The Nun official release date

It seems like 2018 will probably release a few good horror movies – Moreover, we will be able to see the spin-off to the well-known supernatural franchise. So, when is The Nun movie release date 2018?

Fortunately, we have lots of interesting details about new American project that is supposed to be the fifth installment in the film series.

Production process

In summer 2016 it was announced that the director of the supernatural film series was planning to create a new spin-off that is supposed to settle the very first place following the chronology of the franchise.

Later on, there was a lot of talking and conversations about The Nun DVD release date but the actual and confirmed information was received in summer 2017.

The principal photography successfully began at the very beginning of May 2017 and finished at the end of June the same year.

The Nun poster

Interesting facts

  • The spin-off to the movie known as “The Conjuring” stars Taissa Farmiga which is the younger sister of Vera Farmiga portraying the main character in the Conjuring film series. Both women are born the United States but are Ukrainian descent. Vera is the second oldest sibling born to Ukrainian parents. She attended Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and her first native language is Ukrainian whilst Taissa is the youngest in the family – both sisters speak English fluently but unlikely to Vera, Taissa only understands Ukrainian language and can partially speak it.
  • The entire movie was shot in Romania including such spot as Sighișoara located in the well-known Transylvania.
  • This is considered to be the second spinoff of the entire movie series – the first one was released in 2017 and represents the separate story of a supernatural doll Annabelle.
  • This is the story fully dedicated to the demonic nun that also appeared in the second installment starring the older sister of Taissa.
  • The Nun is the second horror character from the main installment whose story is separately shown in the feature alongside the doll Annabelle who shortly appeared in the first movie in the franchise.

Release date

When it comes to The Nun official release date in 2018 in all cinemas across the United States, it is scheduled to come out in the middle of July 2018.


The film follows the priest and his companions sent to Romania in order to investigate the death of a nun who killed herself and that seems to appear as the ghost and kill people.


How To Train Your Dragon 3 official release date

If you wondering – when is How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie release date 2019? – then you should watch the article below. Here you will find the main information about the animated movie and many other interesting details.


The release of the 3rd part of the famous pic, perhaps, will be the long-awaited premiere. After in 2012, 20th Century Fox studios announced a preliminary release date scheduled for June 2016, the premiere was postponed three times to a later date.

In the director’s chair is permanent D. DeBlois, the producers are B. Arnold and M. A. Connolly. The script is based on the novel by C. Cowell. As noted by the author, the animated screen version will not significantly differ from the original. The famous J. Powell (songwriter) will work on the creation of musical accompaniment for the animated movie.

In the US, How To Train Your Dragon 3 official release date in 2019 is planned for March 1.

little dragon


Hiccup – the most usual teenager who was born in a family of the leader of a tribe of Vikings. A long time ago, dragons attacked this settlement, which frightened the inhabitants, destroyed houses and took cattle from people in order to eat. Because of this, the Vikings hated dragons and hunted them, and adolescents were considered adults only after they killed the dragon. Once the dragon attacked the settlement again, and Hiccup, who had been bad at training, decided to defeat the dragon. He shot his wing, but after some time repented of the committed deed, and decided to go into the woods, in search of the dragon.

The boy found him in a cave – it was a dragon of a rare kind “Night Fury”. Hiccup called it a Toothless, and, since he still had a broken wing and could not fly, the young Viking began to bring him food. Gradually, the boy and the dragon became friends. Soon Hiccup managed to prove to the other inhabitants of his village that the dragons are not such bad creatures. Together, friends have experienced many amazing and dangerous adventures, but now they were waiting for new ones.

DVD release date

How To Train Your Dragon 3 DVD release date is scheduled for May 1, 2019, in the United States.

Look forward to its release.

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The Secret life of Pets 2 official release date

Back in 2016, the world saw a brand new 3D animated movie that received plenty of positive feedbacks – in fact, this is not just a film for kids, it can be enjoyed by adults, too. It had a huge success when it comes to the box office, so the filmmakers have made a decision to come up with the sequel. The main question is, when is The Secret Life of Pets 2 movie release date 2019?

Movie details – what do we know about the upcoming sequel?

Unfortunately, we don’t have too many details of the film yet, but we have caught some interesting ones officially announced by the producers of the project.

First of all, when it comes to The Secret Life of Pets 2 DVD release date, it is known that the film is already set to be released and shown in all American theaters in 2019 – more detailed, it is the beginning of June 2019.

In fact, the movie has become one of the most popular animated projects not being created by Pixar or Disney. The production company that has decided to create the very first installment in 2014 is Illumination Entertainment.

The Secret life of Pets 2 poster

Interesting facts

  • This appears to be the very first movie created by the mentioned animation movie production company that has a female protagonist.
  • The very first movie of the company represents the life of the pets behind another animated project known as Despicable Me and its characters.
  • Although we are already completely aware of The Secret Life of Pets 2 official release date in 2019, we still have not heard the official date when the trailer from the production company comes out.
  • This 2019 project is considered to be the 10th animated movie from the Illumination company.
  • Fat cat eating a chicken and later finding delicious looking-good cake, the devoted dog waiting for the kid to come back from school, a dog listening to classical music with his owner but giving the preferences to Rammstein when he is out – this is the only part of what we saw in the very first movie. So what it is going to be next?
  • The first movie was full of references to Universal company revealing posters to well-known American shows, as well as upcoming projects that were successfully released in 2016, such as another 3D animated film about the life of animals – Sing.
  • The movie Sing and the mentioned one have lots of in common – however, the first movie represents the life of animals as if they were regular human beings whilst the second one is about the hidden life of any pet kept in the New York apartments.

Ainbo official release date

This is a touching, moving and thought-provoking animated movie with beautiful graphics, great characters and a gripping story with twists and turns. The production company is based in Peru, and they want to conquer the international markets with this fascinating film. So, when is Ainbo movie release date 2019? It’s definitely coming, ladies and gentlemen, but, unfortunately, the exact date is not set yet.

Rumors claim that mid/late-2019 is probably when we’ll get to see it. The plot follows a little child who was born and spent her whole life in the lush and hazardous Amazon jungle. It’s located on the body of one of the biggest, strongest and kindest turtles in the universe. One day, when she grows up, the young lady learns that her home is in danger and discovers that her tribe members are not the only human beings out there.

Trouble Comes Looking For Ainbo

So, she puts her own life at risk and does everything in her power to fight the invaders and protect her fellow tribe members from the monsters that want to destroy them and take all of its riches for themselves. They came to start illegal mining and to exploit the little ones. Yucuruna, the evil entity that dwells in the deepest and darkest corner of the Amazon, is the one responsible for the horrors on the island.

Ainbo - spirit of the Amazon

That means the girl will have to find a way to defeat it. The Ainbo DVD release date is late 2019/early 2020. Yes, that’s more than two years away from now, but time really does fly. Besides, a great animated movie in your collection will be worth the wait. Judging by the information we have, this is going to be one hell of a release to cheer for.

What Can A Little Girl Do Against An Army Of Invaders?

The only person Ainbo can rely on is herself. She can’t trust anyone, but, thankfully, her mom’s spirit is always there with her, guiding her steps and helping her overcome the struggles on her path. The land is in danger, and she simply can’t fail. The clock is ticking, and the girl will have to hurry if she wants to save her people and the land.

But how can an innocent child stand against an army of evil invaders?  Does she even have a chance to defeat these soldiers? Now that we know the Ainbo official release date in 2019, all that’s left to do is wish this project good luck. Tunche Films, the company that has been working on Ainbo since day one, certainly does seem to have the necessary skills and dedication to deliver a movie worth our time, energy, and, of course, money.


The Purge 4 official release date

Next movie we are going to present is called “Purge 4.” In the article below, you will find all necessary information about the film including the answer to the question: “When is The Purge 4 movie release date 2018?”

Creators of the trilogy “Judgment Night” decided to move forward, and announced the release of the fourth film of the series. “The Purge 4” will be released in July 2018. The author of the first three films, James DeMonaco, will continue working on the series as a screenwriter.

The director of the previous three films decided that the series needed a new director. Therefore, he will become the producer of the picture and, together with the new director, will write a script for it. What will be the events of The Purge 4 is not disclosed.

This development of events should not be surprising. The Purge with Ethan Hawke and a budget of three million dollars collected in 2013 – 89 million dollars. The budget of the second and third films did not exceed ten million dollars each. The Purge: Anarchy eventually collected 111 million dollars, and The Purge: Election Year – 118. The main character in these films was played by Frank Grillo.

Masks For The Purge

“The Purge” is an anti-utopia franchise. The plots of all the films are dedicated to the events of one day in the USA when no laws are in force. Every year, on March 21, from seven in the evening until seven in the morning of the next day, any criminal activity becomes legal, and none of the federal services are working.

The Purge 4 official release date in 2018 is planned for July 4.


After the US experienced economic collapse, the new government, the so-called “New Founding Fathers of the United States,” consolidated a new totalitarian government and a police state.

A phenomenon of a state scale was created under the title “Purge.”

Once a year, from 7 pm on March 21 until 7 am any criminal activity became legal.

This means that all criminal activities, murders, were not considered unlawful. This night, all security services stop working.

This phenomenon was invented as a catharsis for the American people. Such a night allows people to “let off steam,” and all next year to be good citizens.

DVD release date

The Purge 4 DVD release date is expected for September 4, 2018, in the United States.

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Venom official release date

It always seems like British actor Tom Hardy wears something on his head as that is what his characters require. However, we are still grateful for his appearance in “Mad Max” alongside Charlize Theron and other famous actors. At the end of 2018, he is going to represent his new character from his latest project. So, when is Venom movie release date 2018?

There are not so many details about the storyline of the movie but according to the information that was given to us, we can still make some predictions. So let’s take a look at some details about the actual production.


In July 2007 the filmmakers made a decision to focus on creating a brand new franchise that represents the story, as well as the adventures of Eddie Brock that is also known as Venom. This is another Marvel Comics project about another fictional character that will be represented by British actor Tom Hardy.

In fact, this character has appeared in many Marvel developments but the filmmakers decided to make a solo film. It is already known who is going to take the participation in the project which was officially announced in May 2017 and, even more, we are absolutely aware of Venom DVD release date.

Tom Hardy as Venom

A few interesting facts about the upcoming movie

  • Venom has already appeared in a few Marvel Projects as an anti-hero and a hero.
  • This fictional character with super powers also appears in multiple video games starting from 1993. In most cases, Marvel character has conflicts with Spider Man.
  • According to the multiple interviews, Hardy was planning to portray one of the main characters from the X-Men series that is also going to come out in the following years as they desire to continue the franchise and make it even more interesting. But he was dropped to play Venom in the upcoming film. However, according to some interviews the actor has been giving for the past few months, he is still quite interested to appear in the X-Men franchise.
  • The movie has a really complicated history of production. First of all, this is supposed to be the spin-off to the Spider Man released in 2007. Afterward, the character should have appeared in the 2014 version of the mentioned superhero but Marvel Company decided to hold the premiere and create the spin-off totally dedicated to the super hero itself

Official release date

Speaking of Venom official release date in 2018, it is supposed to finally come out at the beginning of October 2018 in all American theaters and cinemas.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 official release date

Fantasy is one of the finest genres right now, especially after the incredible boost in the quality of the CGI effects. Every single creature from the books looks fascinating with the use of computer graphics these days. Rowling’s original FB novels received international praise, and now that the film adaptation of the 1st chapter is already available, the sequel is well on its way.

Alright, let’s see when is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 movie release date 2018. The good news is – it’s definitely coming next year. The bad news is – it won’t be available in the United States or the UK until November 16, 2018. Yes, it’s more than a year away, and all we can do now is wait. Or, better yet, you can buy a copy of one of the books and get your read on. That way, you’ll get a whole another experience at the theater.

A Mighty New Banger For The Big Screen

It’s worth mentioning that the 1st installment in the movie franchise came out in 2016 (on Nov. 18th, to be exact) and was an incredibly successful release. The fans loved it, the critics loved it, and there was no doubt that chapter two was a go. Back in 2014, the big corporate fellas announced that the tale was going to be divided into 3 parts.


Eddie Redmayne in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fact: the third installment will hit the theaters on Nov. 20, 2020. In mid-2016, it became known that the gifted Rowling, the woman behind the original novels, had already finished the script for the 2nd chapter and was working on the final installment in the trilogy. That same year, she claimed the series would include not three, but five full-length movies.

One Of The Greatest Box Office Heroes

As for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 DVD release date, it’s early spring 2019. Just like your favorite family comedies, this epic fantasy blockbuster will be a great addition to your library if your kids are fans of the genre. After the turbulence of the 1st film, Newt is back in action. He’s got a new mission to complete and a new villain to defeat.

If you’ve been keeping up with Rowling’s books, then you probably already know what the heroes of chapter #2 will encounter next year. As far as the greatest box office heroes go, this series is pretty much one of the leaders. And while FB1 grossed 814 mil. US dollars, the experts think the 2nd film will be even more successful. So, mark the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 official release date in 2018 on your calendar and get ready to head back into the world full of magic, fascinating creatures, kind apprentices, and evil warlocks!


Beetlejuice 2 official release date

As far as the most legendary movies of the old days go, BJ is definitely among the greatest ones. The original came out in 1988 and became something of a cult film. Both the critics and the fans really loved it. Furthermore, the comedy-fantasy masterpiece managed to gross ~74 million US dollars against a modest budget of 15 million.

And now, decades later, the official sequel is about to hit the theaters. So, when is Beetlejuice 2 movie release date 2018? Unfortunately, there isn’t a set date for chapter #2. But we do know that the production team is doing everything in its power to deliver it next year. The fans have been waiting for a very long time, and now it’s finally time to meet the old friend again.

Everybody Wants The Sequel To Arrive

Back in 2011, it was announced that Mr. Grahame-Smith was hired to both write and produce the official sequel. The man said in an interview that it was extremely important for him to capture the very essence of the original move and create something truly worth our while. He even talked about the current trend of doing numerous reboots and remake just for the sake of making some quick money without giving the series the proper “royal treatment”.

Beetlejuice 2 poster

Every single person involved with the project was confident that there would be no sequel without Keaton, the man who portrayed the title character in the 1st installment. The two met in 2012 and discussed some specifics. All three men – Keaton, Burton and the producer – agreed that it’s about damn time to roll in with chapter 2.

Getting Everything Right For Beetlejuice 2

Already thinking about checking out the new movie on your couch? Well, you’ll have to wait for the Beetlejuice 2 DVD release date, which is early/mid-2019. The greatest thing about the new film will be the fact that they’ll move the story to 2018 without any sudden gaps. That means everything will be different and those 30 years will have their impact on the characters and the events. Thus, the screenwriters have a lot of creative freedom to come up with all kinds of crazy and engaging ideas.

The universe of Beetlejuice certainly does have the capacity to deliver fresh and unique ideas. In 2015, Grahame-Smith proudly announced the script was done andfilming would start in 2016, with both Keaton and the lovely Winona Ryder returning to their respective roles. That same year, Burton stated that he was ever-ready to work on the sequel but it has to feel right; the moment has to be right. So, that’s it for the Beetlejuice 2 official release date in 2018. It’s definitely coming. If not next year, then in 2019. Keep your fingers crossed!


A Star Is Born official release date

This is a brand-new romantic drama slash musical directed by the popular actor, Mr. Bradley Cooper. It’s actually the man’s directorial debut. The original movie came out in 1937. There have already been two official remakes – one in ’54 and one 22 years later. Yep, this is the 3rd edition! Alright, let’s see when is A Star Is Born movie release date 2018. It will arrive in the United States on September 28th (that’s 2018, of course).

Other countries will get to see it 1/2 weeks later, while folks in Brazil are destined to wait until Nov. 1st to see it for themselves. The cast includes the aforementioned Cooper (yes, he’s both the director and the lead actor in this film) and Lady Gaga, along with other famous actors/actresses from Hollywood. Originally, Clint Eastwood was to shoot this remake, but later on, he left the project and let Cooper take over.

Just The Right Actors For The Job

The man impressed the producers with his passion and awesome dance moves with Stefani. Initially, he wanted the fascinating Beyonce to portray Ally, the main character. However, after she refused and Gaga took her place, he claimed that the chemistry between them was incredible. Back in 2011, Warner Bros. announced that the 3rd remake was indeed in production.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born

But, when Eastwood left, the project was frozen, and the fans were afraid that the movie would be canceled. Fortunately, we have a new director now and filming started in April 2017. Will it be able to “beat” all the previous versions (including the 1st one)? We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? The A Star Is Born DVD release date is early/mid-2019. It will become available both as a physical and as a digital copy.

Drama + Romance + Musical = A Star Is Born

So, what’s the story all about? The plot follows Mr. Maine, a man who used to be a huge country-music star. These days, he’s just another old fella whose career is in decline. However, it takes him one look at Ally, a girl with an exceptional singing voice, to know that she’s his lucky charm. She’s just trying to make it into the big world, and the rough-tough ex-star decides to take her under his wing.

Soon, the oldster and the young lady see something more in each other than just a partner and start an all-consuming affair. Jackson uses all of his experience, knowledge and connects to propel his fancy lover’s career. Unfortunately, the bigger of a celebrity she becomes, the meaner the oldster turns out to be. What started as a fairytale rise to fame is now threatening their relationship. Is there a way out of this mess? The A Star Is Born official release date in 2018 is about a year away, which gives the team more than enough time to fine-tune their product. Expect a thrilling, gripping and beautifully-shot musical drama!


Fast and Furious 9 official release date

It is pretty known fact that the mentioned in the title movie franchise has a huge success and popularity among the fans – some of them like it because of the actors and actresses taking the participation in the project, the rest just enjoy the plot. But all things are the same when it comes to the big news – there is the ninth and even tenth installment planned to be released in a couple of years.

The actual question that usually comes from the worldwide fans is, when is Fast and Furious 9 DVD release date? Let’s take a close look at the details we own today.


At the beginning of February 2016, Universal Pictures has successfully set the potential release dates for two installments. However, when it comes to the tenth film we still don’t know when it will be out in cinemas due to there not being enough confirmed announcements about that. But we are totally aware of Fast and Furious 9 DVD release date – it is one of the last weeks of April 2019.

Fast and Furious 9 poster

Interesting facts

  • Recently American rapper and well-known actor Tyrese Gibson has given away unique picture of the mentioned movie that features another actor Matt Damon. However, it is believed to be just a fan made poster but we still hope that Damon will take the participation in the upcoming action film featuring Vin Diesel alongside Dwayne Johnson.
  • On his official social media actor, Vin Diesel has posted a picture featuring his Birthday words and wishes addressed to Brewster. The caption was full of nice wishes – besides, Diesel made a hint that the actress would probably return to the well-known franchise.
  • We are pretty aware of Fast and Furious 9 official release date in 2019, the only thing we are waiting for is the official trailer that is supposed to come out very soon.
  • “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot took the participation and appeared in a few installments of the mentioned franchise.
  • In the new film, the viewers and fans of the whole franchise that released its first movie in 2001 are expecting to see even more action some of them, give the preferences to the story part to referring to the past including the moments with Paul Walker.
  • The original story was inspired by an article in the American magazine about dangerous and illegal racing being captured on the streets of New York City.
  • During the shooting, the filmmakers had to use real and experienced street racers for most of the scenes that afterward became well-known symbols of the franchise appearing everywhere related to the movie.