List of best Hollywood Teen movies in 2020

Often after hard work or school days, you want to escape from all this and just have a good rest. The teen movies gathered in the TOP 10 best Hollywood Teen movies of 2020 to watch will give you this opportunity. These movies have an uncomplicated plot, brilliant jokes, and unimaginable situations. A distinctive feature of this genre is the simplicity of the story.

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List of best Hollywood Teen movies in 2020

10. Spread Your Wings

The main character of the movie is an ordinary guy who has not seen life outside the vast metropolis. The boy’s father, working in the country, is studying rare birds in their natural habitat, devoting a lot of their personal time to the activity. Initially, the man wanted the boy to follow his example but the city dweller clearly did not want to get involved with the fact that he was leaving the city. The head of the family tried his luck for the last time. At first, the young man did not want to go with his father, but over time, he began to understand that helping the older generation is not so boring.

9. Playing with Fire

The film begins with a forest fire raging in the forests of Northern California. People are stuck in their cars, roads are clogged. An elite squad of parachute firefighters, led by the courageous Jake Carson, is sent to liquidate the consequences of the natural disaster. During the mission, he saves three children. Two sisters and a brother, whose parents have not yet been found, are saved. As a result, Jake will have to become a babysitter for a time. However, in the coming days, the hero will find out that sometimes dealing with children is much more difficult than with fire!

8. The Call of the Wild

Buck’s life is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Teen movies 2020.

The film takes place in the 1880s in the Gold Rush era. In the center of the storyline is a dog named Buck – he lived in the house of his beloved owners not suspecting that the world could be cruel and evil. Once Buck was stolen by a neighbor of the owners and subsequently sold to another person. However, the dog did not stay in the new house for a long time – once he took advantage of the absence of a man, and fled to the street. Buck’s wanderings ended a few days later when two people grabbed him and placed in a nursery. From this moment, Buck has to do the hard work and be at the head of the dog sled.

7. Simon’s Got a Gift

The fascinating movie introduces viewers to an ordinary boy named Simon. This eight-year-old boy is an orphan. He wants to find a family more than anything else does. The child does not even suspect that the realization of his most cherished dream is almost impossible. The fact is that Simon is not quite ordinary. He has a secret power – he can take the form of a person whom he has touched at least once.

6. My Spy

JJ was always bold and decisive and was not used to follow orders from anyone other than his boss. But once he was out of luck. Due to his temper, he made a mistake and was demoted. His punishment was to keep an eye on the family of a naughty 9-year-old girl named Sophie. The spy enters the house undetected and sets up hidden cameras. However, nothing will be hidden from the eyes of a child. The girl quickly discovers all sorts of spy things in her home.

5. The Secret Garden

Mary in the huge house is on the list of Hollywood Teen movies 2020.

Suddenly orphaned Mary is forced to move to her uncle’s mansion in England. It is strictly forbidden by the rules to leave her room and wander the halls of a huge house, but one day Mary discovers a secret door leading to an amazing world where any wishes come true – a mysterious garden…

4. Storm Boy

It is a fascinating interpretation of the famous Australian fairy tale by Colin Thiele. The boy grew up quickly in order to turn into the brave Michael Kingley. He became a successful businessman, could easily resolve any conflicts and then retired due to age. Once a man begins to see images that haunt him from the past, he cannot explain what is happening to him. The man will have to remember his childhood, which he had long forgotten when he lived with his father on the coastline.

3. Die Wolf-Gäng

Crailsfelden is an amazing town in which the vampire Vlad, in the company of his father Barnabas, moves to enter the Academy of Magic, which is one of the most prestigious in the whole world. Fairies, trolls, witches and other no less entertaining creatures walk freely through the streets of a wonderful town. Having entered the academy, Vlad makes new acquaintances, but first, he has to tell about his shameful peculiarity: he, being a vampire, does not like blood.

2. Lassie Come Home

The story of Lassie is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Teen films.

The main character of a movie is a twelve-year-old German teenager Florian. Together with his family, the guy lives in a small village in a solid house. The boy has a friend – this is a very clever collie dog named Lassie. When the hero’s father is left without work, and the family begins to go through financially difficult times, it has to move from the big house to a small one.

The owners of the small house hate dogs, and Florian has to part with Lassie. The new owner of the dog becomes a representative of an ancient German family von Sprengel. A man along with his granddaughter Priscilla Lassie goes on a trip through the North Sea. In the first port, Lassie escapes and heads back home to its faithful friend Florian.

1. Jungle Cruise

The movie takes place in the 1930s during the Great Depression. The protagonist of the film, the captain of a small riverboat, Frank, goes with Lily Houghton and her brother on a dangerous journey through the Amazonian jungle in search of a tree with healing properties.

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