The Nun official release date

It seems like 2018 will probably release a few good horror movies – Moreover, we will be able to see the spin-off to the well-known supernatural franchise. So, when is The Nun movie release date 2018?

Fortunately, we have lots of interesting details about new American project that is supposed to be the fifth installment in the film series.

Production process

In summer 2016 it was announced that the director of the supernatural film series was planning to create a new spin-off that is supposed to settle the very first place following the chronology of the franchise.

Later on, there was a lot of talking and conversations about The Nun DVD release date but the actual and confirmed information was received in summer 2017.

The principal photography successfully began at the very beginning of May 2017 and finished at the end of June the same year.

The Nun poster

Interesting facts

  • The spin-off to the movie known as “The Conjuring” stars Taissa Farmiga which is the younger sister of Vera Farmiga portraying the main character in the Conjuring film series. Both women are born the United States but are Ukrainian descent. Vera is the second oldest sibling born to Ukrainian parents. She attended Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and her first native language is Ukrainian whilst Taissa is the youngest in the family – both sisters speak English fluently but unlikely to Vera, Taissa only understands Ukrainian language and can partially speak it.
  • The entire movie was shot in Romania including such spot as Sighișoara located in the well-known Transylvania.
  • This is considered to be the second spinoff of the entire movie series – the first one was released in 2017 and represents the separate story of a supernatural doll Annabelle.
  • This is the story fully dedicated to the demonic nun that also appeared in the second installment starring the older sister of Taissa.
  • The Nun is the second horror character from the main installment whose story is separately shown in the feature alongside the doll Annabelle who shortly appeared in the first movie in the franchise.

Release date

When it comes to The Nun official release date in 2018 in all cinemas across the United States, it is scheduled to come out in the middle of July 2018.


The film follows the priest and his companions sent to Romania in order to investigate the death of a nun who killed herself and that seems to appear as the ghost and kill people.

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