List of best Christian movies 2018

If somebody does not read the Old Testament and does not know the basic history of the Holy Scripture very well, then we are ready to help them by presenting TOP 10 best Christian movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s start!

List of best Christian 2018

  1. Power of the Air

The faith is a deep, sincere, emotion-filled acceptance of some position or idea, sometimes involving certain rational grounds, but usually without them. The faith allows us to recognize certain statements as reliable and proven without criticism and discussion.

By its direct evidence and the indivisibility of the path leading to it, the faith is close to intuition. Faith is subjective like intuition. In different epochs, the object of sincere Faith was diametrically opposed views: what most of all once believed in, after a time seemed to be a naive prejudice. Faith affects not only the mind, but emotions; it often captures the whole soul and means not only intellectual conviction but also psychological disposition. Unlike Faith, intuition, even when it is visually meaningful, affects only the mind. If intuition is the direct discretion of truth and good, then faith is an immediate attraction to what is true or good; intuition is a way of discovering new content, Faith is the way to keep such content in the soul and mind.

The movie will tell about a black Missionary and his life in this world.

Power of the Air poster

  1. Mountain Top

It is a story of a man who believes in GOD…

  1. Samson

The Great Samson is in the TOP 10 best modern Christian films 2018.

Samson – in the Bible, the Hebrew hero, who possessed extraordinary physical strength, lurking in his long hair. The culprit of Samson’s death is his beloved – the Philistine Delilah. Bribed by the rulers of the Philistines, she tries three times to find out from Samson the source of his miraculous power, but he deceives her three times, saying that he will lose power if he is tied with seven raw strings. At night Delilah realizes all this, but Samson, waking up, easily breaks any strings. Finally, tired of the reproaches of Delilah in dislike and distrust of her, Samson reveals to her that the forces will leave him if he cuts his hair. At night, the Philistines cut sleeping Samson’s hairs. Then they blind him, chain him and cause him to rotate millstones in the dungeon. To enjoy the humiliation of Samson, the Philistines demanded to bring him to the feast in the temple of their god and make him amuse the assembled. Samson, who has already grown his hair, asks the young guide to lead him to the central pillars of the temple to lean on them. Once again, Samson shifts the two central pillars, and the building collapses on the crowd. So, at the moment of his death, Samson kills enemies more than in his entire life.

  1. I Can Only Imagine

In 1999, the modern Christian group MercyMe could hardly imagine that it would sell more than 2 million digital downloads of this song, which would then become three times platinum, and now even a film will be released about it.

  1. Summer of ’67

The main idea of the movie isto believe at all costs.

Mimi Sagadin and Rachel Schrey in Summer of '67

  1. God’s Not Dead 3

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Christian movies.

The second film touches upon the acute social problem of attitude to religion, which divides society into warring sides of atheists and believers. The state determines unlawfully any beliefs of the population in the existence of God, the bulk of citizens absolutely do not believe in higher power, fiercely defending their position, often moving beyondthe law and morality. The Atheists manage to achieve dominant positions in society, completely eradicating faith in the divine principle in public speeches and conversations of people.

A young teacher, Grace, who sincerely believes in God, in conversations with students, encourages young listeners to live according to the divine commandments. Her words cause the parent committee to appeal to the court demanding to punish the girl for religious appeals.

Suddenly, a society that has learned the story of a brave teacher, in a single rush, goes to a mass meeting, calling for Grace’s acquittal and stopping the persecution for believing in God. The state is on the verge of civil war, neither side wants to accept the opponents’ arguments, believing that the time has come to close the religious issueradically. The authorities, being under the strict pressure of the population divided into warring camps, come to an extraordinary decision…

The plot of the third installment is unknown.

  1. Beautifully Broken

The movie will tell about Rwanda man who escapes from his native land to America where new life starts.

  1. Paul, Apostle of Christ

The presented picture will tell about the life of one of the most vivid characters that existed during the period of the formation and development of Christianity. The Apostle Paul was among the cruelest rivals in the way of preachers of faith in Jesus, but even such a determined person changed his mind after Christ himself appeared to the man in his dreams.

Paul had aRomanorigin and fellow citizens could not understand what prompted the citizen of the empire to dress habit, pick up the staff and go to neighboring lands. From an ardent advocate of paganism, the protagonist became an adherent of Christianity. During a long life, the apostle brought to the correct path a lot of followers, preaching self-sacrifice, kindness, and mercy…

Jim Caviezel in Paul, Apostle of Christ

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

A lot has changed in the country since then. Now it is needed to interfere again in the world, which many people have long been accustomed to. The interest is that adventurers do not think to go back there. They became older and the world for Lucy, Susan or Peter has already become closed. It’s too early to dramatize on this matter because the guys have followers who can solve every problem without special problems.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

  1. Mary Magdalene

It is the first place of TOP 10 best new Christian movies 2018.

The movie will tell about the life of Mary Magdalene.

TOP draws to a close.

We hope that the compilation asked the question – what is the best Christian movies in 2018?

Thanks for watching!

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