List of TOP 10 english movies based on True Story 2017

When an event occurs that changes the course of history or leaves a bright trace of people’s memory, many of those who have not been among the eyewitnesses want to know how it was. And then the movie comes to the rescue.

We are glad to show you TOP 10 best english movies based on True Story 2017 to watch.

A script was written by life itself, a careful attitude of the director to the story that he tells, and, of course, a little imagination are a recipe for a good film based on real events. Watching these movies is always insanely interesting because all or almost all that is shown on the screen was in fact. And it does not matter whether it is a large-scale historical battle or a personal drama of one person – both deserve attention.

Let’s begin to watch TOP 10 english True Story films 2017.

Hidden Figures

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

In 1939, Poland was subjected to occupation by Hitler’s troops. Violent persecution began, the victims were primarily Jews. The fascists did not spare anyone, even Jewish children, grabbing everyone indiscriminately.

But in all this hell from cruelty and fear, one family was found who was not afraid to break new orders. Antonina and Jan, then working at the Warsaw Zoo, where Ian served as director, started harboring Jews in empty cells and in their own villa, saving more than 300 lives. This mission was fraught with a really deadly risk because the Nazis killed for concealment of Jews.

But Antonina, the wife of the zoo’s keeper, could not remain indifferent, watching how innocent people were killed. The main problem in this mission of the family was their former friend, Lutz Heck, who joined the fascists and received a high post. For many years, he was secretly in love with Antonina, and now he had the opportunity to get the desired woman, who did not need the Nazi official’s attention at all.

  1. Alone in Berlin

The dramatic film is based on real events that occurred during the Second World War in Germany. The plot of the film revolves around a married couple Otto and Anna, who with horror learn the news of the death of the only son who fought for Germany, for the Fuhrer. Tragedy leads the couple to complete devastation and a complete change in the worldview. Now Otto and Anna understand the meaninglessness of the war, the numerous victims and the people’s commitment to the Nazi regime.

They decide to take action to oppose the regime and the Fuhrer himself. Otto writes true provocative postcards, which must reach the people of Berlin. Soon Otto’s messages left in public places find a response among people who are also against the war and the regime. However, such activities against the government are regarded as resistance, and therefore must be destroyed. Under the pressure of the Gestapo, Inspector Escherich is engaged in searches for the mysterious writer.

  1. Hidden Figures

The story of three mathematicians is in our TOP 10 new english True Stories movies 2017.

The biographical picture is based on the real events described in the famous book by Margot Lee Shetterly. Three amazing black women helped the US government and the entire scientific world achieve success in the space mission by overcoming all gender and racial stereotypes.

  1. A United Kingdom

The film is based on a real love story of two people from different sectors of society. Events unfold in the middle of the last century, when the heir to the king of Botswana, one of the poorest countries in Africa, meets with the lovely resident of London – Ruth Williams. Their fleeting intrigue grows into true love, which faces great difficulties. The fact is that the successor Seretse Khama should soon lead his people and a sudden marriage with a British woman will not be right. However, the protagonist simply did not see the further life without the beloved woman and suggested to Ruth to consolidate their relationship by marriage. Against their relationship, the whole world was set up, but true love can overcome any difficulties.

  1. Queen of the Desert

Gertrude Bell is in the list of TOP 10 english moviesbased on True Story 2017.

The young girl Gertrude Bell was always different from the other girls of her time. She was not interested in luxurious outfits, gorgeous balls, and courtship of gentlemen. To the embroidery and other kinds of needlework, Gertrude was also absolutely indifferent. She was completely different, she wanted to learn different sciences, but most of all she was attracted to the East by its exotic culture.

A very young Gertrude goes on a cognitive journey through the Middle East, without regret, leaving a luxurious aristocratic life. It is here that she finds herself, this is her place, where every particle admires and amazes her. She happily opens this new world for herself and once again is convinced of the correctness of her own decision.

Gertrude starts dating many Bedouin tribes, and later uses these links to create some of the countries of Middle Asia. Her help was invaluable in these political issues. The love of the East enabled Gertrude to make many good deeds for the development of culture and the birth of civilization in certain regions. Here, she met her first love.

  1. War Machine

It is middle of the TOP 10 popular english True Story movies in 2017, list of which includes the best movies based on true story.

The film is based on real events and tells about Stanley McChrystal, who was a well-known figure in all the projects of the United States of America that dealt with clearing military points from terrorists.

  1. All Eyez on Me

It is a feature film based on real events, a biography of the unrivaled Tupac Shakur, an artist in the broadest sense of the word. The unorthodox and contradictory personality of Tupac continues to stir people’s minds, even two decades after his tragic death. The movie is about the life and death of the legendary rapper.

  1. Stronger

The film was based on the events of a monstrous terrorist attack that occurred in 2013 at the Boston Marathon. The protagonist helps the police to track down terrorists, trying not to focus on his personal injury, which he received there.


  1. Granite Mountain

The story will tell about a group of fighters against fire called Granite Mountain Hotshots, collided in Arizona with one of the deadliest fires in history, which took the lives of 19 team members.

Granite Mountain

  1. Marshall

It is a biopic about the young Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court judge who conducts one of the cases that determined his career.


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So TOP ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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