List of TOP 10 good Documentary movies 2017

We have tried to collect for you the best and most interesting documentary films in our TOP 10 really good Documentary movies.

It should be noted that the documentary cinema genre is rather complicated. Work on a documentary requires certain knowledge; you need to understand the material of the future film. Often the process of preparation takes, even more, time than shooting a film. The structure of documentary films is also multifaceted, as is the technique of shooting – here, reportage, staged shooting, archival photo and video materials are used. By the way, documentary movies are a great way to spend time, because each documentary carries a certain amount of knowledge or a director’s author’s view of an event, a historical character, an era. A good documentary film teaches and entertains simultaneously. Watch it is interesting and informative. Please, watch TOP 10 good Documentary films 2017.

List of TOP 10 good Documentary movies 2017

  1. I Am Heath Ledger

Australian actor Heath Ledger died at the age of only 28 years in 2008: the cause of death was called acute intoxication caused by the use of incompatible drugs. During his short life, Ledger managed to become a real legend, demonstrating not only acting talent but also true devotion to his work and readiness for any creative experiments: it is not surprising that in 2009 he was awarded an Oscar posthumously. The new documentary will reveal the many-sided personality of Ledger, highlight his most prominent roles.

  1. Long Strange Trip

A complex and inspiring story of the American rock band Grateful Dead. The film is an unprecedented view of the life of musicians and contains unique shots of interviews with band members.

Long Strange Trip

  1. Kedi

Authors of the film offer to look at the ancient Turkish city and its people through the eyes of mysterious and beloved cats.

  1. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

The continuation is about how much we actually came close to the energy revolution.

  1. Louis C.K.

During his career on stage, Louis C.K. has already become a true legend in the field of stand-up. He still adheres to the image of the finished cynic and almost always touches on controversial and sometimes even very painful topics for modern society. Louis just does not know the measures and if he starts talking about something, he will reveal the topic in full and will certainly attract the attention of the public. And during his monologs, he will give “food for thought” or simply make the public laugh and have a good time in the company. Only now the reddish merry fellow will appear to the audience in a suit, and not in his favorite shabby T-shirt, to which all are accustomed. Now his fans are waiting for a serious conversation and he, as before, will be rude, scoff and insert into his speech obscene language and all sorts of vulgarity. Important topics he is remaking in his own way, which only adds interest and attraction, and increases the popularity of the already known to the whole world comic.

  1. The Red Pill

It is the golden mean in the TOP 10 good english Documentary movies 2017.

The author of the film and the film itself is about the discrimination and disenfranchisement of men in North American society has already received their share of hatred from feminists and their supporters. Initially, no one wanted to fund a story about the oppression of men. Money for the shooting Cassie Jaye collected through сrowd funding at Kickstarter. After the release of the film, it aroused protests from women’s defenders, and in Australia, feminists have banned the show in the second-largest city of the country Melbourne and now announced Cassie Jaye as a persona non grata.

  1. Dancer

An ordinary boy from Kherson, Sergei Polunin, since childhood, dreamed of dedicating his life to ballet. For the sake of the future son, the loving mother moved with him to Kiev. Soon active training in ballet schools attracted to the talent of the boy guru of the world of ballet. And there began a new life for Polunin.

After receiving an invitation to the ballet school of London at age 13, after 6 years, Sergei was able to become a soloist of the Royal Theater. His phenomenon cannot be explained or understood until now. Every dance of a unique young man fascinates by expression and emotionality. The best experts in dance skills are ready to bow when saw him dancing. And loyal fans easily overcome all obstacles for the sake of the opportunity to get to the performances of Polunin.

A successful dancer in the career each time seems to soar through the air, without touching the stage. The audience stops in anticipation of a new look. But no one sees what happens to him when the wings fall. The delicate velvet disappears and a man with a heavy look appears who cannot imagine his life without cocaine, alcohol and vicious nexus. And no one really knows where the real dancer is.

  1. Casting JonBenet

Twenty years passed after the murder of a six-year-old beauty contestant JonBenet. This happened in the city of Boulder in 1996. The girl was found dead in the basement of her house. The murderer of the child will not be called in the documentary. The picture is taken as an experiment: its authors invited residents to sample, as a result of which one can get the role of a participant in those dramatic events. At the same time, the authors of the tape were able to hear people’s suggestions about the crime, to learn from the first-hand the opinion of what happened in the house of Ramsey. Who can be the villain?

  1. I Am Not Your Negro

A documentary study of the racial problem in the United States based on the unfinished book of an African-American novelist and human rights defender James Baldwin. Representing America through the eyes of those who have been discriminated against for years, and those who led the fight against it – including Martin Luther King, Malcolm X.

  1. Oklahoma City

Explosions in Oklahoma City in 1995 are rightly considered the most massive act of domestic terrorism in the United States. The film examines the history of the deadly clash between American citizens and law enforcement officials.

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