List of TOP 10 good Drama movies 2017

Drama is popular genre. In the films of the genre, as a rule, there are various difficult psychological moments around the main character and his environment. The main difference of the genre from similar genres is that it focuses not on entertainment but on the feelings of the protagonists.

Drama is a serious genre, so not every spectator loves it. Those who are looking for movies, especially entertainment, lightness, and humor, prefer other films. But if you are a fan of the genre, then, here, in our TOP ten good Drama movies 2017 in theaters, you will find the best dramas from all over the world, which will be released in 2017. The genre of “drama” in modern cinema has a rather vague character since it often contains a number of specific signs of other subgenres. For example, drama can often intertwine with a melodrama (which, as usual, is more emotional), have elements of a thriller (to achieve a certain psychological strain) and even comedic moments.

So let’s watch TOP 10 good Drama films 2017.

List of TOP 10 good Drama movies 2017


  1. Logan

In the not-too-distant future, Logan, tired of life, takes care of the sick Professor X, who is hiding near the Mexican border. But Logan can no longer hide his past when he meets a young mutant, who is pursued by Nathaniel Essex.

  1. It

The film is based on the famous work of Stephen King, in the center of the story, there are several friends who are compelled to enter into battle with the absolute evil that assumes the appearance of the sinister clown.

  1. The Promise

The First World War covered many countries, ruined many human destinies. It did not pass the Ottoman Empire, for which the countdown of the last days of existence began. This country began to disintegrate, and this process was irreversible. Bloody actions, taking place in the country, tried to stop or at least reduce the losses a lot of people, among whom are the heroes of the film – two guys from different worlds who profess different faiths and have different ways of living. The first of them is the American military correspondent Chris Myers, the second is the local medical student Michael Boghossian.

Having met in the capital, the guys first made friends, but after a while, they become rivals because both will fall in love with the same girl – the beautiful Anna. These relationships are difficult because love is such a difficult feeling. Chris first met Anna and fell in love with her, she reciprocated. When Michael went to Constantinople, he was also engaged to a girl, but when he saw Anna, he realized that his heart was hers. Anna began to doubt that the former feeling was real. Meanwhile, complicated processes are beginning in the country – accusations of Armenian Christians in sympathy to Russia. Against this background, the genocide of the Armenian population begins, the representatives of which are Michael and Anna.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

The plot is based on the popular Japanese manga, is built around a special unit dealing with the fight against high-tech crimes.

  1. The Lost City of Z

In 1925 year the world was hungry for research. Hundreds of geographers and historians prowl the world, revealing to society the forgotten secrets of the past. In this environment of obsessed researchers, the name of Percy Fawcett, a colonel and member of the Royal Geographical Society, is well known, although somewhat comical, since Percy is looking for Eldorado, or the lost city of Z, as Fawcett himself calls it.

No one of the scientist of the Geographical Society believes in the promise of this study, considering Eldorado to be an empty fiction and stupidity. But Percy believes that his city of Z exists somewhere in the Amazon jungle. It only needs to be found, passing thousands of unfriendly savages.

  1. The Beguiled

It is the middle of the TOP 10 really good Drama movies.

The military drama of Sofia Coppola tells the story of the Yankee, who saved from death the young confederate from the southern closed boarding house for girls. Everyone cares for him, and all the women’s team is fascinated by the charm of the guy. Over time, the tension increases, as every girl dreams of becoming the beloved of a handsome man.

  1. Personal Shopper

For a long time, American Maureen lives and works in Paris. She can be envied by many girls since Maureen is a personal buyer. For days she goes to expensive shops, choosing fashionable clothes for rich and famous customers. Another Maureen’s customer becomes a supermodel and secular diva Kyra, whom the girl picks up clothes and with which she never met.

But she does not like this work because she understands that she can do much more and live her life much more interesting. Being a closed person, Maureen leads a solitary life and increasingly recalls the recently deceased twin brother Lewis, with whom they were very close. Even as a child, a brother, and sister found a certain feature in themselves – communication with the other world, and now Lewis begins to give signs to Maureen…

  1. Unforgettable

Tessa is having a hard time divorcing her husband. He is now happy with Julia, who invades not only the house but also the life of their daughter.

  1. Lion

The main character of the film is a young man named Saroo. At the age of five, he took the wrong train and lost his family. As a result, he first found himself in an orphanage, and then he was adopted by a married couple from Australia. He grew up on another continent away from home and after 25 years felt an incredible need to return to his homeland. Saroo sincerely believes that his real mother has not lost hope of seeing his son again, and being guided only by splintered childhood memories, the hero of the film goes to her search…

  1. Gifted

The leader of the TOP 10 good english Drama movies 2017.

The central character of the drama is Frank, who tries to take care of his niece, who is left without a mother. He knows that the girl is very talented and wants to help her develop her skills, for which he plans to become her guardian. But when it comes to court, the protagonist will have to prove that he has the right to custody of the child and is able to provide it.

TOP 10 new good Drama movies 2017 release dates, you can find on the Internet.

Thank you for your attention!

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