List of best Hollywood True Story movies in 2020

It happens that you do not need to come up with scripts for films, sometimes life itself writes them. If you add a pinch of directorial talent to this, a little imagination and fantasy, you get a good movie based on true stories.

If you want to know TOP 10 best Hollywood movies Based on True Story of 2020 to watch, then look through the topic below.

List of best Hollywood True Story movies in 2020

10. The Collini Case

Caspar Leinen is not without an analytical mindset, so he can easily cope even with the most complicated criminal cases. At the beginning of the story, Caspar takes on the Collini case, in which he has to figure out the details of the murder, where there is no apparent motive. An influential businessman died at the hands of the ordinary mechanic Fabrizio, who did not know the victim at all. The defendant did not even have to be caught, because he sincerely admitted his deed. These circumstances confuse an experienced lawyer who does not quite understand why a law-abiding citizen needed to kill a stranger. Moreover, Leinen cannot understand what prompted the mechanic to confession. Feeling that there is a certain mystery in this contradictory story, Caspar sets a specific goal – to solve it at all costs!

9. Studio 54

Another documentary about the most scandalous American nightclub of the 1970s. It differs from other movies in that the creators focus not only on the history of the club itself but also talk about the lives of the people behind the opening of Studio 54. One of the main guests of the movie becomes Ian Schrager – the silent partner of the club owner Steve Rubell. Schrager never attracted too much attention, doing the “internal affairs” of the “Studio.” Later it became known that such matters included the calculation of revenue, the sale of drugs and the organization of private parties for well-known clients. However, how did the club manage to remain not only open but also the most popular for several years?

8. Richard Jewell

Jewell’s case is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood movies Based on True Story 2020.

Going to the 1996 Olympics, held in Atlanta, Richard did not even suspect that soon his life would change radically. The job was not heavy but well paid. Once, the hero of the movie notices a suspicious object. He raises the alarm, believing that he discovered a real bomb. Fortunately, he manages to evacuate people in a timely manner. The newly made hero of the Olympics receives universal gratitude and becomes famous! However, a few days later, he turns into the main suspect in the case of a failed attack. Richard’s case takes an unexpected turn when new facts come up. Will Mr. Jewell justify himself and prove his innocence?

7. The Song of Names

In the mid-20th century, humanity faced such a bloody phenomenon as World War II.  However, the hardest time in that period was for Jews. In the center of the film are two musicians who entered the fight against a ruthless enemy and subsequently became friends. By the will of fate, the paths of the main characters of the movie diverged, and only four decades later, it became clear why…

6. Fahim

The young chess genius Fahim, together with his father, is forced to leave his native Bangladesh and finds refuge in Paris. Here the boy meets Sylvain, one of the best grandmasters in France. The hostility between them will grow into a friendship that will give them a new meaning in life and lead to both defeats and dizzying victories.

5. Little Women

Civil War in the USA is in the list of Hollywood True Story movies 2020.

The film tells about the growing up of four different sisters. The action takes place during the Civil War in the United States, but the problems that girls face are more relevant than ever: first love, bitter disappointment, painful separation and difficult searches for self and place in life.

4. 1917

It is 1917. First World War is going on. The British army plans to attack the Hindenburg Line. However, scouts report that the enemy’s troops are aware of the impending attack and are already preparing an ambush for the British soldiers. The command decides not to attack the enemies. Now the order to abolish the attack must be transferred to the regiment commander, who soon has to go on the offensive. The responsibility for delivering the secret message lies with the young soldiers Blake and Schofield. However, their already difficult task is complicated by the fact that the order must be transmitted as quickly as possible, and the distance to the location of the regiment does not allow it to be done on time.

3. A Million Little Pieces

The young writer James wakes up aboard an airplane in Minneapolis, not remembering anything about previous events. It soon turns out that James was sent to a rehabilitation center. The trials that befell the hero should heal him from mental suffering. During therapy, he draws closer to other patients – the charismatic mafia boss and a young girl, whom, according to the rules of the clinic, he is forbidden to fall in love with.

2. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Tom Hanksis in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood True Story films.

TV presenter Tom Junod decides to go to the home of the elderly and long-retired journalist Fred Rogers to interview. Upon arrival at the old man’s home, the insensitive Junod, convinced of the greed and deceitfulness of human nature, encounters a good-natured man who is open to communication, and generally behaves as if he had never quarreled with people. At first, Tom does not believe in the behavior of the person he is interviewing, but over time, he becomes sympathetic to him. The conversation is not only pleasant for both parties but also instructive for Junod himself, who still does not know how much it will affect his life…

1. 21 Years: Quentin Tarantino

A journey into the world of one of the most striking directors of our time – the legendary Quentin Tarantino. Unknown stories and secrets revealed by colleagues and famous actors – the stars of his films. The movie is dedicated to a more detailed analysis of the director’s path, to understand how much effort he had to spend in order to shoot great movies.

TOP 10 new holly True Story movies ends now.

Thank you for being with us!

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