List of Hollywood Romance movies 2017

Watching about the private life of two lovers who can’t be together but, at the end, their love wins – these films are one of the most viewed ones when it comes to movie industry all over the world. Hollywood is not an exception and in 2017 it prepared some really great projects that are scheduled to be released in 2017. Today’s TOP 10 latest Hollywood Romance movies 2017 contains the most expected projects whose trailers on YouTube have already gained lots of positive comments and intention to watch them. These are for everyone not depending on their taste when it comes to romantic films as all of them radiate special energy.

In fact, in today’s list we will also see what actors took a participation in upcoming projects and what new love stories we are going to watch in 2017:

Tulip Fever

If you haven’t already seen the trailer of Tulip Fever, you should do it as it represents all the passion and love being present in the film. This is a love story about a lady who falls in love with an artist – he is supposed to paint a portrait of her and was previously hired by her own husband she doesn’t love at all. Basically, the story is set in the Netherlands in the 17th This period of history is known as tulip mania. Meanwhile, two lovers should struggle with different problems of that time to be able to be together after all.

Beauty and the Beast

This one of the most expected scheduled projects on our TOP 10 new holly Romance movies as it includes such British actors as Emma Watson, playing Belle who managed to see the humanity in the Beast and fell in love with him, Dan Stevens, playing The Beast or Prince who was transformed by enchantress and to be able to get rid of that spell he has to learn how to love someone, Luke Evans, representing a veteran of war who behaves like a “narcissus” and so on.

My Cousin Rachel

This film was based on the novel written by Daphne du Maurier written in 1951. It represents a long and complicated story of the main narrator and protagonist Philip unexpectedly falling in love with the cousin of him but she seems to have only her own interests in such relationship.

Everything, everything

You may have already seen this movie’s trailer hearing the beautiful background song of Beyonce. This project, which is also on our list of Hollywood Romance movies 2017, shows miracle story of a girl having a difficult severe combined immunodeficiency which means she doesn’t allow going outside. Even she is always stuck between the walls of her own house she manages to get acquainted with the new neighbors and afterward, falls in love with a new guy. With the help of her nurse, she gets outside but everything seems to be more complicated that she thought it would be.

The Lovers

For those couples who already don’t believe in the existence of passion and love between them, this movie will refute it. The plot represents the story about a married couple having been together for many years. They are looking for the reasons to get divorced which seem to be not that difficult to find at all. However, they find themselves falling in love again after finding new lovers secretly from each other which only revive their own spark.

The Discovery

This sci-fi film is also on our TOP 10 best Hollywood Romance movies of 2017 to watch as the main plot of the film also follows the son of main characters falling in love with the girl with whom he manages to investigate and discover lots of new things after his father successfully proved the existence of the life after death. This science experiment turns out to be the motivation for people to kill themselves. Following the feelings, the son of the scientists will be able to open a brand new things and secrets about his own life, as well as remember something.

Midnight Sun

The movie is based on the Japanese film that was released in 2006 and is about a young girl who has a rare skin condition that makes ultraviolet lights too dangerous to her. However, it doesn’t stop her from signing and when it’s dark outside she goes out and plays the guitar. One day she spots a guy who likes surfboarding and later on they meet each other.

Midnight Sun

How To Talk to Girls at Parties

If you are looking for TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Drama Romance films 2017 this one is for you to burst out laughing. This movie that has lots of comedy and science fiction elements was actually based on the short story with the same title. It represents the story of a few British guys who being in their teenage age are wondering how to behave with girls at parties. They decide to visit one and unexpectedly discover that these female creatures are actually different from the ones they expected to see. Whilst watching a film you will also see the story of a shy boy called Enn who manages to talk to three different teenage ladies at the party.

Lost in Florence

Italian atmosphere, adorable landscapes, cute restaurants, narrow streets and so on – all these things are shown in an upcoming movie about an American man experiencing the spirit of Florence. He used to be a football star in the past but after arriving in Italy at his cousin Anna house, teaching the Italian language to the people who come to the country for the first time, he discovers new but dangerous local Florentine sport and also seems to fall in love with beautiful Italian lady. This romantic film is starring Brett Dalton, known for playing in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series, and Stana Katic, having Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian descent.

The Wedding Plan

When it comes to the last film on our list of best Hollywood Romance movies in 2017 this is mostly about a Jewish lady whose fiancé leaves her and disappears right before her wedding. However, this woman doesn’t lose the enthusiasm and hope that she will be able to find a new guy as she doesn’t even want to think about canceling already organized and scheduled wedding event. This movie has a good message for those who think that marriage at a later stage is impossible. It proves that everyone can find its love.

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