List of TOP 10 good Religion movies 2017

In the world, there are a huge number of religions, which in the first approximation can be divided into the religions of the experience and religion of the Faith.

So, we are glad to present you TOP ten good Religion movies 2017 in theaters which includes both types.

Religions of Faith, which include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism appeared in the Middle East. In the religions of faith, there is the concept of God, the image of which can vary in different religious traditions, yet most often it is portrayed as a man with dense vegetation on his face. The concept of Faith in these religions is fundamental – it is impossible to imagine a Christian who does not believe in Christ and God the Father or a Muslim who does not recognize Allah and the deity of Muhammad. In the religions of faith, great importance is attached to the word – sacred texts and their numerous interpretations. Thanks to different interpretations of the Holy Scripture, today only in Christianity there are several hundred directions, each of which claims that it is his teaching that is true.


The religions of experience, which include Buddhism, Taoism and certain directions of Hinduism appeared in the Far East. In these religions there is no concept of God – the main role is played not by sacred texts that tell about the incredible experiences of prophets but their own experience. With the help of practice, the adept learns his own mind, and one day, when the boundary between the outer and the inner disappears, he recognizes the true nature of all things and phenomena.

Numerous schools in the religions of experience coexisted peacefully and never led religious wars. One school is no better “truer” than the other – it’s just that all people are very different, and therefore different people have different methods for achieving the Goal.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Religion films 2017.

Before the start, we hope that our TOP 10 really good Religion movies will help you find an interesting movie of the genre.

  1. Pilgrimage

Several monks are forced to go on a pilgrimage to an island where war has been going on for many years. The strength of the Norman defenders is constantly growing. Heroes are to accompany the sacred monastic relic – a stone that was involved in the martyrdom of St. Matthias. The longer the monks go, the more obvious it becomes, why they were actually sent on this journey. But too late, the heroes will understand that their faith can be the cause of their death.

  1. The Shack

In the life of the protagonist of the movie, who is trying to survive the tragedy, mysterious events occur. And one day he receives an invitation to a meeting from the God. And it must take place in a rather gloomy and very secluded place.

  1. God Particle

Another group came to the orbital station, which is engaged in studying the planet. With the help of new developments, it was possible to understand where the so-called particles of the God appeared in the galaxy. It also helped to get closer to the idea of where life came from on Earth. The station, which the astronauts created, accelerated the particles and demonstrated how things developed. But one small mistake was enough to start a catastrophe.

God Particle

  1. The Crucifixion

An American journalist is investigating the story of a Romanian priest who practiced exorcism and was imprisoned after the death of a nun. Trying to get to the truth, the heroine discovers the shocking details of what happened.

  1. The Preacher’s Son

The son of preacher Dante has a different view of the church.

The Preacher's Son

  1. The Case for Christ

It is the golden mean of the TOP 10 good english Religion movies 2017.

A convinced atheist applies his professional skills to refute the Christian faith of his own wife. Ultimately, his efforts lead to an unexpected result, capable of forever changing the course of his life.

  1. Brimstone

Liz tries in every possible way to forget about the events taking place in her past. She runs away from the persecution of a madman preaching the devil’s faith…

  1. Silence

Japan’s dominant policy until the middle of the twentieth century was a policy of total isolationism. Due to its unique geographical location, the Japanese monarchs succeeded in resisting the western lifestyle, adhering to their traditions for centuries. However, the Europeans, with maniacal perseverance, tried to instill in Asians their vision. Religious pilgrims, members of all kinds of orders, conducted their propaganda, despite the desperate opposition from the local priests.

The plot of this film will tell us about the events that took place in the seventeenth century. It was then that two desperate Jesuit monks arrived in Japan, belonging to one of the branches of the Roman Catholic Church. The mission of the clergy, in addition to bearing the true word of God to the savages, was also in search of their esteemed teacher, who disappeared without a trace here some time ago. The servants of the Lord have to pass many tests, withstood the aggression from the side, both militant samurai, and ordinary people, who do not want foreigners to impose their opinion on it. Monks are persecuted and daily subjected to degrading violence, but faith in the Lord allows them to hold with honor.

  1. Novitiate

The movie is about young a girl who tries to become a nun.


  1. Mary Magdalene

It is the leader of the list of TOP 10 good Religion movies 2017.

Every person is familiar with the name of Mary Magdalene. Even a non-believing person knows the story of this holy woman. Mary was a harlot, but once in her life, Jesus met, after a meeting, her life changed radically, she began to believe in God and became a saint.

According to legend, it was Mary Magdalene who was present at the cruel crucifixion of Jesus, and then she was the first to whom his spirit appeared after the resurrection. All her life the woman dedicated to God, she perseveringly prayed, faithfully believed, for which she was rewarded with her holy status.

Mary Magdalene

So TOP 10 new good Religion movies 2017 release dates, you can find on the Internet.

Thank you for your attention!

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