How To Train Your Dragon 3 official release date

If you wondering – when is How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie release date 2019? – then you should watch the article below. Here you will find the main information about the animated movie and many other interesting details.


The release of the 3rd part of the famous pic, perhaps, will be the long-awaited premiere. After in 2012, 20th Century Fox studios announced a preliminary release date scheduled for June 2016, the premiere was postponed three times to a later date.

In the director’s chair is permanent D. DeBlois, the producers are B. Arnold and M. A. Connolly. The script is based on the novel by C. Cowell. As noted by the author, the animated screen version will not significantly differ from the original. The famous J. Powell (songwriter) will work on the creation of musical accompaniment for the animated movie.

In the US, How To Train Your Dragon 3 official release date in 2019 is planned for March 1.

little dragon


Hiccup – the most usual teenager who was born in a family of the leader of a tribe of Vikings. A long time ago, dragons attacked this settlement, which frightened the inhabitants, destroyed houses and took cattle from people in order to eat. Because of this, the Vikings hated dragons and hunted them, and adolescents were considered adults only after they killed the dragon. Once the dragon attacked the settlement again, and Hiccup, who had been bad at training, decided to defeat the dragon. He shot his wing, but after some time repented of the committed deed, and decided to go into the woods, in search of the dragon.

The boy found him in a cave – it was a dragon of a rare kind “Night Fury”. Hiccup called it a Toothless, and, since he still had a broken wing and could not fly, the young Viking began to bring him food. Gradually, the boy and the dragon became friends. Soon Hiccup managed to prove to the other inhabitants of his village that the dragons are not such bad creatures. Together, friends have experienced many amazing and dangerous adventures, but now they were waiting for new ones.

DVD release date

How To Train Your Dragon 3 DVD release date is scheduled for May 1, 2019, in the United States.

Look forward to its release.

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