List of TOP 15 best Thriller movies of 2020 to watch

The Thriller film genre is twisted and exciting plots that will make your heart beat faster. Thriller movies can be found among detective, adventure, psychological, gangster, war stories, and horror films.

Today we are going to show you the TOP 15 best english Thriller movies 2020 to watch.

Here we go!

List of TOP 15 best Thriller movies of 2020 to watch

15. The Grudge

Police detective Muldoon with her partner Detective Goodman embarks on an investigation of a mysterious case involving a series of grisly and incomprehensible murders. After the death of her husband, she moved with her son to a small town and devoted herself entirely to work to forget about the loss. Muldoon is most interested in the infamous house on Reyburn Drive.

Goodman is sure that the house is under a curse because different tenants have been killed there more than once. He never entered the ill-fated house, so as not to be cursed, but Detective Muldoon does not believe in mysticism and examines the house from the inside, which leads to a series of scary consequences.

14. The Turning

Flora’s oddities are on the list of good english Thriller movies.

Kate Mandell arrives at the huge old estate of the wealthy Fairchild family to babysit eight-year-old Flora. The girl’s parents died so she is experiencing some psychological difficulties. In addition to the girl, the strict housekeeper Mrs. Grose lives in the estate, as well as her older teenage brother Miles, who returned home after being expelled from a private prestigious closed school. Kate accepts a residential job for the first time and is confronted with several oddities and family secrets that no one talks about. Little Flora does not visit one part of the house and does not leave the estate, she has absolutely no friends, and the previous nanny ran away.

13. The Rhythm Section

Young girl Stephanie Patrick lives in London and works as a prostitute. She became addicted to drugs. The hero of the movie began her path of self-destruction three years ago after her family died in a plane crash. One day, from journalist Keith Proctor, Stephanie learns that the plane crash was not an accident, but a planned terrorist act for the murder of an influential Muslim reformer.

Stephanie receives confirmation from a former MI6 agent living in Scotland. Now the girl is determined to take revenge on everyone involved in the catastrophe because she has nothing to lose.

12. Project Power

Mysterious pills are on the list of best english Thriller movies to watch.

Many people have dreamed at least once that they have supernatural powers. Therefore, when the streets of New Orleans were flooded with mysterious pills that can give anyone who wants superpowers, the city was mired in chaos. The thing is that the pill lasts only five minutes and during this time, it rewards a person with incredible abilities, from superpower and speed to invisibility. Frankly, not everyone manages to survive after taking the pill. Project Power offers its unique product but who is behind the pills?

11. The Last Days of American Crime

The world is in chaos, the streets belong to the criminal world. However, the US government is going to hit the criminals with a specially designed signal that paralyzes the body. The last days of American crime have come and soon no one will be able to follow his or her criminal desires. Graham Bricke lost his brother and now is eager to get revenge.

A former accomplice of his brother, the famous gangster Kevin, goes to him. He invites Graham to pull off a major $ 30 million heist with the help of a hacker girl.

10. Extraction

A life-saving evacuation is on the list of best modern Thriller films.

A former military man and now a professional mercenary Tyler works in the most remote and dangerous corners of the planet. He often gets involved in serious conflicts between the mafia and influential people in the world. Between the main drug lord of India and Bangladesh, there is a real war for territory and any methods of struggle are used. Tyler goes to Asia for another mission to save a teenager – the son of a drug lord. The boy was kidnapped and kept in a secret hideout in the city of Dhaka to obtain a huge ransom. Tyler Rake gets to work unaware that it will be extremely difficult to pull off a life-saving evacuation in one of the most inaccessible places in Bangladesh. Moreover, a well-thought-out plan is thwarted…

9. Escape from Pretoria

The action film takes place in the 70s of the twentieth century in the Republic of South Africa during the apartheid times, when the white population very harshly suppressed the rights of the black residents of the country. Freedom activists and fighters Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee go to jail for distributing leaflets calling for the fight against apartheid.

Frankly, the guys end up not just in prison but in one of the strictest prisons in the world – the central prison of Pretoria, where even the strongest-minded person can crack.

8. The Devil All the Time

Arvin’s mission is on the list of TOP 15 good Thriller films.

The psychological thriller takes place at the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century in a small town in Ohio. People are still recovering from the effects of the war, and some residents are still trying to heal from post-war traumas that have severe mental health consequences. Also, crime is rampant in the city. An invisible thread of mysterious incidents links the fates of several people. Young guy Arvin receives as a birthday present his father revolver, who returned with him from the war. Arvin does not yet know that soon the revolver may be useful to him because there is some evil going on in the city.

7. Ava

For many years, the secret agent Ava has been working as a hired killer. The smart and beautiful girl was recruited by a large company and received extensive training. She has honed her skills over the years but has become unmanageable, which is a concern among the company’s management.

The management is particularly concerned that Agent Ava speaks to the subjects before killing them. Therefore, it was decided to get rid of Eve. Business is business and the former agent is the target. However, Ava does not intend to give up so she is fighting for her own life.

6. Inheritance

A dark legacy is on the list of really good Thriller films.

A successful businessperson Archer Monroe died of a heart attack. Mother and brother-politician William gets a decent inheritance, and Lauren receives only a small amount of money and a certain key. Driven by curiosity, the girl soon learns that the key opens the door to the bunker, where an unknown person is chained. For many decades, he has been deprived of sunlight and any benefits of civilization, but he was regularly fed. Her father’s dark legacy raises many questions. As a prosecutor, she begins an investigation into the secrets of her father. The girl seeks to find out the reasons for such a terrible attitude towards a person because the prisoner does not want to help her in any way.

5. The Silencing

After experiencing a personal tragedy after the mysterious disappearance of his daughter, the former hunter settled in the forest area of a large reserve, where he lives a secluded life far from civilization in a small shack and keeps order with the help of surveillance cameras and walking around the forest. One day, on the bank of the river, the police find the body of a murdered young girl.

The forester’s serene life is disrupted as he is forced to assist in the investigation of the newly appointed sheriff, Alice Gustafson. The crimes do not end there.

4. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Lucy’s trip is on the list of best modern Thriller movies.

The hero of the thriller is a young girl Lucy who is very close to her boyfriend Jake. Together, they travel to the remote countryside to visit Jake’s parents. However, this trip was not in Lucy’s plans, as she is considering how to break off the relationship. After traveling a long way along snowy roads, the couple arrives at a small farm. Lucy meets the boy’s parents for the first time, but immediately draws attention to the fact that something strange is happening in the house, and Jake’s parents are completely suspicious and even frightening people.

3. You Should Have Left

After the suicide of his wife, who swallowed pills and drowned in the bathroom, the hero of the psychological thriller, the former banker Theo, is still tormented by guilt. Over time, he met a young beauty Susanna and started a new family. The couple had a daughter, Ella.

Experiencing a crisis in family life, the couple decides to unwind and relax in a rented house in Wales. The family immediately liked the modern stylish house in a secluded area surrounded by nature. However, over time, something strange and eerily frightening begins to happen in the house.

2. Hour of Lead

The Michaelson family travels through beautiful natural areas in their trailer and stops in a national park where there is a camping and no people at all. On the banks of the river, Paul and Wendy, as well as their little daughter Taylor, plan to go fishing. However, the family’s plans were not destined to come true, as Taylor disappears without a trace. A small number of park staff, local police, and the only young married couple who camped near the Michaelson trailer go in search of the girl.

1. The Rental

The first place in the TOP fifteen good Thriller movies in theaters.

The plot of the film revolves around brothers Charlie and Josh, who decided to spend time with their beloved girls. The guys rented a luxurious house on the shore of the ocean. A secluded country house is just perfect for a small company that wants to take a break from the bustle of the city – beautiful sunsets, coastline, and outdoor jacuzzi. Soon one of the girls notices a tiny video camera built into her shower. It turns out the house is crammed with cameras and someone is closely watching everything that the company does…

TOP 15 best new Thriller movies 2020 is coming to an end.

By the way, TOP 15 new good Thriller movies 2020 release dates are already available on the Net.

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