List of Hollywood Cartoon movies 2018

It is wrong to assume the cartoons are only for kids – in fact, nowadays there is a plenty number of cartoons and 3D animated projects created by the directors and producers of action and drama movies. So what does the year 2018 bring us when it comes to this industry? We are lucky to represent fresh TOP 10 latest Hollywood Cartoon movies 2018.

10. Alita: Battle Angel

A new film by James Cameron that is based on the Japanese manga (comics written and develop specifically in the Japanese language) with the same name. The premiere of the film has been delayed several times due to Cameron being busy filming and working on the next Avatar sequel.

The film focuses on the female cyborg found by scientists – the woman has lost her memory and the scientist makes a decision to take her and help in order to be able to discover her past life and bring her back all her memories and find out what her true significance is. In fact, this film is an interpretation of a few books about cyborg woman with a determined focus on the first four ones.

Rosa Salazar in Alita: Battle Angel

9. Gigantic

Next film from the TOP 10 new holy Cartoon movies is focused on the adventures of a teenage girl who is obsessed with the adventures.  The story follows the main protagonist that suddenly discovers the world of giants that are hidden far away in the clouds so that nobody can see them. However, the character needs to find the way home and to be able to do that she decides to use the help of a young gigantic girl realizing these creatures are not as bad as they are described among humans.

8. Peter Rabbit

Some animals are literally born to be wild. This brand new 3D animated film is a based on the stories of the main protagonist – Peter Rabbit, he wears human clothes, speaks as a human being and lives in a rabbit hole with his mother and several sisters. In this film, Peter alongside other animals decides to go to the house next door where he discovers a man being very kind to all the animals. Therefore, the animals now compete for the love and affections of the man.

The movie is known for its international cast containing the actors and signers of American, Irish, British and even Polish origin.

7. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

In this animated sequel from the list of Hollywood Cartoon movies 2018 the monsters go on holidays on a huge cruise ship for all monster creatures after Count Dracula realizes he cannot hold the control under the hotel and feels super tired. There they experience different emotions, situations, conflicts and a danger due to Count Dracula falling in love with the captain of the cruise ship who is considered to be the descendant of Van Helsing whose name is Ericka. This amazing 3D cartoon will officially come out in the middle of July in the following year.

6. Sherlock Gnomes

The film is a modern interpretation of well-known old-fashioned tales put in together – it focuses on the detective known as Sherlock Gnomes helping the gnomes to find out the reason of other garden gnome’s sudden disappearance. In fact, this 3D animated project is the sequel to the one released in 2011. The production process of the upcoming movie started immediately in 2012 but it took more time to develop the project than it had been expected first.

In the United States, the movie is scheduled to be released at the end of March the following year. Moreover, this is believed to be the first project of Paramount Animation to be entirely made in 3D animation.

5. Duck Duck Goose

Another film from the TOP 10 best Hollywood Cartoon movies of 2018 to watch is a funny animated cartoon about a goose and his adventures with other animals. His name is Peng and he needs to practice before another migration starts. However, he is not kind of the animal that enjoys doing that – instead, he is forced to bring back two small ducklings after separating them from the rest.

4. The Isle of Dogs

Another 3D animated film related to Japanese cinematography. The movie shows us Japan in the near future with the dogs send to separately live on another island in order to avoid any contact with humans due to the flu. The story introduces us to five dogs living on the island with the rest – they no longer have the will to exist and loose all the sense of life until one day all five of them meet the boy coming to the island in order to find his dog. The group of dogs makes a decision to help young boy but what they will also have to do is protect the boy from the local Japanese important people and authorities who, meanwhile, try so hard to catch and bring the boy back.

3. Madagascar 4

Next project on the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Cartoon films 2018 is the movie we have all been waiting for. The fourth installment of Madagascar franchise follows the new adventures of our old heroes we managed to first see in 2005. Although the plot of the film is still unknown, it is not hard to predict that this 3D animated will have a huge success worldwide.

Madagascar animals

2. Wreck-It Ralph 2

The first film about Ralph adventures was officially released in 2012 – this is the brand new sequel to the first installment and this time it represents the events over six years after the ones shown in the first movie. Ralph is not led by a Wi-Fi router that brings her new adventures across the entire Internet aiming to find the right part that has to be replaced in order to repair the Sugar Rush.

With the help of his best friend, the main protagonist of the cartoon manages to discover several Princesses of Disney, new customs, hidden worlds and corners of the net and even recent algorithm being in a current trend.

1. The Incredibles 2

The first position on the list of best Hollywood Cartoon movies in 2018 belongs to the second installment of well-known 3D animated film series about a nuclear family being the superheroes due to their unusual with superpowers and abilities. It starts immediately from the moment it ended in the first installment where the whole family stands face to face with Underminer. Moreover, this sequel is more focused on the adventures of the wife whilst her husband is home watching kids.

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