When does come out I Am Pilgrim movie 2017

Recently, there have a lot of interesting books appeared in the world’s bookstores that later became the bestsellers and then adapted to famous in the whole world movies. Such books were written just a few years ago but are still very popular among teenagers and older people. Among that books are “The Maze Runner”, “Me before you”, Twilight series and one of the latest ones is “I am Pilgrim”. Many fans that have already bought and read that book ask – when does I Am Pilgrim come out?

Unfortunately, the precise date of the film is still kept in a secret in Hollywood movie production. Everything that is known nowadays, and has been released to the public, is that the movie is definitely coming out in 2017, which only heats up the interest of novel’s fans. It is also known that the film is another, hopefully successful, a project of famous American Media Company MGM. The writer of the novel and also the scenarist of the upcoming movie is well-known British author Terry Hayes. However, even if the movie I Am Pilgrim trailer hasn’t appeared on the screens yet, the author and the crew heading the project promise to create one of the best action films in the cinematography history.

I Am Piligrim movie 2017

According to the fact that the release date hasn’t been announced yet, people can only imagine what the plot is waiting for them. But now, all the audience can do is to find more about the actual book to be able to compare it to the film later.

The book story – will something be changed in the movie?

The actual book that was successfully published in 2013 by a British writer, was warmly accepted by a lot of people who appraise such novels and rated by the world famous book critics. It was also translated into many languages and then, as a result, became a bestseller. I Am Pilgrim 2017 movie release date is still under the secret, by knowing the plot of the future American series makes the situation easier.

This film represents the story about the man who worked as a spy for the secret intelligence in the United States of America. Many years ago he managed to write a book about the pathology which task was to determine and check the condition of dead body and check the information about what caused the death of it but didn’t know it would be used against him just a few years later.

The cast of the movie promises to be extremely rich because, as some of the producers say, this is going to be a big project as well as James Bond franchise. So because of the former profession of the main protagonist he got involved in the main situation – it can cause the big harm to all people on the American territory. The main character is an adopted son and he got used to the rich life because of his family – his adoptive parents are wealthy and influential people who have big authority in the American social circles.

I Am Piligrim

The protagonist called Pilgrim, which is actually the code name and whose story is going to be watched the episode by episode, was in charge of leading the mission – his own spy experience is supposed to help him in secret investigation. But as a result, he was caught and trapped in a race against obliviousness in America. When is I Am Pilgrim coming to theaters to release this interesting story? It is still unknown but due to the novelist Terry Hayes the popularity of the book and, as a result, movie’s popularity is growing up day by day because the franchise is promised to be breathtaking.

Interesting facts – writer’s quotes from the interview, secret film production

What did we manage to find out about this movie nowadays?

  • MGM bought the right to this novel with the goal to make it extremely possible like famous spy franchise about British agent James Bond.
  • This is the writer’s best debut novel that has been nominated for the best crime story of the year.
  • Terry Hayes doesn’t know what inspired him to write such book – he says he just started to write it and once he did that it kept burrowing into his own mind helping him to involve new characters and make the plot more breathtaking.
  • Terry was a scenarist for Mad Max 2.
  • Whilst writing the book the author had to learn everything about the engineering and how to make a weapon at home.
  • He had been writing this book for nearly four years, directing different projects and writing screenplays at the same time.
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