List of Hollywood Spy movies 2018

The cold war is over, and one could think that there’s no need for spies anymore. But that’s actually far from the truth. The thing is – covert operations are very popular in this brand-new world, and the following TOP 10 latest Hollywood Spy movies 2018 are a proof of that.

The world’s greatest nations conduct top-secret operations that meet their needs. And then there are the corporations and the vigilantes who have their own agendas. It’s safe to say that spy movies are always fun, thrilling and gripping.

  1. Proud Mary

Henson is a lovely actress with a great gift. We usually see her in comedies and dramas, and Proud Mary is one of her few “tough” roles. Her character is a professional assassin with an incredible skill set. She’s hired by a syndicate based in Boston, a very powerful and influential family that nobody wants to mess with.

However, while on an assignment, she comes across an innocent little boy, and he makes her question her loyalty to the mobsters. What’s it gonna be? Will she risk everything just to save the kiddo, or keep on being a ruthless monster who murders people for a living?

  1. Sherlock Holmes 3

Recently, the legendary detective has turned into one of the most popular fellas in the industry. We’ve got two super-popular series on TV and the Sherlock Holmes movie franchise that received praise both from the hard-boiled critics and the fans. The third chapter is set to arrive on January 12th (2018, of course).

Once again, it will follow the perilous adventures of Mr. Holmes and his trusted partner Watson. Who will they fight this time around? We’ll get to find that out in a couple of months! Of the TOP 10 new holly Spy movies, SH 3 will, without a doubt, be a crowd-pleaser and a box office hit.

  1. COPS

Remember that hit TV drama show about police officers? Well, Hollywood thinks it’s a good idea to give it a new life in the form of a big-screen debut. Back when this series hit the small screens, the world was enchanted by the awesome sense of humor, ridiculous-yet-lovely main characters and the amazing acting. The vibe will be the same in COPS. So, if you loved the original, you’ll definitely appreciate what Mr. Fleischer is trying to do. Think Lethal Weapon meets Ride Along and you’ll get just the right image in your head.

COPS poster

  1. Metal Gear Solid

Snake, the main character of a popular video-game franchise, is a modern-day legend and has millions of fans around the world. And this is actually the first time someone decided to turn it into a film. Naturally, the community is a bit skeptical about this, as movies based on games and vice versa usually turn out to be total disappointments.

But, given the fact that Kojima himself is working on this blockbuster, we’re actually hyped up about it. So, put Metal Gear Solid on the list of Hollywood Spy movies 2018 and let’s cross our fingers together. Without a doubt, both industries could really use a top-notch banger for the masses.

Metal Gear Solid promo

  1. Peppermint

Garner, one of the most talented actresses in the world, is starring in what’s shaping to be a heroic one-woman-against-the-whole-world film. She portrays a young mom with nothing to lose. After the criminals took away everything she ever loved and care about, the woman turned into a ruthless crime fighter. The only way to make this right is to kill every single person responsible for ruining her life. The thugs don’t expect a fragile young lady to come at them with everything she’s got, and that is her biggest advantage.

  1. Ocean’s Eight

Overall, we’ve got three outstanding films in this franchise, and now is the time for the fourth installment to arrive. This is actually more of a spin-off than an official new chapter because Damon is the only one from the original crew who will star in Ocean’s Eight. Get this: the new “club” is only open to the ladies; that’s right – no men are allowed.

This could actually be an interesting concept, but only if the whole team delivers a true masterpiece. Because if they don’t OE will be just another brainless blockbuster. Regardless, of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Spy movies of 2018 to watch, Ocean’s Eight is a stand-out cut. Keep your eyes on this one!

  1. Mission: Impossible 6

Mr. Cruise is not the young and energetic man we saw in the first two chapters. Still, he’s got more “swagg” than most of the “fresh blood” in the industry. Ever the charmer, this guy portrays American heroes like he was born to do that. In MI 6, Ethan will, once again, risk everything for a chance to save the world from yet another villain. There is no information about the plot, but we do know that the ticket will be money well spent.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

  1. The Spy Who Dumped Me

This is one of those classic action slash comedy movies that you should watch together with your closest friends. When a regular American woman finds out that her ex-boyfriend is a professional spy, she asks her friend to join her in an epic (and dangerous) adventure.

They don’t know the first thing about espionage and will, most certainly, get themselves killed. But before that happens, we’ll get to see their hilarious quest on the other side of the screen. As far as the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Spy films 2018 go, The Spy Who Dumped Me is a worthy pick.

  1. Ride Along 3

The third chapter will be exactly like the first two: fun, action-packed, and stylish. The story about two black cops fighting justice together became a huge hit back when the original film came out, and next year, RA 3 will hit the theaters. Ben is still a rookie, even though he’s been through a lot already. James only cares about defending the law, bringing the bad guys to justice and protecting his sister. Will the two fellas finally learn how to get along after saving each other’s lives more times than any of them can count?

A still from Ride Along 3

  1. Red Sparrow

Yep, this is our pick for the #1 spot. After all, you don’t see Lawrence playing a seductive Russian spy every day! And, even though Red Sparrow is going to be a pretty cheesy B-movie, that doesn’t mean we won’t have tons of fun at the premiere. Trained to enchant men and learn top-notch government secrets, she ends up falling in love with an American agent. And the attraction is mutual. Will their affair result in a much-needed peace between the two great nations, or rather push them to the cliff? Ok, that’s it for our list of best Hollywood Spy movies in 2018!

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