When does come out Snatched movie 2017


“Snatched” is a new upcoming movie by Jonathan Levine. All the main information on film you will see in the article below and also the answer on question: “When does Snatched come out?”

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  • J. Levine is a director of the movie. He is known for “Warm Bodies”, “50/50”, “The Wackiness”, “The Night Before”.
  • C. Bacon and T. Shapiro are compositors of the movie.
  • F. Ballhaus is a cinematographer.
  • Z. Baker is a film editor.
  • M. Ricker is a production designer.
  • K. Constant is an art director.
  • C. Hionis is a set decorator.
  • L. Evans is a costume designer.

Snatched movie 2017

Do you know?

This is the first return of actress Goldie Hawn on the big screen in 14 years after the film “The Banger Sisters”.

During filming Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes had time to appear in a pop-up shows in Honolulu.

Filming started 15th June 2016 in Hawaii.

When is Snatched coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release movie on screens in the first part of May.

The details of the main cast

In February, 2016, it became known that Amy Schumer, best known for the film “Trainwreck”, plans to play in the comedy thriller with Goldie Hawn. Participation of star that played in “Overboard” and “Death Becomes Her” is already confirmed and is now being filmed.

Jonathan Levine who directed the melodrama “50/50” and movie “Warm Bodies” is in the director’s chair of Dippold’s project. Just a plot for a long time was not disclosed.

Snatched movie

Screenwriter spoke with Collider site and told the details of the movie. “Once upon a time my mother was very fond of adventure. When I went to college, mom has divorced with dad and changed very much. She has begun to speak a lot about the safety, constantly monitor if the doors are closed. Her spirit of adventure somewhere weathered that I really liked.”

Katie Dippold admits that started to think how to go somewhere on vacation in a totally insane place and bring her mother, to make her feel young again. “Thus was born the script. Mother and daughter go to the Amazon jungle, where the situation gets out of control. My character has to get off the beaten track but then it turns out that she is not in vain feared. Basically speaking, this journey is through the tropics to the American Embassy.”

For Goldie Hawn Levin’s movie will be the first in 14 years.


The movie Snatched trailer is now available on the YouTube.


Kidnapping is the unlawful intentional actions aimed at human capture, removal from the natural micro social environment, moving from his place of residence, followed by holding against his will in another place.

Snatched 2017


The main character is a girl who was dumped by the guy and she in the upset feelings comes to her mother and asks her to go along to South America, where she had planned to go with the ex-boyfriend. This will allow Emily to forget the horrors of separation and return to normal life. She makes her mother agree and they hit the road. But all the rest is spoiled when a couple realizes that they had been kidnapped but the worst thing for both of them is to be locked together in one room. In this situation between them constantly raise fights that never have to run together from the jungle. A mother and daughter have to unite in order to survive and in extreme conditions they will learn a lot about each other.

The film directed by Jonathan Levine promises the audience a fun pastime. Clarifying the relationships between mother and daughter has always been at least exciting.


The information on the characters is not disclosed but there is information on actors who play in this movie: G. Hawn, I. Barinholtz, A. Schumer, C. Meloni, W. Sykes, R. Park, R. Simmons.

Release Date

Snatched 2017 movie release date is planned on 12th of May.

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