Venom official release date

It always seems like British actor Tom Hardy wears something on his head as that is what his characters require. However, we are still grateful for his appearance in “Mad Max” alongside Charlize Theron and other famous actors. At the end of 2018, he is going to represent his new character from his latest project. So, when is Venom movie release date 2018?

There are not so many details about the storyline of the movie but according to the information that was given to us, we can still make some predictions. So let’s take a look at some details about the actual production.


In July 2007 the filmmakers made a decision to focus on creating a brand new franchise that represents the story, as well as the adventures of Eddie Brock that is also known as Venom. This is another Marvel Comics project about another fictional character that will be represented by British actor Tom Hardy.

In fact, this character has appeared in many Marvel developments but the filmmakers decided to make a solo film. It is already known who is going to take the participation in the project which was officially announced in May 2017 and, even more, we are absolutely aware of Venom DVD release date.

Tom Hardy as Venom

A few interesting facts about the upcoming movie

  • Venom has already appeared in a few Marvel Projects as an anti-hero and a hero.
  • This fictional character with super powers also appears in multiple video games starting from 1993. In most cases, Marvel character has conflicts with Spider Man.
  • According to the multiple interviews, Hardy was planning to portray one of the main characters from the X-Men series that is also going to come out in the following years as they desire to continue the franchise and make it even more interesting. But he was dropped to play Venom in the upcoming film. However, according to some interviews the actor has been giving for the past few months, he is still quite interested to appear in the X-Men franchise.
  • The movie has a really complicated history of production. First of all, this is supposed to be the spin-off to the Spider Man released in 2007. Afterward, the character should have appeared in the 2014 version of the mentioned superhero but Marvel Company decided to hold the premiere and create the spin-off totally dedicated to the super hero itself

Official release date

Speaking of Venom official release date in 2018, it is supposed to finally come out at the beginning of October 2018 in all American theaters and cinemas.

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