TOP 17 best new Horror movies 2020 is coming to an end.

By the way, TOP 17 new good Horror movies 2020 release dates are already available on the Net.

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