List of best Animation movies 2018

In fact, in 2018 there will be released lots of animated projects belonging to both American and British cinematography as collaboration, as well as separately. Within a few months, the viewers will be finally able to see the sequels of the popular franchises alongside brand new projects and, who knows, maybe their new heroes have high chances to become recognizable and known just like the ones we now once did. We are representing our TOP 10 best new Animation movies 2018 that contains the projects that will definitely come out in the upcoming year.

10. Blazing Samurai

This animated movie tells the story about a big dog having a strong desire to become a samurai. For doing that, he makes a decision to arrive in the land where only cats live. Among taking classes from his new master, he needs to learn and feel what the true friendship between cat and dog looks like. After he finally realizes that, he and his master-cat go on a journey together in order to save the small city from the upcoming evil.

Blazing Samurai

9. Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad

This animated film from our TOP 10 best recent Animation movies focuses on the story of the fox working hard in the delivery service. However, his biggest dream is to become the best dog courier. In order to prove that he is worth becoming the one, the fox secretly takes the control under one of the sleds. Afterwards, the hero delivers a weird secret box to the secret destination where he meets the villain walking on the mechanical legs.

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad

8. Early Man

British animated movie created in stop-motion technique which appears to be very rare for modern cinematography but it used to appear in every TV program mostly in the 1960s. The movie plot is actually set in prehistoric times where there are all the creatures living shoulder to shoulder with human beings. The main protagonist known as Early Man represents us the interesting story about two close friends that unite together, as well as the whole tribe against their biggest enemy in order to save their lives and not become the slaves of an evil Lord.

The film is supposed to officially come out at the end of January 2018 with the production process started in 2007. When it comes to theatrical premiere in the United States it is scheduled to happen in the middle of February in the same year.

7. The Isle of Dogs

Another British project from the list of best Animation movies 2018focuses on the story about the dogs living on the separate island in Japan in the near future world and was created due to the influence of well-known Japanese director. The reason why they live there is the canine flu appearing to be dangerous for people as well.

The film focuses on five local dogs and a boy arriving on the island in order to find the dog he owns. Afterwards, the boy gets the support of the dogs, as well as their protection against dangerous authorities from Japan.

6. The Incredibles 2

The upcoming film that is the direct sequel to the very first installment that came out many years ago in 2004. Just like the previous animated film, this one follows the story of a nuclear family that has super powers that are beyond human abilities. According to the filmmakers, the second installment has to start where the previous one ended which means the family needs to face the Underminer – the villain and main antagonist that actually appeared only at the end of the first installment. This animated project is planned to come out in June 2018.

The Incredibles 2

5. Ralph Breaks the Internet:Wreck-It Ralph 2

American upcoming project being the part of TOP 10 best Animation movies of 2018 to watch is the sequel to the first installment released in 2012. It directly follows and continues the events from the first film, as well as brand adventures of Ralph all across the Internet after he finds out about the plugged router. On his online journey, the character discovers new algorithm and many other interesting things.

4. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

This animated project is focused on the story based on the true events from World War I. More specifically, it represents some sort of biography of a brave dog that is called Sergeant Stubby that became a real hero and human friend during the war. According to the real facts, the dog was extremely popular after the war and would take the participation in many parades all across the United States not to mention the fact that it would meet particular remarkable and well-known people of that time.

The production process started in late 2016 and it was immediately announced about the title and plot of the movie. Later on, we managed to get the info about the actors taking the participation in the movie. These are Logan Lerman collaborating with Helena Bonham Carter, as well as Gérard Depardieu.

3. Smallfoot

TOP 10 best modern Animation films 2018 represents the comedy film about a yeti, that is believed to get the voice from Channing Tatum, being absolutely sure about the existence of human beings on the planet. However, he is pretty sure they are subtle although he may have a chance to see it himself if he finds one.


2. Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

A British-American animated project that focuses on the blue and red gnomes that start their own investigation as they find out about the mysterious disappearance of other gnomes from their houses. And apparently behind that, there is a cruel villain trying to destroy the village.

The production of the film began in 2012 and only recently there has been announced the official release date – the movie is scheduled to come out at the end of March 2018.

1. Hotel Transylvania 3

After taking a look at this list you may wonder, what is the best Animation movies in 2018? The first place on the list belongs to the third installment of the well-known 3D animated project following the life of Count Dracula, his daughter, and her new human-boyfriend. In the third installment, the heroes go on holidays on the huge cruise ship specifically created for monsters. The captain of the ship becomes the love and admiration of Dracula but he has no idea she is actually the descendant of his biggest enemy – Van Helsing.

hotel transylvania 3

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