TOP 15 new good Science Fiction movies 2020 release

Science fiction films continue to flourish in the new millennium. They attract millions globally, fuel the imagination of viewers, and inspire humanity to develop technological innovation.

Today we are going to present TOP 15 best english Sci-Fi movies 2020 to watch.

If you ready, we begin!

List of TOP 15 best Sci-Fi movies of 2020 to watch

15. Underwater

In the center of the plot of the picture is the fate of the team of researchers who went to the bottom of the ocean. There, at a depth of 11 km, they want to find confirmation of one of the most revolutionary hypotheses in world science. Everything went well until natural forces intervened in the work of people. A large-scale earthquake has caused the ocean floor to shift. Scientists were trapped and now they have to overcome several miles in a bathyscaphe to the nearest station.

Mechanical Engineer Norah undertakes to provide the technical side of the dangerous journey, without even knowing what they will have to face in the depths of the ocean. After all, the earthquake affected not only the condition of the bottom of the water area but also the composition of its inhabitants.

14. Dune

Duneis on the list of good english Sci-Fi movies.

In the movie, the action will unfold in the distant future on the planet Arrakis, which is completely covered with sand. However, it is famous not only for this but also for its Spice Melange – a unique fuel for interstellar travel. It is guarded by huge sandworms.

The inhabitants of the planet are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, who will free them from tyranny and transfer power over the extraction of spice mélange into their hands. The rulers, the Harkonnen dynasty, promise to turn the planet into a flourishing paradise in exchange for eternal obedience. However, the long-awaited Messiah still appears…

13. The Invisible Man

The plot revolves around the girl Cecilia. Her family life with her husband has gone downhill, and she decides to run away. However, every choice has its consequences. As it turned out later, Adrian, the husband of the main character, commits suicide.

Leaving the girl $ 5million in inheritance, Adrian left only one condition – Cecilia must be psychologically sane.

After a couple of days, the girl realizes that someone is following her. While conducting her investigation, Cecilia learns that her husband has become invisible.

12. The New Mutants

New X-men are on the list of best english Science Fiction movies to watch.

The movie tells about a certain school, which is under the leadership of Professor Xavier. This school is unusual – mutants are trained in it. These people have different supernatural abilities. In the future, they will be able to use their abilities for the benefit of humanity.

According to the plot of the film, a new generation of mutants enters the school, their task is to learn a lot of new and interesting things, as well as to control their abilities. However, several gifted students unite in a group to learn how to combine their supernatural abilities and fight evil.

11. Sonic the Hedgehog

The game story of the super-fast Sonic the hedgehog finds its continuation in a big movie. Hedgehog is as dexterous as in the game of the same name, as always escapes persecution, saves the world, and rescues his friends.

Together with the police officer called Tom, they will fight against the notorious villain Dr. Eggman and his robots. In an attempt to subjugate the world, he finds the Chaos Emeralds.

10. Archive

New technology is on the list of best modern Sci-Fi films.

The events of the sci-fi picture tell the story of the scientist George Almore, who lives in 2046 in a world in which there has been serious progress in the field of technology. Most of the changes affected the development of artificial intelligence. Now the researcher is working in a secret laboratory, trying to achieve immortality for the privileged sections of society. At the same time, he devotes a lot of time to resurrect his wife, who died more than two years ago. He does not tell about it, thereby putting himself in a dangerous position. Once contact with George is lost, after which a special team is sent to the research center, the purpose of which is to find out what happened in the laboratory…

9. Last and First Men

The film takes place in the distant future, in which people are several times superior to the current generation in their development. However, it is at this time that humanity is on the verge of extinction. In outer space, global changes have taken place, which is becoming a threat to the destruction of the world’s population.

The only way to change this situation is time travel. The heroes need to establish contact with their ancestors to convince them to change the direction of their development. The future of all humankind, which is on the brink of extinction, will depend on this. The success of the mission directly depends on the coordinated actions of the team.

8. Bloodshot

Vin Dieselison the list of TOP 15 good Sci-Fi films.

The sci-fi movie is based on the character of the same name from the comic book Valiant Comics and tells about the dangerous adventures of a former marine who was resurrected using nanotechnology. The secret corporation is engaged in the latest developments in the field of nanotechnology, which will improve the fragile human body. After being wounded, Ray Garrison became “material” for experiments and was soon brought back to life. Now Ray’s body contains modern technologies that have turned him into a powerful biotechnological killing machine.

7. Bill & Ted Face the Music

As students of the school, two friends Bill and Ted, during their next time travel, learn the story that they are destined to become great musicians and write a song that will save the world. Many years have passed since then, Bill and Ted have gone from carefree revelers to solid heads of families. Now, instead of fulfilling the prediction, they try to keep their marriages alive.

However, one day an alien from the future appears and makes them remember an ancient prediction – to compose a song that will save the world. Taking their grown-up daughters with them, two friends make a new journey through time to still find inspiration and create a powerful hit. Also during the journey, they will have to save humanity and their own lives…

6. Free Guy

Ryan Reynoldsis on the list of really good Science Fiction films.

The life of a clerk at a large bank is gray and boring. He, like other residents of the city, is robbed several times a day, beaten, hit by cars, taken hostage. Once he got tired of it and on the 17th bank robbery in a day, instead of submitting to the demands of the robbers, he confronts.

At that moment, Guy realized that something was wrong with his world. The meeting with a stranger reveals the truth – this is a video game skillfully planned by someone, where players can do whatever they want.

Guy decides to break out of the game. And at the same time free the whole world from being in a ghostly reality and final destruction.

5. Ghosts of War

The movie takes place at the end of World War II in France. Five young American fighters are tasked with guarding an ancient castle in a remote province, from where the Nazi headquarters was recently expelled. Tired of fighting, lack of normal conditions for the existence, and lack of sleep, the soldiers simply do not believe their happiness, since the huge castle was at their disposal.

After one of the soldiers finds a Nazi diary describing all the horrors that happened to the family living in the castle, something terrible begins to happen within the walls of the castle. During the war, the soldiers saw a lot but what awaits them in the castle turns out to be the most terrible…

4. Think Like a Dog

An intelligent dog is on the list of best modern Sci-Fi movies.

During a scientific experiment, the 12-year-old prodigy Oliver establishes a telepathic connection with his beloved and very intelligent dog Henry. Thanks to the dog’s tips, the guy manages to solve problems at school, at home, and even with girls…

3. Antebellum

Worldwide fame, huge fees, social events in the company of friends. Until recently, all this was an integral part of the life of the writer Veronica. However, those days have passed … After a strange incident on the street, the hero awakens in the 19th century!

Now she is no longer a writer respected by millions of fans but an ordinary slave. Every day, she risks dying because of the cruelty of her masters. The girl finds herself in a deadly trap and does not even know if she can count on returning home. Will Veronica be able to solve all the riddles? Why did she end up in the distant past?

2. Fantasy Island

The plot of the picture takes place in a secluded place in a remote corner of the ocean. Here, on a deserted tropical island, there is a small resort of Mr. Roarke, which offers its guests unusual and demanded services.

Therefore, the owner of the island is ready to fulfill any desire of each guest, no matter how incredible it may be. Few can refuse such an opportunity, not yet knowing the consequences. The next guests of the island have to reveal the secret of Mr. Roarke to save their lives.

1. Artemis Fowl

The first place in the TOP fifteen good Science Fiction movies in theaters.

The story tells about the life of an ordinary 12-year-old American teenager. However, this is far from the case, the boy is a real genius and a descendant of the famous criminal dynasty. The guy’s genius allowed him not only to believe in the existence of another world, where magical inhabitants live (pixie, sprite, elves, etc.) but also to find them. And the criminal past of his parents pushed Artemis to the idea of using the abilities of magical creatures for personal gain.

TOP 15 best new Sci-Fi movies 2020 is coming to an end.

By the way, TOP 15 new good Science Fiction movies 2020 release dates are available on the Net.

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