List of TOP 10 good Drama movies 2018

Do you adore drama movies? Among the film fans, there is a firm opinion that drama pictures are for ladies. Although men watch such pictures. The genre of drama has many directions. In our TOP Drama movies of 2018, the complicated relations of people and generations are collected. This genre can be intertwined with erotic, mystic or have a historical sense.

If you want to watch TOP 10 good Drama films 2018, then let us go!

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  1. The Shape of Water

1963 cannot be called easy for America because the Cold War is gaining momentum. Sea brings not only provisions to local residents, but also please scientists with incredible surprises and fantastic finds. American researchers managed to catch an amazing creature that has the appearance of a person.

A person-amphibian is sent to a special secret laboratory, where researchers conduct various experiments and do anti-human experiments. It is in this institution that Eliza works as a janitor. The girl is a valuable asset for such a secret place because she is dumb. Eliza falls in love with person-amphibian and she understands that he a sensitive and kind person. The woman realizes that it is necessary to release the lover from captivity.

  1. Acts of Violence

Roman, Declan, and Brandon early became orphans. Having lost their parents, the brothers managed to find a way to survive and become good people. Declan and Brandon choose the military career. Young people become officers of Special Forces and take part in many paramilitary battles in the Middle East. They manage to survive and return home. However, an extraordinary event occurs in the life of the brothers. Roman is getting ready to marry his lover Mia. Deciding to celebrate the end of bachelorhood, the future bride organizes a bridal shower. The party is in a nightclub where the heroine becomes objects of attention of a group of drunken guys. The girl does not suspect that these guys belong to a powerful criminal gang…

  1. The Mercy

Donald Crowhurst is in the TOP ten good Drama movies 2018 in theaters.

A true story about an unsuccessful businessman and an inexperienced yachtsman, Donald Crowhurst, who enters the round-the-world sea race in the hope of enriching himself and becoming famous. Being behind his competitors, Crowhurst continues many months of swimming. He passes false coordinates to the organizers of the contest, who are preparing to meet him as a triumphant.

  1. Ridge Runners

In the twenty-first century, human trafficking is in the past. However, the girl was not kidnapped. They sold the poor girl into slavery. Now the detective must find her. To do this, he will have to go on an incredible journey, because the girl can be in any country in the world where there is still such savagery as human trafficking. Will a man find a girl and get on the trail of kidnappers who clearly do not want to be caught?

  1. Submergence

An attractive scout James met the beautiful Danielle on the French beach. There was a mutual sympathy between them. However, the happiness of lovers does not last long. Soon they were forced to leave the beach due to their job.

One year later, ruthless Somali pirates imprisoned James and Danielle at that time was on the other side of the planet, preparing to dive deep into the ocean with a research mission. However, each of them most of all in the world dreamed of seeing a loved one nearby. They lived with memories of the past and tried to find new meanings for themselves in life.

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Drama movies 2018.

The creators of the picture decided to continue the exciting story of the extraordinary adventures of the fascinating Anastasia. She dreamed of meeting a good boy but suddenly she met Christian. The heroes decided to get married and were incredibly happy with each other. However, a terrible accident occurs – something bad happened with a relative of Christian and he rushed to her aid…

  1. Ice

The young sportswoman started with high hopes, but the career of the rising star was destroyed by a terrible injury. The ex-champion had to endure a long and painful period of rehabilitation. Her spirit was almost broken, but a charming young hockey player suddenly came to help – the ice also played a bad trick with him, although, unlike the figure skater, he believes that she can return to her favorite sport.

  1. 12 Strong

September 11th attack is in the TOP 10 really good Drama movies.
The United States cannot forget the event occurred on September 11 – about 3,000 citizens have died. Having drawn conclusions and realizing the seriousness of the threat, the CIA creates a top-secret unit for carrying out the most dangerous tasks. The detachment includes fighters from all over the country who have shown themselves to be better than others in various spheres of military activity. This combat unit is formed to go to Afghanistan and destroy the military base of Taliban.

  1. Den of Thieves

Action thriller takes place in modern Los Angeles. According to statistical information, it is in this city that a record number of crimes are committed. Ray Merriman, the leader of the criminal group, is developing a daring plan for a robbery. His subordinates seize the armored truck.

The investigative team led by Nick O’Brien is leaving for the scene of the murder. The person begins to cooperate with an FBI agent. By combining efforts, men find a man who fired at the armored truck. It is Donnie – the mafia’s assistant.

  1. Braven

On the border of Canada and the United States, in the forest, a hunter Joe Braven lives. He and his family love their home and the beauty of the forest that surrounds them. Joe loves his wife, his children, and is ready to protect his family. It so happened that drug traffickers who plan to transport a batch of heroin through the forest violate the calm life of the main hero. Of course, the bandits do not want to leave witnesses. They decided to destroy the entire family. However, they did not take into account that Joe is ready to resist.

A list of TOP 10 good Drama movies 2018 ends now.

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