List of TOP 10 recently released Thriller movies of 2017

Thriller films touch the spectator’s “strings of the soul”. They are created in order to get a good walk on the nerves and keep in a stupor until the last minute of the film. The intricate and tense plot, which first develops in a measured and languid way, but, soon, spins at a frenzied speed and even more captures into the embrace of dynamic and subtle logical events from the life of colorful characters.

We are glad to present you a compilation of new Thriller movies releases in 2017.

A well-considered cunning script and professional direction of thriller films, by the hand, will guide you through the mysterious disappearances of people with some mystical implication, inexplicable events, and provocations to the real satisfaction of watching films of this genre, and especially if they are psychological thrillers.

Let’s begin to observe the list of TOP 10 recently released Thriller movies of 2017.


  1. Aftermath

That fateful day Roman was waiting for the arrival of his wife and pregnant daughter. But they did not arrive… The annoying, stupid mistake of the air traffic controller had serious and irreparable consequences – two planes making scheduled flights collided in the air. No one managed to survive…

The airline immediately began in every possible way to “bury” this scandalous thing. The dispatcher, whose oversight cost hundreds of lives, is taken under escalated security and carefully disguised from the ubiquitous press and from the angry relatives of the dead passengers, who are hungry for revenge.

Roman also wants to find this dispatcher. He just wants to look into this person’s face and try to understand whether he fully understands the consequences of his unpardonable negligence. Does he regret what he did? And Roman wants to hear from the air traffic controller simple words of apology, which the indifferent airline did not say. And among all those who were looking for this frightened guy, Roman turns out to be the most successful…

  1. Life

It was supposed to be an ordinary boring space mission. Fly to Mars, work on the research probe and go back. But suddenly a group of astronauts discovers something… Something alive and, it seems, reasonable enough to understand the presence of another intelligent life.

It would seem, here it is, the triumph of any researcher who first found something alive on the next planet. But the situation suddenly acquires a completely different, absolutely unpredictable development. It seems that this strange, but a living creature that was found on the red planet is not very friendly to any other form of life that is different from it. And if it manages to get to Earth, then it is obvious that the green planet will very quickly turn into the same deserted extinct desert, which now is Mars…

  1. The Discovery

The terrible discovery is in the compilation of latest Thriller movies in english 2017.

This was said about almost all religions of the world, but few believed that there is life after death! This fact was able to prove the scientist Thomas Harper. This discovery shocked humanity, now the most important fear, characteristic of almost all biological life forms, the fear of death, disappeared. People are no longer afraid to die. But there is another side of losing such an important fear. Not fully satisfied with their lives, the people began to massively commit suicides in the hope that they will fall into a better world and better circumstances.

Six months after the declaration of evidence of life after death in America alone, the number of suicides reached one million people. Some people began to blame Harper in this situation because if he had concealed his discovery, there would not have been such unfortunate consequences. Desiring to explain his point of view and justify himself, Thomas decided to give an interview.

  1. Unforgettable

Once David and Tessa Connover were married. They even had a wonderful daughter, Lily, whom David and Tessa loved very much. But their personal love has passed. Melted, like the first snow, and David broke up with Tessa. He brings to their home, another woman, Julia Banks, who fell in love with David and was ready to love Lily. But Tessa was not ready to share daughter with Julia…

  1. The Circle

It is a near future. Young girl May is interviewed to get to the world-famous company “Circle” led by Amon Bailey. The girl gets a job and has the opportunity to become part of a global experiment, the results of which will turn the whole world over. The company will enter into one system all the data about its users, including social networks, mail, bank accounts and much more. Over time, May understands that the purpose of the company is not exactly the improvement of the life of ordinary people. The girl must save all mankind from involuntary slavery.

  1. The Fate of the Furious

It is a Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 Thriller movies recently released in 2017.

Absolutely unexpected, Dominic falls in love with a mysterious woman who is universally considered as queen in the world of cybercrime. Her influence on the Dominic is so great that his former principles turn out to be in the past, and the old team members become enemies.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

It is 2029. Neural implants, now inserted in almost any human being, have provided endless access to cyber-networks, which have received unprecedented development thanks to the improvement of computer technologies. This is undoubtedly good technology has a negative side – criminals have learned to “crack the brains” of cyber network users by putting the necessary information into their heads or, on the contrary, extracting it from there.

  1. Split

A personality disorder is in a compilation of newly released Thriller movies 2017.

Kevin kidnapped three young, attractive girls. He dragged them into the basement of his house and locked them there. The girls are panicking. It is completely unclear why the kidnapper brought them there. Obviously, he’s some kind of maniac. In the head of the hero of the movie is twenty-three personalities, different sexes, sexual orientations, ages, and health. The girls have to find a way to escape before they get to know the most ominous of Kevin’s personalities, otherwise, it will be too late.

  1. Logan

The world is under the threat of total annihilation from the actions of a powerful corporation, and the X-Men, capable of stopping the coming apocalypse, simply do not exist. The aged Logan looked blankly at what was happening around him. His regenerative abilities have significantly decreased. Logan is just waiting for the inevitable end.

  1. Personal Shopper

It is the leader of the TOP 10 modern Thriller movies of 2017.

American Maureen lives in Paris because she hopes to come into contact with the spirit of her twin brother who died in France. The girl visits the old house at night, where her brother passed away, and in the dark waits for him. During the day, Maureen works as a “personal buyer” at the famous secular diva, which is too busy to personally pick up exclusive clothes and jewelry from Parisian and London fashion houses. One night, the girl still sees a ghost, and after that, she starts receiving strange and frightening messages on her cell phone.

TOP 10 Thriller latest movies 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for being with us!

List of TOP 10 english Thriller movies 2017
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