List of TOP 10 good Animation movies 2018

Animation movies are sure to please small audiences, as well as their parents. All will be able to appreciate the skill of modern animators, which reached the maximum heights!

If you want to watch TOP 10 good Animation films 2018, then we begin.

List of TOP 10 good Animation movies 2018

  1. Me and My Shadow

Stanley Grubb is the most boring person in the world. He is not interested in anything, does not go anywhere and does not get involved in any fascinating stories. Despite his youth, Stanley leads the life of a decrepit and tired old man. His shadow is full of adventurism and love to life, he wants to try everything in the world, but he must remain attached to his master and share with him his miserable existence. Everything changes when Stan’s shadow finds out that the Shadow-villain wants to take control of the world of people and subordinate all of them to himself. Deciding that this is not right, Stan violates the main rules of the world of shadows and reveals his presence before Stanley.

A still from Me and My Shadow

  1. The Stolen Princess

A staggering artist-troubadour Ruslan dreams of the armor of knights and feats. In his life, a fabulous adventure begins after his acquaintance with the beautiful Mila, who turns out to be a runaway princess. Mila is kidnapped by the cunning sorcerer Chernomor and Ruslan goes to the den of the villain to prove his courage and save his love.

  1. Gigantic

Jack and Giants are in the TOP ten good Animation movies 2018 in theaters.

In a small town, there lives a guy Jack. In this city, power is in the hands of evil giants. Their home country is somewhere in the clouds. From time to time, they descend to the ground to demand from the townspeople another tribute. Jack has long and hopelessly fallen in love with the beautiful Angelina. She is the daughter of the richest merchant in the city, and she has many admirers. Jack considers Marco the main rival. He is a nobleman and loves to travel because he can tell Angelina many interesting things from his endless wanderings. However, one day, Jack had a chance to surprise his beloved, and at the same time – all the other residents of the city. The guy climbs the magical beanstalk high into the sky and discovers that very mysterious land of giants.

Jack and giant girl

  1. Lost Case

Flights – there are a lot of them in the life of people. In a film, unlike moving by rail, traveling in an airliner has its own peculiarity. Travelers go to the passenger compartment and luggage – to a special luggage compartment. Parting with personal things – the process is painful and always causes anxiety among the owners. In the new animated film, an unforeseen circumstance just happened. The distribution system fails and the roads of suitcases, bales, trunks diverge from the roads of the hosts.

A still from Lost Case

  1. Hotel Transylvania 3

In the new chapter, Dracula and his best friends are go on vacation. This vacation will be on a big liner. Here Dracula will fall in love with strange girl that threatens destroy all monster.

  1. Wreck-It Ralph 2

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Animation movies 2018.

It is one of the expected cartoons, which tells the story of the hero of the eight-bit game for the computer and his unthinkable adventures. According to the story in the second part of the game, the life of Ralph gets better, he became popular. However, as is usual, Ralph becomes a victim of star-struck.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets 2

The protagonist of the animation movies is the kind and sweet dog Max, whose life completely changes when the owner of Max decides to bring home another favorite creature, and no, it’s not his girlfriend – it’s a mongrel named Duke. Between the four-legged pets begins a cruel war, which could continue until the end of time, if not one more incident – the evil deeds of the evil rabbit, which simply can lead to the death of the Duke and Max. Therefore, it is time to forget the grievances and stand up against the common enemy.

  1. The Incredibles 2

Mr. Incredible is in the TOP 10 really good Animation movies.

After the events of the first part, Mr. Incredible is necessary to sit at home and look after children. However, it turns out that a new powerful enemy threatens the Incredibles.

  1. Lino

Lino from childhood was a weak-willed and passive person, not trying at least somehow to improve his life. The result was deplorable – the hero of the animated film is already an adult man, but he is completely alone. His house is falling apart; he has no friends, no beloved girl, no hope for a more bright future. There is only work – he is an animator in kindergarten, where he entertains children all day in a cat costume. Someone this work may seem simple and fun, but it terribly bored Lino! He decides it’s time to change something in his life!

  1. Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad

An animated film called will send small viewers to the cold Arctic. Until recently, the Arctic was uninhabited. In fact, everything turned out differently. On this continent, there are whole classes of the animal world. All the inhabitants here are located in a small town called “Ice Fortress.” Residents now and then feel the need for some products. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find something, living in a snow-capped Arctic desert. A special Husky unit delivers all the necessary goods for their lives. As it turned out, to become a part of such a team is honorable. However, despite the goodwill of these animals, it is difficult to become part of their team. For example, the Arctic fox, whose name was Swifty, really wants to be like them. However, unfortunately, he is too small. Not losing courage, he attempts to defend his right to be a mail carrier. One day, an unusual order falls into his hands. It must be urgently delivered to an ice fortress… On the way, he learns about the bad plans of Dr. Walrus. He wants to melt the ice. Will the small fox manage to prevent such a massive destruction and enlist the support of friends?

Arctic Justice animals

A list ends now.

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