List of TOP 15 good Sad films

Psychologists say that crying is an excellent way of psychological relaxation. Every person from time to time feels the need to cry in the stressful period of his life. Modern cinema makes it possible to get something off the chest with the help of sad movies.

We are here to present you TOP 15 best english Sad movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of TOP 15 good Sad films

15. Yesterday

Jack Malik loves music and everything connected with it. The guy’s favorite band is The Beatles and the main hero is trying to be like them. A man performs his songs but no one notices his work. He dreams of a big stage, fame, recognition, and multi-million dollar account, but his dreams are not destined to come true. The only girlfriend Ellie supports the loser, but this cannot raise the morale of the young man.

The hero of the film “Yesterday” lives with constant depression due to regular failures. However, one day, an inexplicable event happens, the whole world forgets about the popular band. The man believes that this is his chance and begins to perform works of the “Liverpool Four.” The young man immediately becomes popular and famous.

14. Berlin, I Love You

The anthology film is on the list of good english Sad movies.

The German drama film “Berlin, I Love You” reveals a variety of human characters, unpredictable behaviors, and even mysterious coincidences. It is an anthology film consisting of ten short stories about meetings and partings, joy and sorrow, and holidays and weekdays.

An elderly man is deeply lonely and does not find a place after the death of his wife. He shuts himself down and wanders around the city, no one noticing around. Once an old man met in a cafe with a girl who reminded him of his daughter. This memory makes him feel a surge of strength and make plans for the future. In addition, another story will show a young girl crying due to the betrayal of her beloved person. However, finally, she will find a person who will treat her well. In one of the short stories, mother and daughter forgive mutual resentments… Many-sided Berlin keeps many more stories…

13. Five Feet Apart

Love is an amazing feeling. However, unfortunately, in some cases, lovers have to overcome many obstacles in order to be together.

In this case, it is not about everyday problems, but about serious obstacles, the overcoming of which threatens life. Imagine the life of seriously ill young people who are treated in a medical institution. They are strictly forbidden to approach each other at a distance of five feet.

Two young teenagers are not able to touch each other. However, true love is boundless – the stronger their feelings become, the more they are willing to risk their lives in order to be together.

12. Hope Gap

The secrets of cozy seaside town are on the list of best english Sad movies to watch.

The married couple Edward and Grace settled long ago in the shadow of a cozy seaside town. Passion, love, devotion, and loyalty melted away under the pressure of years spent together. Gradually, twenty-nine years later, their love ended. A man and a woman are to become strangers. The reason for this is the departure of the only son, Jamie. He is a wonderful and honest man who was the core of relations between spouses, who always tried to give their beloved child only the best.

When the boy grew up, he certainly decided to conquer the big the city, wanting to have his own life and find his place in modern society. However, the young boy did not forget about his parents. The hero constantly visited his home. Honest within the family helped the guy to feel confidently in the shadow of a populous foreign city. Once the next visit to the home, the boy learns that the father is going to leave his mother, forever breaking the marriage bonds that have connected people for almost thirty years. The decision will be followed by mistrust, anger, and a desire to solve the problem.

11. All the Bright Places

Standing on a high bell tower, Theodore flipped through the pages of his short life for the last time. It would seem that as a teenager, he should think about the prospects and happy moments that await each student after graduation, but the young man hates to dream big. The reason for this is the environment, cruel classmates, and misunderstanding on the part of his parents. Then the boy decides to take the situation into his own hands: to commit suicide. Now he stands on the edge of the tall building in the city and attempts to commit suicide. Frankly, some noise prevents Theodore from committing such an act. Turning around, he sees that a girl came here. Why she came here?

10. Surviving in L.A.

The life of a former star is on the list of best modern Sad films.

Kate is a young girl and a talented actor. She starred in more than ten famous films, but the life of the woman turned into a full-blown catastrophe when she began to use cocaine. Most recently, Kate walked down the red carpet, posed for photographers, and gave autographs, and today she is sitting alone in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city.

With the passing of time, sinking to the lowest level, Kate loses a comfortable apartment, a prestigious job, and means of subsistence. In a desperate attempt to find accommodation, a young woman goes to a criminal area on the outskirts of Los Angeles with her dog. In a dilapidated house, she rents a room and begins to look for a job. Around the same time, Kate begins to communicate with a strange young woman working as a nurse in the local hospital.

9. A Dog’s Way Home

Bella’s trip is on the list of really good Sad films.

Animals, like people, are experiencing a variety of adventures. Bella always tried to stay close to her owner. The dog was distinguished by devotion and desire to help her owner. Therefore, an unplanned long trip was a real blow for Bella. And quite by accident, the dog escapes from its owner, not even suspecting that its return journey will be long.

Only when she is away from him, she realizes how important it is to always be close to her owner. Therefore, it begins to make the way back to the familiar house. On the way home, she will meet the most diverse animal species; she will survive many adventures and be able to understand all the advantages of living with a good person. This journey will show her that the most important thing in this life is love.

8. The Aftermath

The action takes place after World War II. Germany is completely destroyed, and it will take a lot of effort to restore it. In order to control the process of rebirth, the British military man Lewis Morgan is sent to a small town. Together with his wife, he settles in the house of a German architect who has a daughter. Together they will have to spend a lot of time. For this reason, the former enemies need to try to get along with each other. Will the main heroes manage to find a solution to live in here?

7. After

The charms of life are on the list of TOP 15 best Sad movies of 2019 to watch.

Tessa is the main character of the movie “After.” She is a young girl who has always been a very diligent student. Tessa has always been engaged in studies and believed that in the future she will have an excellent career. However, as always, things are not going the way you want. Especially if you fall in love. The main hero meets a guy named Hardin. Dating with him, she begins to realize that she is insanely happy. She began to discover completely different charms of life and realized that there are still many amazing things and emotions that she needs to feel in this world. What will happen to her in the future?

6. IO

The actions of the film take place in the future. On our planet, a catastrophe occurred, after which it became uninhabitable. Humanity still managed to survive, but now their home is the satellite of Jupiter. Only one person remained on Earth – a young girl named Sam. She travels alone retaining the hope that she will be able to find a way to save her home planet. The girl she is sure that there is no one on Earth. However, it soon turns out that she was wrong all this time. Quite by chance, she encounters a stranger on her way, which causes her to reconsider all her views on saving the world…

5. Kalank

The most difficult period in Indian history is on the list of best modern Sad movies.

The plot of the picture unfolds in the 40s of the last century when India passed through the most difficult period in its history. Over the course of several years of conflict, a whole series of terrible and bloody battles took place because of which several large territories separated from the country, which subsequently proclaimed their independence. Against this background, a beautiful love story is developing. The heroes of the picture have to overcome many difficulties that can destroy their fragile happiness once and for all…

4. What About Love

The plot is based on the story of a young girl Tanner who was born in the family of the senator. She meets a boy. Christian is a cute and promising student who makes a documentary film.

A love story is terminated due to an accident. Now when a car accident occurs, Tanner’s parents travel to Europe, hoping that a change of scenery will solve at least some of their family problems. The misfortune that happened to their daughter makes Tanner’s parents leave everything behind in order to be with their child and reconsider their lives.

Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia in What About Love

3. Dev

It is the third place of the TOP fifteen good Sad movies in theaters.

The movie centers on a young man named Dev who loves to travel. He has long been accustomed to have fun and spend his free time on striking up new acquaintances. One day, Dev meets the beautiful Meghana and falls in love with her. At first, he fails to conquer her heart, but he does not even think to give up. Dev takes this challenge seeing it as another fun adventure. After some time, the protagonist of the movie finally conquers Meghana’s heart. Together, young people have to go through many exciting adventures…

2. Nae aneui geunom

The main hero is an ordinary young guy who lives unremarkable life. His only meaning of life is studying. However, one day he goes off the edge of the roof and falls down. The guy falls on a passerby, who softens the blow. They both end up in the hospital, where they discover something incredible. Because of the blow, they exchanged bodies, which becomes a big problem, because no one wants to live someone else’s life. Most of all they want to fix everything, but for now, they have no chance to make it happen. The worst thing is that a simple student will have to cope with the role of a real gangster…

1. Love at Second Sight

The first place of the TOP 15 best new Sad movies 2019.

A famous and successful writer once wakes up and realizes that his life has been turned upside down. Now he is a complete loser and bachelor who works as an ordinary teacher at school. And his girlfriend is a successful pianist who is going to marry a music producer. He needs to conquer her heart again in order to take his life back.

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Thank you for watching TOP 15 good Sad films 2019!

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