List of best Religion movies 2018

Religion is pretty personal and contradictory concept for every person. It carries a rather mysterious meaning, something so far unexplored and unsolved. Films about religion bear a profound, spiritual meaning, make one think about being in different directions. Most of the films on this subject are adocumentary. Disclose and develop the question of faith, principles, desires, shows how different directions of religion appeared, how relationships and temples of different directions of faith were built.

Today, we are glad to present you TOP 10 best Religion movies of 2018 to watch.

Here you will find all necessary answers on such a global theme.

If you ready we begin.

List of best Religion movies 2018

  1. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene lives theperverted lifestyle, does not think about her own life, as well as the consequences. Spending time in the dubious company, gradually the girl understands that such a life can seriously affect the future. A chance meeting with Jesus completely changes the outlook of the girl and she starts seriously thinking about the philosophy of life. Jesus tries to help, but Mary Magdalene cannot return to the usual life. Bypassing serious obstacles, Mary takes a difficult decision for herself and tries to follow all the advice of Jesus. Despite positive changes in the life of the girl, she has to work on changes in her nature, for the sake of the pride of the teacher.

  1. Who Is God?

It is a historical epic drama about ancient Asia when Buddhism just crossed the Indian border. A war rages between traditional tribes, the worshipers of nature, and the royal power sowing a new religion.

  1. Apostle

A religious cultis in the TOP 10 best modern Religion films 2018.

On an isolated island, which is controlled by a religious cult, a mysterious wanderer arrives in search of his sister. Soon the cultists-thieves themselves will regret that they met with the stranger who is about to reveal their secrets.


  1. The Nun

A group of young teenagers, tormented by boredom, decided to hold a session dedicated to spiritualism. They thought that this session is just a kind of a joke but they were mistaken. Frightened by experiment, schoolchildren vowed never to do it again.Thenit was forgotten about the incident. The ghost of a nun no longer came to the people. The horror returned when a young girl came to the Father’s home. Many years ago she left her hometown because she was the main initiator of a longand mystical session. Everyone thought that the event of that terrible day would never happen again and the evil spirit left this city. But the vengeful spirit did not go away but only waited for the schoolchildren to come together.

  1. Muck: Chapter 1

A group of young people decides that this is not a bad idea to go to an old village house. What could go wrong? Something ominous lurks in the dark. Someone is fond of fresh blood. He will kill one by one, causing horror and panic among those who are still alive. Whether teenagers will be able to escape or their fates have already been sealed? Will they be able to cope with the fear and fight back the insane evil that laid eyes on young souls? Blood and mud are waiting for them ahead.

  1. Dark Ascension II: The Journey to Hell

The Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Religion movies.

None of us know what exactly awaits a person after death. This film is another theory that will tell us about the world afterlife. Everyone will get there. Pious people will immediately go up to heaven, where there is paradise with all the blessings. Sinners and murderers will go to hell, it is in the center of the Earth. But there are also those who fall into purgatory, a place where they will have to undergo a series of trials in order to clean their sins and to ascend to heaven.

But the situation in the other world has changed, the recent war between Good and Evil, completely destroyed the paradise, leaving only ruins and pain there. Now, all sinners who have reached heaven are left without a home, hell is closed to them, and purgatory is very far away. St. Peter collects a team of brave people, with whom he can get to the sacred temple. There, there is a hope to recreate a paradise with all its beauty.

Dark Ascension II: The Journey to Hell

  1. Heretic

The protagonist of the film is the well-known evangelical priest Carlton Pearson, to whom, according to him, God appeared and raised a doubt in his soul about the existence of hell. After the miracle that happened to him, Carlton began preaching that hell, a place for the eternal suffering of sinners, does not exist, but was created on the Earth by human depravity. This teaching has repeatedly been criticized by the official church. Later, histeaching was recognized as a heresy, Carlton lost his flock and was forced to start life from scratch.

  1. Heretiks

The horror film will introduce its viewers to people who have lived theisolated way of life for a longtime. These people completely disagree with the desires of ordinary people and in their opinion, no one of the humanity is worthy of wandering around the planet – all must die. Many centuries ago these unusual hermits made a deal with the devil himself. They promised that they would fulfill all his whims and in return receive absolute power.


2.The Pastor

In a small town suddenly comes a gang of criminals who tries to destroy the unshakable faith of the local priest in God,putting spikes his wheels. What will happen when this person, accustomed to calm, get really angry?

The Pastor

  1. Blessed Virgin

The leader of the TOP 10 best new Religion movies 2018.

The plot of the movie based on archival documents of the 17th century is about Benedetta Carlini- the abbess of the nunnery. She lied about supernatural visions and contacts with Christ and was accused of molesting another abbess of the monastery.

Blessed Virgin

TOP is coming to an end!

Hope it answered the main question – what is the best Religion movies in 2018?

Thank you for being with us!

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