List of TOP 10 good Thriller movies 2018

Thriller is one of the most popular genres among true connoisseurs and film fans, and also simple movie lovers.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Thriller films 2018, then we are here to show it.

List of TOP 10 good Thriller movies 2018

  1. Alpha

The film unfolds 20 thousand years ago. A young man lives and hunts with his tribe. The father tries to teach his son everything that he knows himself so that he was ready for all the hardships of their difficult existence. Once during the bison hunting, it happens that one of the animals throws the boy off the cliff. The father considered the son dead and did not search for his body. However, the boy managed to survive. Now he is in a cruel world, where danger is at every step.

  1. Red Sparrow

The spy thriller tells about the ballerina Dominika Yegorova, who becomes an officer of Russian intelligence and must seduce the American agent of the CIA. Judging from the trailer, which has received almost three million views in 48 hours, the spectator is expected to have exclusive orders and spectacular images of Lawrence, the passions of the Cold War, and an intricate plot.

  1. Cadaver

Thriller with horror elements is in the TOP ten good Thriller movies 2018 in theaters.

Megan chose for herself not an easy way of life. The heroine of the horror film joined the ranks of the elite police unit. However, the service in the harsh conditions of crime had an impact on the individual one. The constant risk and cruelty pushed the young woman to a painful predilection, which cost the work of an officer. After the course of rehabilitation, the former drug addict again put on the form of a police officer. Now she has to guard the cemetery, where strange things happen.

  1. The Purge 4

The film is about a new and perfect world, a world in which there is no place for war and crime, but this was achieved thanks to the fact that once a year, namely on March 21, absolutely all security services stop doing their work. It was then that crime spread throughout the city and those who did not have time to find shelter at that time would be a victim for ruthless criminals. After all, even the most dangerous criminals start using this opportunity and they are looking for their victims this night.

It was one such night fifteen years ago, that Senator Charlie Roan lost his entire family and now he was going to run for president only for one purpose, to cancel this terrible law, through which thousands of innocent people suffer every year.

Masks For The Purge

  1. Winchester

In the center of the plot of the film is Sarah Winchester, who lost her husband and daughter. After their death, Sarah began to suspect that she had become the target of the persecution of the souls of people who had perished from the Winchester rifle, which the father of her late husband had once invented.

Obsessed with this idea, Sarah, being a wealthy woman, decides to build a large mansion to lock up all evil spirits in it and shield herself from danger.

Hearing the story of Sarah, psychologist Eric Price decides to personally check her mental health.

  1. The Hurricane Heist

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Thriller movies 2018.

Action-thriller about a gang of technical burglars, who penetrate the treasury of a seaside town to steal more than $ 100 million. In their plans, a monstrous storm intervenes. In addition to thieves, there are only three people: a meteorologist, an ex-sailor and an employee of the treasury. A desperate trinity needs to survive a natural disaster and at the same time prevent the robbery of the century.

  1. Annihilation

No one knows where the X site came from – a deadly dangerous territory, infested with abnormal phenomena. There are no monsters running around and hunters do not look for profit there. A secret government organization sends one research expedition to the Site one after another, but most often, they do not return-or return, but different. Will the new twelfth expedition to the Site achieve what the predecessors failed to achieve and uncover the secrets of this damned place? Leaving behind names and former lives, four women – a psychologist, a biologist, a topographer, and an anthropologist – go to meet an alien inhuman mystery…

  1. Proud Mary

The killer and the kid is in the TOP 10 really good Thriller movies.

Mary makes a living by contract killings. The young lady-killer masterfully owns any kind of weapon, shooting accurately even from a long distance, and there are no impossible missions for it. In this area, she is at home, competing even with men. One day, fate brought a woman with an unfortunate orphan whose father she cruelly killed the day before. Meeting with the child will change her idea of the world around her radically.

  1. The Commuter

Michael works as a businessman. An ordinary person approaches him and begins to threaten him. He demands to give him the data of a man consulted with the protagonist, and who constantly travels at the same time by train. There is no choice and it is necessary to give everything that the stranger wants. However, gradually Michael began to understand that he got involved in a terrible conspiracy and framed his own client.

  1. Extinction

The mission of the ship “Red King Force” failed and now the life of the crew is in danger. The captain of the ship Steve Colossus is forced to leave his people in the computer world. This world was created by a dangerous robotic life form, in the plans of which is the destruction of all humankind. Soon the invaders are preparing for the next step in the implementation of their ruthless plan: they are going to break into our universe. Now the fate of all humankind is in the hands of the only one who can resist the invaders, the brave captain Colossus.

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