List of best Hollywood Thriller movies in 2020

This genre is one of the most developing in modern cinema. Every year new films are released that offer viewers a unique concept and storyline. It’s almost impossible to keep track of all the news and updates, but in this TOP, we tried to select TOP 10 best Hollywood Thriller movies of 2020 to watch.

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10. Brahms: The Boy II

A large family saved up for the house for a long time, and finally, they managed to achieve the desired goal. The family moves to a new country house where they can live a peaceful life. No one can imagine that difficulties can begin in their new home. However, the youngest son decides to explore a large territory and finds something bad. He managed to find a secret chamber, which was used to protect against robbers. However, this chamber hides many secrets that the child plans to solve. But he does not suspect that when he opened that chamber, he released a powerful creature that is going to kill everyone who is on the territory.

9. The Woman in the Window

The film takes place in New York. Anna Fox is a child psychologist by profession. And because of her fear of open space, she almost never leaves the house. Anna lives alone, abusing alcohol and drugs. Her only consolation is to watch what happens in the windows of her neighbors. Another peeping at someone else’s life turns into a sheer nightmare for her. Anna witnesses a fierce crime. However, in order to contact the police, she will have to leave her house, and this is too difficult for her.

8. Underwater

The deep-sea creatures are in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Thriller movies 2020.

A group of researchers of the underwater world, which is nine thousand kilometers from land and sent to a depth of thirteen kilometers, should conduct research on the ocean floor. There, at the station, they will spend a whole month – under the thickness of water, in complete isolation. An elderly and experienced scientist leads the research, but even he cannot predict everything. Having drilled the bottom of the ocean, the researchers awoke some mysterious creatures. And now their group must be saved as quickly as possible, while deep-sea creatures destroy their laboratory.

7. Gretel & Hansel

The main characters of this fascinating movie are siblings named Gretel and Hansel. They have long remained orphans and tried to survive on their own. They are poor and actually starving because they had no money. The only salvation for the children was help from good-natured neighbors, occasionally giving them food and clothing. Once the girl decides to go to the local big forest in search of berries, forest mushrooms, and maybe she can even find a job. The girl quickly carried provision for herself and her beloved brother and went on a long journey.

6. A Quiet Place: Part II

Welcome to the near future, where humanity is on the verge of total annihilation. The fact is that on the surface of the Earth, under strange incomprehensible and mysterious circumstances, terrible powerful creatures appeared. Such insidious animals have an almost perfect ear but are blind. Innocent victims fall only if they emit sound. It is impossible to escape from inevitable death as the creatures move at lightning speed.

5. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

A family of paranormal researchers is on the list of Hollywood Thriller movies 2020.

The friendly family of paranormal researchers will have to face a unique case. The fact is that a young man by the name of Johnson, who was sentenced to a long-term stay in the prison cell in 1981, announced in court that he was not guilty of the crime that had happened. The guy suspected of a bloodthirsty murder used an incredibly strange defense tactic. He assured that at the time the crime was committed, he felt outside his own body, as if the Devil himself had committed evil.

4. The Invisible Man

Cecilia dates with an extremely talented scientist. Everybody calls him a real genius, whose scientific work is certainly ahead of time. The mask of the charming handsome man falls off when he begins in every possible way to pester and humiliate the main hero. Once she was forced to flee in the middle of the night and found refuge in her sister’s house.

Suddenly, news of his suicide comes. The police did not find the body, but there is good reason to believe that the ex-boyfriend committed suicide. In addition, before his death, he left a will, making the girl the heir of his considerable fortune.

3. Fantasy Island

A beautiful island is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Thriller films.

Mr. Roarke is the owner of a prestigious hotel located on a remote but no less beautiful island. Here everyone has the opportunity not only to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of nature but also to realize the most cherished fantasies. However, hotel guests do not yet know that there is one terrible secret on the island: as soon as it comes out, the importance of money and special status in society will cease to be significant, and so another question will arise – are you able to survive in hell?

2. Candyman

Helen Lyle is a young student studying folklore. The girl is interested in folk stories that no one has recorded yet. She learns about a mysterious story about the Candyman, who is rampaging on the outskirts of Chicago. The girl does not believe in the historicity of this legend, because it sounds too unrealistic. Having decided to investigate this terrible legend, the heroine enthusiastically goes in search of eyewitnesses in order to collect material for the thesis.

1. Without Remorse

John Clark was sent on deadly business trips to the Vietnamese jungle more than once, but his main enemy was very close, on the streets of American cities. A Navy SEAL, having lost his girlfriend, is ready to fight against much more powerful and numerous enemies – the drug mafia. Clark begins war without any hope for victory.

TOP 10 new holly Thriller movies end now.

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