The Secret life of Pets 2 official release date

Back in 2016, the world saw a brand new 3D animated movie that received plenty of positive feedbacks – in fact, this is not just a film for kids, it can be enjoyed by adults, too. It had a huge success when it comes to the box office, so the filmmakers have made a decision to come up with the sequel. The main question is, when is The Secret Life of Pets 2 movie release date 2019?

Movie details – what do we know about the upcoming sequel?

Unfortunately, we don’t have too many details of the film yet, but we have caught some interesting ones officially announced by the producers of the project.

First of all, when it comes to The Secret Life of Pets 2 DVD release date, it is known that the film is already set to be released and shown in all American theaters in 2019 – more detailed, it is the beginning of June 2019.

In fact, the movie has become one of the most popular animated projects not being created by Pixar or Disney. The production company that has decided to create the very first installment in 2014 is Illumination Entertainment.

The Secret life of Pets 2 poster

Interesting facts

  • This appears to be the very first movie created by the mentioned animation movie production company that has a female protagonist.
  • The very first movie of the company represents the life of the pets behind another animated project known as Despicable Me and its characters.
  • Although we are already completely aware of The Secret Life of Pets 2 official release date in 2019, we still have not heard the official date when the trailer from the production company comes out.
  • This 2019 project is considered to be the 10th animated movie from the Illumination company.
  • Fat cat eating a chicken and later finding delicious looking-good cake, the devoted dog waiting for the kid to come back from school, a dog listening to classical music with his owner but giving the preferences to Rammstein when he is out – this is the only part of what we saw in the very first movie. So what it is going to be next?
  • The first movie was full of references to Universal company revealing posters to well-known American shows, as well as upcoming projects that were successfully released in 2016, such as another 3D animated film about the life of animals – Sing.
  • The movie Sing and the mentioned one have lots of in common – however, the first movie represents the life of animals as if they were regular human beings whilst the second one is about the hidden life of any pet kept in the New York apartments.
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